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Warning RE Youtube User Who is Defrauding the Patriot Movement


EarthlasthopeRevived and the EDF:

Any youtube subsciber to EarthlasthopeRevived needs to watch this sneak-peek trailer for a new documentary by KrisKhaos which will expose the truth about Matthew Ringrose (EarthlasthopeRevived) and his EDF group.
Ringrose is currently getting truthers on YouTube shut down by falsely flagging their vids and flagging videos from anyone who dares to expose his lies and fraudulent activity.
Here is a link to the trailer video:

This fascinating documentary blows the lid wide open on how Ringrose, 26, is defrauding people within the truth movement by collecting donations which he spends on personal luxuries including expensive cars, bikes and clothes. The documentary also exposes the charges against Ringrose for allegedly having unlawful sex with a 14 year old.

If you want to help prevent the truth movement from being infiltrated and discredited by unsavory characters like Ringrose, please UNSUBSCRIBE from EarthlasthopeRevived and get the word out to your friends and subscribers.

Thank you, and God Bless.

The TRUTH About Earthlasthope And His EDF Cult

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