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“Meltdown At Three Mile Island” Six Part Video Documentary of the Worst Nuclear Accident in U.S. History

President Jimmy Carter leaving Three Mile Isla...

President Jimmy Carter's Motorcade leaves Three Mile Island in 1979 after a tour of the site

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In a stroke of irony, today, as we learn of the partial meltdown of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima, is the 32nd anniversary of the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. It took place on March 28th 1979.

In the opening moments of that event, news reports insisted there was no threat to people living in the vicinity. These re-assuring public statements soon faded as the full extent of the emerging crisis became known. Nearby neighborhoods and towns were then evacuated. But three precious hours of wrong news reports from bewildered public officials representing Three Mile Island cost credibility and evacuation time, exposing many to low levels of radiation.

Have we learned from the experience 32 years ago at Three Mile Island? Examine the links below and judge for yourself. I saw immediately the very same pattern of minimizing, denial, misrepresentation of data and refusal to act in accordance with the real dangers occurring at Fukushima as in the opening moments of Three Mile Island. Nuclear power is just too unpredictable and unsafe, given the earth changes scenarios that are now unfolding around the world. These plants should all be deactivated and decommissioned NOW, not later, when the next catastrophe takes place.

Nuclear power is NOT more important than human lives. That’s the bottom line.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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