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BREAKING: Stunning Clear Sharp Daytime Video Footage of Nibiru Second Sun from North Wales

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There is not much I can add to the eye-popping daytime Nibiru video footage taken by the kind gentleman from North Wales except OMG. It was uploaded to Youtube on Sept 14th while I was 700 miles away from any computer – [ on purpose!] So here it is. Share this and download it to your own HD for posterity. This is one of the first clear and unmistakable video recordings of Nibiru in bright broad daylight and puts the NASA astronomy disinformation men to utter final shame.

[ DO NOT post ludicrous statements in comments such as “it’s Venus”. Learn some basic astronomy. This object is more than 1000 times the size of venus, and planets do not display in daylight as they are drowned out by the light of the sun. This object is a small sun as it is radiating it’s own light. Planets do not radiate light, they only reflect radiated light from other suns. ]

Here is the historic video. This is an Alternative News Report exclusive: