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UPDATED: Lost and Found, A Video Salvaged from Censored YT Acct of mkbutterfly71

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

Salvaged Video from MKbutterfly71, located on 1.18.2011

Those who follow my blogs closely might recall Mkbuttefly71 as the “ex-Illuminati refugee” who broke her mind control programming in 2002, went public and opened a Youtube channel where she began revealing the long term agenda of the generational Illuminati families in bringing about the eventual Advent of the final Son of Perdition. Youtube abruptly closed her account right in the middle of our correspondence. This post reveals what she had disclosed to me thus far, and has some very telling screen shots of her videos which prove this woman knew what she was talking about. Below is a YT video by mkbutterfly71 which was salvaged by another YT user:

See also:

I think this new link I found on 01.20.2011 might be her new video channel:

Here’s the original post which has now been updated on 01.20.2011:

Map of the merovingian kingdoms
Mkbutterfly71 claimed to have been born into a Luciferian family of Merovingian descent. She knew a great deal about MK Ultra mind control programming used on Hollywood celebrities.

Copyright 2010-3010 By CK Hunter, Re-posts permitted leaving authorship, content and links intact.

Recently I was guided to find this young woman’s videos on Youtube, and although they are quite tedious to watch, she is struggling, it seems, to explain what she knows, and to try to warn people. The woman I refer to claims to have been born into a Merovingian Luciferian family of generational bloodline descent and in 2002 she claims she was able to “break” her Luciferian programming and begin the long and arduous path to Light, Love, Truth, God and hopefully, over time, her ultimate healing and salvation. Abbey created about a half dozen YT videos exposing future plans of the Luciferian Illuminati plans. In one of those videos she called attention to bizarre forms of Christian fundamentalism, and actually said that many mind controlled Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry and others were raised in homes that were strict and severe in terms of fundamentalist beliefs. I struggled to understand the connection she was trying to make there. Abbey sounded some sort of foreboding warning about a huge New World Order Christian church and theme park which would spring up in Kentucky.

Here are my notes from watching her video on this, now deleted from YT:

“Middle America Church” card in the “New World Order” card game: [ Kentucky ] … the new world order card game has text that reads “they’ll never get it” The card has UFOS flying over the church, and this apostate church is to be built in Kentucky that is connected to the Tower of Babel theme park. Profound apostasy is to come to the american christian church in some manner through this church and theme park, according to Abbey.

01.20.2011=> A site guest today provided me with this link:

Abbey seemed to be saying that this “new church” and it’s accompanying theme park were part of a larger Luciferian plan to actually infiltrate and begin controlling American Christian churches. It all sounded pretty “out there” to me. Then came the link above. Abbey had talked about the Tower of Babel theme park, and said that Luciferian families were behind the whole thing. I really do not know what to think about this. So I am recording it as I recall the other parts of our dialogues before her YT channel was closed.

In the 12 days since I first located her Youtube channel, she contacted me, wrote me a detailed note, and then before I could reply, and thank her, Abbey’s Youtube channel was abruptly closed down. I don’t think that she is the one who closed her channel. I think Youtube did it. She had thanked me profusely for bringing attention and awareness to the videos she was making by writing about her on my blog. Why, then would she undermine that by closing her Youtube channel after I had written about it? Below is the note she wrote me right before Youtube censored her channel and closed it. Note the final sentence in the note:

Abbey’s Notes to me: Dec 29th 2010 in green:

[ Abbey’s Youtube account was closed after she wrote me this note, and I do not believe she is the one who closed it. Note  she thanked me at the end of her note “for bringing attention to her Youtube channel”. Why would she thank me, then close down her own YT account? Abbey had gone to considerable risk and trouble to create and post videos on her channel where she revealed some deeply troubling facts about events to come, culminating in a worldwide “false Messiah” manifestation which she clearly indicated would be “Maitreya“. I think Youtube closed her account under some higher directive, and I’d like to know why. She has a right to speak the truth about these generation Luciferian families. She would know. She was born into this. So here we have yet another example of the censorship, and “scouring” which is now occurring on the web, where dozens of documents, videos and other telltale evidence about the motives and long term goals of the elites is just disappearing.  Censorship is appearing online, and I wonder how long it will be before censorship of TV and radio will follow? – Chase ]

“Okay, I just checked your blog and yes, it is the blog I had watched a few videos on the Imam…am I writing that right? Probably not! I am not up on the Islamic faith the way I should be. But I found it very interesting.

