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Amateur Astronomers Continue Their Elenin, Nibiru Night Sky Vigils: August 2011 Video Reports

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When I first used the phrase biblical astronomy in 2008 on my first wiki’s Global Call To Awakening people wondered what in the world I was referring to. In the Old and New Testaments are multiple descriptions of “biblical” events that are actually also astronomy events as well, thus they are biblical, i.e. they were recorded in the Bible as prophecies, yet they are the effects of astronomical events. The Christian Book of Revelation records many such events.

In the years which have passed since I first began using the term “biblical astronomy” many other citizen reporters and researchers have brought forth their own corroborating evidence and contributions to the growing body of evidence that Nibiru aka Planet X, as well as Comet Elenin, was predicted long ago in holy scripture.

So what we are seeing now is the actual convergence of science, astronomy, bible studies and prophecy, just exactly as I predicted when I penned my first internet essay about Planet X in the spring of 2008. It’s happening right before my eyes.

The astronomy controversy concerning the actual ID and location of Elenin and Nibiru continues as amateur astronomers struggle to locate and identify these celestial objects. Wildly different theories emerge when examining different amateur astronomy videos posted below. These attest to the scientific confusion and lack of clarity regarding what’s out there and whether it poses any danger to human life on earth. I am posting everything I can find and I continue to look for corroborating facts within the data.

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Nibiru Flight Path Printed on Swiss Bank Note: Yes, The governments of the World Know About Nibiru

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{ Earlier I had posted this imagery was printed on a postage stamp. Not. Worse. It is printed on a Swiss Bank note. Sorry for the error. But… wtf? }

This, frankly, just blew my mind. I would just love to hear someone, anyone, explain to me why they bothered to put this intricate astronomy data detailing the flight path of Nibiru aka Planet X onto a Swiss bank note. Try telling me that the governments of this world don’t know exactly what is coming. They KNOW.


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May 2011: More Video Footage of A Second Sun Recorded Worldwide

Stop RFID Microchipping Our Military Troops in Iraq!

EPC RFID Tag with permission of SMARTCODE Corp...

RFID Chips Cause cancer, malignant tumors.

News anchors Wolf Blitzer and Katie Couric are promoting human RFID Chipping to America. RFID Chips cause cancerous tumors.

Don’t take this lying down. Go to for more info. Also go to this new page on my other blog to see more video on human RFID chip plans and how they related to one world government.

As if the RFID chip news story is not heinous enough, check out the alligator man who is telling the story as he blinks and his eyes go reptilian, then back, then lizard-like again – and back. And Wolf Blitzer, there is a special place in hell for you, for trying to sell this human RFID chip concept as a way to keep families safe.

You and Katie Couric are now eligible for entry into that special place where the lowest forms of non-human life are chronicled and displayed for the better minds in the species to learn from. You are immortalized in blogs like these forever, and that in and of itself is a real spiritual indictment. RFID chips are part of one of the most evil technological inventions in the history of humankind, due to the way that the Rockefeller family intends for them to be used, to control, surveil, and monitor human civilization. Your soul is liable and accountable for what you are doing on live TV via CNN. That goes for you too Katie.
Chase Kyla Hunter