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[ NOTE: Photonic Portal 2037 was founded on January 15th 2011 by citizen journalist and truth reporter Chase Kyla Hunter. It was published for a year and a half before Chase merged it’s contents with those of Artopia 444. Thus the reader will see certain posts with the Photonic Portal copyright and reference. All materials on this blog remain under the blanket copyright protection of author Chase Kyla Hunter and BeMedia Internet. Re-posts are permitted leaving all content, author and copyrights intact.]


Pronounced:   [foh-ton]


A quantum of electromagnetic radiation, usually considered as an elementary particle that is its own antiparticle and that has zero rest mass and charge and a spin of one. Symbol:  γ  – Also called light quantum.

This blog is yet another ongoing labor of love for We The People published daily by American patriot writer and truth researcher Chase Kyla Hunter. Chase [ her online pen name for safety and privacy ] is a Christian mystic, a Cherokee shaman and genetic clairvoyant. She employs blogging as a tool for inducing mass spiritual awakening and ascent into higher spiritual consciousness.

An awakened world population cannot and will not be fooled by the myriad “false signs and wonders” which now fill the skies, airwaves and advertising portals of humanity. We defeat the Beast by our wisdom, our gentleness, our knowledge, our Unity and our peace, which eventually passes all understanding.

Those who have eyes, let them SEE!

Photonic Portal also serves as a companion news blog to Alternative News Report, which is Chase’s main blogging portal. This blog covers news stories in astronomy, HAARP technology, explores government secrets and old CIA files, and investigates the science and history of Nibiru Planet X, which many everyday people around the world have now recorded on video, some quite by accident.

Here’s a little more background on Chase Kyla Hunter:

Chase Kyla Hunter is the established pen name of a native born American Cherokee Shaman, genetic clairvoyant, patriot blogger and Christian Mystic who writes to raise awareness about the urgent social, spiritual and political issues of our world’s turbulent last days. America’s crisis of national sovereignty has become the most urgent political battle in the nation’s history. 2011 will bring new legal challenges, and American Christian conservatives and true blue patriots cannot rest on the achievements of 2010 alone. We must press on in unity and determination. Big media is misrepresenting who we are with more malice and ferocity than ever, due to the tragic recent event in Tucson, Arizona.

Trivia: Chase is a natural born American citizen whose distant ancestors both fought in the Revolutionary War, and walked the eastern Appalachian mountain forests for thousands of years before that. She is fiercely patriot, a Daughter of the American Revolution by matriarchal descent.

“If you find strong opinion, fierce opposition to UN mandatory globalism or plain old southern straight talk offensive, you don’t want to be here. This blog and it’s truthful disclosures about the new world order is not for the faint of heart. Muster some courage, and stay awhile. Every American who loves freedom and abhors tyranny needs to learn just what “they” [ the ruling elites ] have been doing these past 30 years while Americans have been veritably “entertained to death” with TV‘s nonstop onslaught of covertly ungodly death and murder themes, gruesome images, and murderous ideas. Turn off your TV and give your soul a much needed reprieve from the Illuminati media cult of death, murder, gore, Lolita-ism, and sick infantile comedy which pours forth out of the mouth of the TV media Beast.” – CK Hunter

Chase has been researching the creeping legislative gradualism of the UN’s global government agenda since the late 80s. She has traveled extensively in her beloved western USA over 30 years and writes about just about everything that a corrupted American government is NOT telling their citizenry. Her blogs chronicle the bizarre fast moving events of the new century, while trying to understand the deeper spiritual processes that are now unfolding in the lives of all Americans.

2012’s many predictions and beyond is examined in depth in Chase’s research [See http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com] and may possibly become the high water mark for humankind’s urge toward mass spiritual evolution, and the final achievement of true global unity consciousness in time to avert an Illuminati New World Order of RFID chipped socialized puppeteered global eco-fascism.

All trends now indicate that a new age version of ancient Luciferian “Sun Worship” under the UN’s unholy sponsorship of “Maitreya” [ false global cosmic Christ ] will become the emerging mandatory world religion promoted by the final Son of Perdition. If you refuse to believe that any of this is true, please watch the video clip re-posted at the end of this essay. You can learn more about this subject here:



Keeping a free internet for as long as we can is imperative during all of this. We can only hope that we still have a window of opportunity for the next few years to share what we know with the world and with one another, until the doors to freedom of speech begin to close in on unenlightened liberal Americans who still think giving up our most cherished freedoms is the price we must pay for personal and national security. That is a lie, an enormous brutal and cruel lie, an absolute NWO pre-packaged media confabulation designed to ensnare the soul of the unsuspecting. For God’s sake, for your country’s sake and for your children’s sake: please wake up, while you still can.