Yes, my videos can be tedious. The problem is I was programmed. I am not sure if you are familiar with that. I grew up in a Luciferian home. I am absolutely overwhelmed with memories and I feel like a computer-literally downloading memories and information most of the time. It is technically called Monarch Programming. It means anti-Christ programming. Quite frankly, I get sick of the well-meaning, let’s hope, people on YT and blogs making it sound cool or like it isn’t what it really is. It needs to be called ‘ANTICHRIST Call Back Programming’. And that is the whole point of my channel.

There are literally thousands, maybe millions of people out there-mostly women, but a lot of men-mainly gay, but not all, that are programmed for the antichrist. They will be activated if not already at a certain point in time-very soon, I have no doubt to ‘work for’ the anti-Christ unknowingly. I believe this aligns with the scripture in the bible, where God talks about a ‘God given and allowed delusion.’ I know for a fact He gives everyone, no matter their circumstances EVERY chance to repent and wake-up.

Monarch Programming is easy to explain on a basic level, if you would like to understand it-I would suggest just googling it. The Nazi’s-specifically Joesef Mengele brought it over to the United States after the War. However, the hard part is explaining how to de-program someone due to the spiritual and demonic ties that are used in the programming and generational demonic ties. They are so, literally ‘in-breed’ due to Illuminati incestual inbreeding – that is not a rumor or a blown up fact. Illuminati-Luciferians ‘keep spirits’ in the family, for power-spiritually, in my families case the ‘spirit behind the eyes’ Moriah. (Moriah is generational Luciferians-going back to Babylonian times-it is a misconception that they are only Mormons) Moriah is also called “Moriah, conquering WIND.

They understand that ‘the ties that bind’ are demonic and the powers of this earth are ‘The Prince of the Air-Satan-Lucifer-hence The Wind- until Jesus Christ returns. Eugenics is very important also, for this very reason. It is important to note, though, that your lineage is HIDDEN from you. My family on both sides is from the Merovingian line. They truly believe this is the line of Cain(they refer to it as Kain and ‘the Serpent line’) as well as The Holy Grail‘ line.

So, my programming started breaking down in 2002, I tried to commit suicide twice and landed in the ICU for 5 days, 2 of those days I was in a coma. The person who programmed me, was dying at the same time. That is how programming works, you are supposed to have a suicide ‘program’ inside your system go off if your ‘master programmer’ dies. God spared me. But the years leading up to this past August have been touch and go. In August, I finally had a breakdown and I had a flood of memories and realized I was programmed. I almost killed myself. God saved me and here I am.

It is my God given duty to help others who are under the delusion, as I was to wake up in time. Antichrist callback is very real. The powers that be are counting on people thinking it is crazy. I am in the midst of major REAL and spiritual warfare right now, all prayers would be appreciated!

Thank you for bringing attention to my channel!

I will do the same for you, not that mine even compares, but I praise God that you have a [deleted], thank you!!!!!

May God keep and bless you.

Question….I take it you do believe Patel is the antichrist? Or what are your thoughts?”


