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Citizen Journalist HIGH ALERT: Reports of Electronic Voting Booth Fraud Already Emerging in Upcoming November 2nd Elections

Copyright 10.27.2010 By CK Hunter

Both Micheal Savage and Rush Limbaugh have discussed reports of possible electronic voting machine fraud in the last two days. A voter in North Carolina who tried to vote a straight republican ticket at an electronic voting booth repeatedly got a straight democratic ticket instead each time he tried to vote.

Voting booth officials were called in, tried also to vote the straight republican ticket he wanted to vote, and the machine returned a straight democratic ticket vote result instead. This is a deadly serious issue and I am writing this post as a “heads up” to all voters that if you are voting using the new electronic voting machines in your state, and you experience something like this, immediately contact local police, your local FBI field office, the voting officials who are manning the precinct, and also contact your local TV media outlets – all of them – and get local TV coverage ASAP of any voting booth fraud.

PBS recently aired a 2 hour documentary which examined the “strange oddities” of the new software which runs the electronic voting booths. The software can be easily accessed and hacked into in order to skew, alter, change and/or outright manipulate all voting recorded to change any vote.

I watched this documentary which aired about 8-9 weeks ago in northern California and was horrified. The sum total of the documentary’s findings is that anyone anywhere who has certain passwords can access any woting machines’ records and literally change the votes that were recorded. The implications are sickening. With a corrupt and desperate DNC crowd in Washington, what is the likliehood that voting fraud could occur using the existant wide open windows which exist in the software that records the votes on these new machines?

I am more woried about this illegal back door tactic to tilt the Nov 2nd election outcome on the part of desperate democrats than I am about people being bullied or harrassed at the polls. I always choose the vote by mail paper ballot, as it cannot be altetred from the back door using software. Below is more information about this issue which needs every voter’s urgent attention:

Copyright 2010 Chase Kyla Hunter All Rights reserved.

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