“The task of the spiritually awakened citizen journalist is to reflect back to the nation at large what is observed and learned, pointing to the direction where new spiritual trails must be cut in order to out-maneuver a secret world government bent on imprisoning it’s citizenry into ever more fascist socialist regimes. America’s government is now inextricably entangled in this secretive Illuminati system, and her fiscal viability and sovereignty is endangered as never before. I, for one, have no intention of being RFID chipped against my will, monitored, surveilled, lied to, or told what kind of UN currency I will carry in America.  How about you?”

– Chase Kyla Hunter

Other internet lab experiments in global spiritual unity authored by Chase include:








Recent digital media outlets where Chase Kyla Hunter essays have appeared:

The Blogging Daily

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The Muslim Alert Daily

The Governpoint Daily

The #Essays Daily January 2011 Edition

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American Patriot Red Alert:

Were you aware that this had taken place in late 2010?

History Channel Proudly “Outs” Hidden Illuminati Luciferian Facts to Stunned Mainstream America

Posted on 19/12/2010 by CK Hunter

History (Australian television channel)

12.19.2010 By CK Hunter

This video clip from the History Channel signifies that the Illuminati men and women who own 90% of the world’s media, along with everything else, are now so confident that their one world government plan cannot fail, that it’s time to trump the Christian truth researchers [ people like me ] and just come right out with it.

Yes the Illuminati is real, yes, Lucifer worship is at the very top of it, and yes they intend to establish global governance with a world dictator at the center of it. And for American Christians, we all know what biblical character that’s going to be. [ See http://333crucible.wordpress.com ]

Here it is. Please share these videos with those you know and love. Demand from representatives some explanation for the “secret worship of Lucifer” which has infiltrated our government at the very top echelons: the CFR, UN, Trilateral Commission, and demand the abolition of annual “secret meetings” such as the Bohemian Grove frolic, the Bilderberg Group and others.

I think it would be a very smart idea to share this video clip with members of your church congregation, your friends and family, and get down on your knees and pray for this nation. Then begin discreetly networking with other Christian patriots just exactly as if your life truly depended on it. Do you catch my drift?


  1. MoniQue

    I can concur, as one who chucked the big bucks, sold everything and chose the frugal, simple life to follow the King of Kings. I already tried following the pied piper (Lucifer) and he almost destroyed me and led me to the brink of death.

    Jesus saved me.

    I truly love your site and will visit often.

  2. Lydia

    Thank you for all your hard work getting the news out, everyday I stop by and see your site. The knowledge and inspiration that is reported on this site, is overwhelming and gives truth a standing. For in times like these, we the people need all the support and uplift to fight for life each day.

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  21. Jeff Abercrombie

    Hi Chase. I am a longtime reader of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Years ago I had a short lived correspondence with Mr. Peter Holley, did you know him or ever talk to him? He ran a website called urantiagate.com? He passed away several years back, and his site and all his work has disappeared. He researched and theorized about the New Age channeling cults, especially those that had begun infiltrating and starting up in the Urantia community. He told the story of Findhorn, which is the first time I had heard about it. I am very intrigued by your research, whether you know him or not you have certainly carried on his work, and probably have certain celestial aide in your en-devours he may also have had (not channeling “spirits”, you know what I mean, so I won’t elaborate). I have just recently found your site and have not read extensively from it… but I know from what I’ve read what I will find… years and years of research and analysis that I would have liked to have done had it not been done by someone else. So thank you very much. I have some Cherokee ancestors, and my father’s folk were from the mountains in the Gainesville, GA area. My grandmother was half greek. I think I had been aquainted with your work years ago, but lost track and have just now found you again. You have been very busy indeed. I hope that after reading your work, I will have (as I often do) some helpful input and thoughts worthy of sharing with you. If you did know Peter or his work, or would like to discuss the New Age/Military Industrial Complex/Intel infiltration of the Urantia community, I would enjoy that very much. Vern Grimsley and the Frat Boy invasion anyone?… Thank you for all your works!

    • CK Hunter

      Hi Jeff!