Another YT user salvaged one of Abbey’s videos, and I located it this evening – 01.18.2011:

Update January 2011:  MKbutterfly71’s YT channel is still closed, so the link to her video below won’t work. But I have some stills I took and I am posting those below:

About the video still above:

Watch for logotypes that contain at least seven diverse images of types of ancient 4 pointed crosses, or other ancient occult / spiritual symbols. Many followers of Maitreya and the new age leaning Ascended Masters “peace cults” are already identifying their movements and organizations with the logotype of Maitreya, which has a Nazi swastika as the central hub, denoting world fascism disguised as a “peace movement”. Below is an example, comparing the logo of Maitreya to the final logo which appears in the web banner for

Almost everything in Abbey’s YT videos [ I watched about half of them ]  I already knew, but there was one revelation that was both noteworthy and disturbing. It pertains to a terrible coming apostasy in the American christian churches that will come out of Kentucky, of all places. She maintains that a modern day “Tower of Babeltheme park will be constructed in Kentucky and some sort of new “church of middle America” that will play a significant role in the global apostasy of Maitreya and the UN sponsored one world religion.

mkbutterfly71 [ Update 01.02.2011 this Youtube account was closed down after Abbey wrote me the note above. I am assuming Youtube censored her account. She wanted to get her message out to the world. I do not believe Abbey closed her account. I think Youtube censored her. ]

mkbutterfly71 is very bothered by Raj Patel‘s books, the inner meaning of his name and had some interesting observations to make about him. Apparently she is not aware that astute Christian researchers have been following Raj Patel’s activities for some time now, and have been studying the heinously false “Share International” website with his fraudulent “Maitreya” antics for years.

Global fraudster Benjamin Creme has become a pathetic and almost comical character, literally reminding one of the silly snake oil salesman who performed fake seances in his traveling “carny wagon” during the dust bowl years of the American Great Depression. Creme has had the unmitigated gall to pass off out of focus photographs and images with camera straps dangling in the foreground as “spiritual manifestations” of Maitreya. He even had a male voice piped into the room who pretended to be Maitreya at a closed door event where someone surreptitiously came in with a small video camera and recorded the entire hilarious event.

Harry Houdini is turning over in his grave as I write this. He would have had a veritable field day as a debunker with Creme’s stupendously ridiculous old time “spiritualism” antics.

One of the things “mkbutterfly71” aka Abbey, also mentioned in her YT videos was the ominously foreboding late 1990s card game which I think was actually named “New World Order,” or it contained the phrase. This mysterious card game had a deck of full color playing cards which portrayed future events. Among the events portrayed are several images in which events which actually did take place or later appeared. I’m pretty sure the original card game came out in 1998. How could this be, unless somewhere on some level, behind the scenes, some of these events were actually planned far ahead, were orchestrated and then executed? I’d like for readers to see some of the still shots I took of these playing cards, which Abbey revealed in her videos:

Playing Cards from the 1998 “New World Order” Card Deck:

Are the events portrayed on these cards contrived from behind the scenes, or were the playing cards just THAT prophetic?

Don’t you think you know that answer? Consider what we all know now about the bizarre secrets which have been uncovered by the 9-11 truth movement, pertaining to 9-11. If the cards were illustrated, printed and manufactured into the card deck right before it went on sale in 1998, then someone somewhere is actually orchestrating many of the global events which we wrongly believe to be “acts of terror” or massive mechanical failures, such as BP Gulf Oil Spill, apparently “foretold” by the oil spill card. No card game can be that prophetic. Note the last card, titled: “Messiah.” I can only conclude that if other huge world events have been carefully contrived by global elites for whatever reasons, the worldwide “Messiah” event may be just as contrived. Christians have watched carefully as glossy CNN TV adverts pronouncing “Maitreya, the World Teacher” appeared in 2010, making every effort to dazzle people with the pronouncement. There is a level of manipulation going on here on a massive worldwide scale. I am begging my American friends and neighbors to wake up in time not be be duped by glamorous events advertising a false world “Messiah.”

Chase Kyla Hunter 2011, Late January

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Cowgirl Up, Sarah Palin: America Needs You. 2012? Run Baby Run.

11.13.2010 By CK Hunter

I wrote last summer 2009 that the understandable mass media “relevancy equation” regarding Sarah Palin between 2009 and 2012 would run something like this:

The more Sarah Palin is reviled, ridiculed, mocked, scorned, scoffed, minimized, explained away, and despised in general by the mainstream media and it’s pundits, the more real, necessary, relevant, energized, and substantial her eminent political ascendancy would be in America. Sarah is the absolute essence of what this country so desperately needs, as we turn the corner into a complex and foreboding new period going into 2012 and beyond:

Sarah Palin left Alaska better off in numerous ways than how she found it. Comparing her recent governance to Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s, it’s no contest. The governator did little to raise Cali out of it’s stale morass of government and local corruption, and businesses continue to file out of the state and relocate elsewhere. Crime in the larger cities is rampant, gangs proliferate, local police are outgunned, and out-manuevered routinely.  The “murder of the day” show you will see watching local TV in even the tiniest of communities will drop your jaw. People in California kill each other with such casual aplomb they may as well be ordering take-out with each new incident. It is disgusting. Arnold has nothing to brag about, even though they trotted him out on the Jay Leno show recently to try to sell the audience on the idea that he had done alot for the state. His reception was chilly, the applause was mild. He is not a popular man, contrary to how they continue to try to “market his brand”.

Sarah is fearless, she’s not politically owned or controlled by anyone or anything, and she knows just exactly how to speak to the actual REAL backbone of the nation, which is primarily rural, agricultural, ranching, business owning Christian conservative families. These families, like her, are NOT AFRAID to steer clear of the media baited pooh piles lying about, the insanely off-balance mandatory national trend toward utterly homogenized socialist political correctness, which is now run so amuck that one can barely have a conversation anywhere without offending someone, somewhere, over something.

It’s all part of the new American madness: self annointed “thought police” troll every media moment, looking for anything they can use to begin to tear down the character of another human being, caught candidly, having a merely mortal moment. In short, Sarah Palin understands who we are aseveryday Americans in a visceral way that Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Whoopie Goldberg, Cher, Tina Fey, and all the other “big media” NYC and Hollywood mouthpieces NEVER WILL, and these rancid bitter women hate her for it.

I’ll cite one example: Cher (who I have always been a fan of) recently had the Hollywood gall to call Sarah Palin “dumb”. Coming from Cher, that’s laughable. Cher has had so many plastic surgeries she has now become a living caricature of herself. She could never stay married for more than a few years, and she has a daughter who became a son, something, speaking as a gay woman, that I have no problem admitting that  JUST FRANKLY grosses me out. Who, then, should actually care what someone like “Cher” thinks about Sarah Palin? Shut up and go back to painting your toenail,s Cher. You are not exactly indicative of someone that Americans ought to be looking up to anyway. I don’t think anyone cares what you say,or  think about Sarah’s candidacy.

 Hollywood is worried about Sarah Palin because Sarah might eventually just open up her forthright mouth and tell them all off in a huge way. Hollywood isn’t exactly cranking out movie and TV programming that is uplifting and enlightening to the human spirit. Insiders in the citizen journalist community know that there has been a long and ugly secret marriage between the Illuminati crafted social engineering “population programming directives” which are given to the CIA, NSA, et al, and what we all end up seeing on Hollywood produced TV and films every year. [ Being forced to endure an episode of “OUTSOURCED” should be a capitol offense. To the unemployed American worker, it is cruel and unusual punishment. But we are supposed to find these Hindus who have taken American jobs [permanently] cute and endearing. Instead it just makes the thinking American all the more furious. Next, what do we see, but Czar Obama trotting off to India, to plot the next manuever for the “make them all become globally entwined” machine.]

 Don’t take my word for it. Google the lectures of Jordan Maxwell for the hard evidence.

Sarah Palin is also not necessarily tied to the karmic fates and fortunes of either the DNC or GOP, because both parties are potentially irretrievably corrupted. The fate of the GOP remains to be seen. They have been graced by voters with a second chance in this current and ongoing Divine Intervention to get their rotten little panties straightened ou,t and to prove that they can actually govern their states and this nation without bankrupting it further, lining their own pockets deeper, or getting any further entrenched with the UN backed mandatory march toward forced, legislated, enviro-fascist global governance against the will and wishes of the American mainstream.