      It’s great to meet you. I’m not familiar with Peter Holley yet. I have to admit, the Holy Spirit keeps me in a rather sublime isolation, here and again, because apostasy now runs rampant through ALL religious organizations, not just The Urantia Foundation. The most heinous thing I have found yet was a letter written by a bastard son out of the Rockefeller line, a sickening guy named Supriem David Rockefeller, who is [ of course, Rockefeller ] filthy rich, and stated his intentions to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and usurp the Urantia Book, presenting it to the world as the guidebook for the new UN sponsored one world religion. Anything sponsored by the UN is going to have the secret worship of Lucifer right at the top of it. I am buried in the need to dig deeper into any number of urgent issues and topics like this, but usually run behind as there is so much going on to cover. I’d like to extend an invite if you want to submit a few guest essays for my perusal, I would be delighted. Go over and read http://333crucible.wordpress.com

      The rising flavor of the week for UN to sponsor as the final Son of Perdition is a man living in London who calls himself “Maitreya” – others think it might be Raj Patel. I am also following literal physical manifestations of the Islamic “dark messiah” aka the Imam Mahdi in the mideast. Twice now a brilliant apparition has manifested in a crowd and begun teaching the stunned men to chant something that sounds in English exactly like “Serve Satan”. The videos are so disturbing to me I don’t watch them, but they are posted. This apparition takes control of the souls in the crowd when he appears.

      We live in strange times. I pray my way through the days. Check out that other blog and stay in touch with me! Truthfully, there should be hundreds and hundred of writers covering end times apostasy in the church, and in the Urantia Book movement, but sadly, most of them are caught up in it instead!

      huge hugs, big blessings to you,


      Fire off some research reports on what you know about apostasy in the Urantia Book community and send it over to: spiritscribe@yahoo.com

      I’ll have a look.

  22. D. W. Gagin

    Thank you for doing this web page; it is like a pearl found in the flotsam that is the Internet these days. I found it quite by accident doing some follow-up on topics I heard Alex Jones speak about on his show. He will admit we have to do this, not taking his word for it alone, and he’s right about that because I have found that he’s only broaching the issue while the details are much worse than even he says.
    There has been a full scale onslaught of hatred of truth, and that hatred manifests itself in despicable, heinous acts of barbarism against people all over the world, including right here in USA. Jesus taught us that God, and our creator gave us two things to do: To never forget the creator, and to take care of each other. A short list, but it gives us a full plate of work to do. Alas, we have failed miserably to even get started on it as an advanced species thus we remain primitive. I think that’s because the deep-down truth of who we are has been obfuscated by those who are mired in luciferianism, which has been around for many centuries, I daresay, longer than any of us care to imagine. As long as we never come into possession of that truth, they will be able to control us.

    About 10 years ago, I met a Cherokee woman at Crystal Falls in NC. She was not very talkative, but what she did say to me was very spooky indeed. She said to this effect, that my people brought with them the spirit of the beast, that came here to devour the children. I don’t really know what she meant by that, but it was humiliating to say the least. Maybe you have some insight?

    I recently came into possession of some documents pertaining to an event in January 2002, Bodhgaya India (besides the Kalachakra initiations, which were canceled that year) that are too fantastic to put down here, and if true (which I think are), answer a great deal of our questions of who we are, and where we come from. It seems we are not native to this planet, no, not originally, but it has become our home since we have been here for such a long time. It is truly some stunning revelations. The documents are search-able, but I have those which were sent to me from their source.

    • CK Hunter

      Hi D.W.,

      Unfortunately many of the full blood Cherokee and several other Native American tribes still deeply resent the white presence on the continent, and who could blame them? They were here for 10s of 1000s of years before. The reference to the “beast” may be a veiled swipe at white Christianity, which many Cherokee do not have good feelings about. In the early days of the settling of this nation white men did heinous and horrible things to the native Americans, wiping out entire tribes and marching them off their ancestral lands, so they could mine the gold and minerals that were here. it was not very Christlike behavior, but the typical white male frontiersman’s approach to using his religion as a pretext to take whatever he wanted.

      For the Native Americans the coming of the white man meant the end of their way of life and the beginning of greater wars than they had ever known. I think she may have been referencing that in her comment.

      I would like to recommend to you that you begin reading the deeper spiritual history of the earth which is contained in the records known as the Urantia Papers, aka the Urantia Book.

      The actual Lucifer Rebellion took place more than 200,000 years ago, and there are still groups of souls who are incarnate on this world, who are trying to form a world government in Lucfier’s name. I feel it’s urgent that humankind begin to understand their deeper spiritual history.

      Here is the link to the papers, which are now in the public domain and can be read online. Please don’t be a stranger and I hope you will subscribe to this blog and my others:


      Here is the link to the Urantia Book online:




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