By the way, I’d just like to remind the reader again, in direct opposition to what Czar Obama has opined: America IS STILL a Christian nation, will always primarily be a Christian nation, and no amount of trying to “make it not be so” by big media magazine covers, and glamorous overseas speeches is going to change that actuality, because it is God‘s Will.

This country is  the last bastion for the possibility of a resurrected and reformed united body of Christ, acting as one vehicle for the expression of God’s Will in a time of absolute planetary spiritual crisis, and American Christians know that, deep in their souls. They read scripture, and they KNOW what is really behind what is coming, no matter how it is dressed up with political socio-psycho babble from the UN and the Lucis Trust to sound like the dawn of some grand new global spiritual era.

We see the truth. Our souls are being shown what is really happening, and no amount of sloppy set dressing by the UN will change that. We answer to a higher power than the UN and it’s insipid Lucis Trust and we always will. Sarah Palin knows that. She is one of us. Katie Couric and the NYC media elite crowd ARE NOT.

More than anything, if the women of Big Hollywood and Big Media all hate Sarah Palin, it is because she may be destined to be beloved by her countrymen in a way that they never will.

God may just have His hand on Sarah Palin. And if that turns out to be true, then NOTHING will stop her ascendancy to Washington and the cowering crooked D.C. elites know it. All they can do now is stand on the side of the road lobbing verbal eggs and tomatoes at her as she passes by. I personally feel that the woman knows JUST EXACTLY what she is up to here, and she is not showing her cards. Let them think what they will. Let them whine, opine, and ridicule. Only God knows what He would REALLY  like to see happen along the road to 2012.

I’ve got your back, Sarah. I just wanted you to know how I feel about all of this. Go for it lady. America needs you.

Chase Kyla Hunter

What Facebook is Really For, Beyond the Comic Video’s Opinion

9.14.2010 By CK Hunter

Think twice before you jump onto Facebook like a Pavlovian trained mouse and post some trivial update about your private life every 20 minutes. You have been “socially engineered” to do this very thing by the internet and the American mass media in the past six years. It’s time to break the programming.

By now I am sure many millions more have seen this hilarious cartoon spoof about “what Facebook is for” – well done and I could not agree more with the apparent message in the cartoon. But in researching Facebook a little deeper one finds many disturbing facts that really cannot be explained away, rationalized or justified in the name of so called “social networking.”

In fact, much of what we call “social networking” is simply an elaborate ruse for implementing what I term “social surveillance” – that is the actual real motive and intent behind sites like Facebook and Twitter, in my opinion.

Consider this: What would you need to achieve first if you had been given the complex assignment of convincing every American citizen that the coolest thing to do on earth was to divulge every private fact about their existence into a vast global online database that anyone at anytime could peruse once they had been assigned “friend” status?

You would need to make this activity socially acceptable, you would need to make this activity “cool”, you would most importantly need to make this activity appealing to highly motivated and highly social young people, and eventually, as quickly as you could, you would need to make this activity seem almost mandatory in the social sense. In other words, sooner or later, you would need to enlist the mass media’s help to make it seem that anyone who WAS NOT engaging in the this “online privacy divulging to total strangers” was out of the loop, hopelessly uncool and not worth socializing with anyway, since their private personal facts could not be located in the mega- public database.

Much of what we call “social networking” is simply an elaborate ruse for implementing what I term “social surveillance” – that is the actual real motive and intent behind sites like Facebook and Twitter, in my opinion.

An intelligent outside observer noting and studying the “Facebook” phenomenon cannot help but to observe, that in fact, this is exactly what has been achieved in the last 6 years through Facebook and Twitter. Now consider this fact. The National Clandestine Service, another new and top secret arm of the FED and their many mysterious alphabet 3 letter spy orgs, openly advertises for recruits via Facebook. Doesn’t that bother all you Facebook addicts even just a little bit?

If there is an open doorway in the USA to publicly agreeing to by surveiled while you are online, and studied and poked at while you are offline, then it most definitely coming through Facebook. An entire nation is being openly “socially engineered” psychologically to belive that they have no right to privacy, and that in fact, as Mark Zuckerberg so famously stated, that in the 21st century “privacy is dead.”

Be aware of what you are gradually agreeing to by insidious degrees.

Think twice before you jump onto Facebook like a Pavlovian trained mouse and post some trivial update about your private life every 20 minutes. You have been “socially engineered” to do this very thing by the internet and the American mass media in the past six years. It’s time to break the programming.

Get your privacy back, as best you can, before it’s too late, and you have no rights whatsoever when agents knock on your door at home and just come strolling in, to examine your home and everything in it.

They will be doing this because for the past 6-8 years you have voluntarily posted online every private detail about you and your family, giving up all ownership of that content just as soon as you posted it.

This is an open ended post, as I have written about this topic in the past and I will be posting new and relevent facts that you may or may not know about Facebook as I locate them, along with updating my own past research.

I’ll be updating this post again soon.

CK Hunter

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2.25.2010  Original Art by Chase Kyla Hunter Re-post from Top 20 Ways to Share a Great Blog Post One of the best things about the web and social media is how much great information is written and produced every single day. If you’re a regular reader of blogs, you probably come across great articles […]

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Apostasy – World Spiritual Fraud Update: Raj Patel “Maitreya” World Media Cult Forming

7.10.2010 By CK Hunter

[  Supporting documentation re-posted courtesy of anonymous members ]

I began a companion blog, 333 Crucible, on January 1st of 2010 to chronicle and monitor the approaching world fraud of the so-called emergence of “Maitreya, the World Teacher”. I have been doing confidential research and documenting the rise of Share International’s public relations media campaign on behalf of the Maitreya emergence since 1982. I am not new to this subject.

Please spend some time reading the several hundred pages of research and videos which are on my companion blog to catch up on the history of the 2010 “Maitreya” world media blitz, and it’s relationship to the advent of the Christian Antichrist, also known as the Son of Perdition, or the Beast, which is described in the Holy Bible. The site members over at have been around since the very early days of the internet, in 1994 and 1995, just as I have. We have all seen movements, murmurs, rumors, and  ” isms” come and go online for 16 years now.

The Raj Patel – Maitreya world cult of spiritual fraud that is now forming is the most disturbing internet phenomenon I have observed yet since the inception of the internet. It is only closely rivaled by the ongoing world fraud of Scientology, which up until now has been the longest running world cult of spiritual lies and religious fraud in the past 40 years, consuming the lives, souls and finances of thousands of duped and brainwashed believers. The world Cult of Raj Patel as “Maitreya” may soon surpass that of Scientology if enough innocent young people are not warned and spiritually educated in time.

Some of the site members at Above Top Secret are in agreement with my own Spirit Led research and I would like to re-post some of their most recent comments and insights. These site members at ATS have been around for many many years, since far earlier than the birth of the web, like me, and they are not easily fooled. Please visit the site to join anonymously to follow these discussions further, and I encourage guests to join 333 Crucible as well. The original post cited below can be found at

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Raj Patel steps forward as Maitreya

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Topic started on 8-6-2010 @ 12:22 PM by TheTruthIsFromGod


In this 15th episode, you can see that Raj Patel/Maitreya has entered into a new step of his worlwide promotion. Since January 2010, Raj Patel has done a tour in the US, in Canada and in Australia, he’s been received on the major networks and he’s been quoted by the major newspapers.

Now the press don’t hesitate anymore to openly speak about Raj Patel as the savior of the World, the man of change, and their articles are more and more explicit about that.

Moreover, we can see the highest ranking people around Raj Patel, as Nobel Prizes, high ranking offcials among the major institutions and governments (US government, WHO, WTO, WB, IMF, Food organizations,…). They all praise him and put him above themsleves.

Raj Patel is even asked his view on the authenticity of Bill & Melinda Gates’ activism!!!! Who is Raj Patel to be given such an importance?!

Moreover, Raj Patel’s speech is closer and closer to Maitreya’s one, and Raj is more and more explicit about his worlwide ambitions.

Be very careful of this man because he says many good things but he plays a double game. He’s connected to the same guys who have put us in this mess, who have been lying to us and harming us for centuries. He has a secret goal, to deceive us, as the Satan he is.

Do not listen to Raj Patel’s recommandations: Don’t militate, don’t oppose the New World Order, don’t support it neither, don’t be an activist, it’s useless, you’re only going to be used for other purposes. Have a simple and discrete life above the law and above the law of God and you’ll be safe.

Just look at this last article released by Raj Patel today on his blog and you’ll see that militancy, activism, are just to use you, to deceive you, just like politics… (of course Raj Patel promotes that activism makes us happy….)…


Do not attend Raj Patel’s speeches, this man has obviously a high occult power, as Satan, he’s a great influence on human beings. Raj Patel uses the most known hypnosis techniques on the audience, his hands’ gestures, his voice, his weird look, his voices, his intonations’ changes, his stuttering are all made to put you in a state of trance which will lead you to say Amen to all what he says and what he is.

This is a serious matter, believe me or not, that’s for your good.

You want to find guidance and to be safe from any danger, obey exclusively God and the Koran and you’ll be protected, that’s a fair advice.

Here’s the video which details this intro:



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Why Do the First 10 Frames of Certain “Toy Story 3” TV Ads Have the Phrase “RED HERRING” in Them?

7.8.2010 By CK Hunter

How bizaree is this recent “mass media” dicovery:

Ok, Pixar. I really want to know. As a retired graphic arts, media and advertising professional I know several things. Never, and I repeat, never, is an animated image or TV spot released into the media without absolute scrutiny of every minute detail of what’s in it, down to an examination of every frame of that advertisement. Why do I know? Because I designed advertisements for more than 20 years.

That having been said, I would utterly love to know why you strategically placed the words “red herring” in an image in the background of the first 10-12 frames of the newest TV ads for Toy Story 3. WTF?

What are you trying to tell us Pixar? Are you flaunting the fact that many contemporary motion pictures are dazzling entertainment spectacles designed to distract the American and world public from being interested or looking into what is REALLY going on behind the scenes?

Most folks know that the phrase  “red herring” refers to someting which is used to distract attention from the real issue, event, or activity: in short, a decoy. Here’s the official definition under numbr 2:

red herring –noun 1.

1. a smoked herring.

2. something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

3. Also called red-herring prospectus. Finance . a tentative prospectus circulated by the underwriters of a new issue of stocks or bonds that is pending approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: so called because the front cover of such a prospectus must carry a special notice printed in red.

4. any similar tentative financial prospectus, as one concerning a pending or proposed sale of cooperative or condominium apartments.

There is certainly no crime involved in placing the words RED HERRING in the first 3 seconds of your most recent dazzling TV spot for Toy Story 3. But why? Why insert a well known folk phrase which is obviously coded to mean something, and thus incite flagrant speculation among intelligent media observers who will wonder what you are up to with bizarre subliminals in your otherwise delightful and engaging Toy Story 3 TV ads?

 Why did you have to flagrantly insert the phrase RED HERRING right in our faces in the first thee 3 seconds of this TV spot for Toy Story 3? I mean…. really: WTF Pixar?

 What’s up with RED HERRING?  Not all the TV spots have this odd subliminal – but below is the one that does, which appeared in my region exclusively as TV promo for the movie recently. Here tis folks – watch the first 3-5 seconds and you will see the RED HERRING text pink on dark pink as packaging text on a grocery store shelf:


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