50 Shades of…Awful?

So it’s not just me then? When I starting watching the “Twilight” movies as one by one they drifted onto TV channels, it took about 20 minutes of trying to watch the first one before I threw in the towel, jumped up off the couch, and shouted:

“That’s it! I can’t take it anymore. I’m already so bored I can barely sit here.” I picked up the remote and moved on, pausing for not more than a millisecond to ponder how millions upon millions of teenagers and young adults had found this all riveting enough to tear their hair out over. OMG what boring material. How could someone pen a script so banal that 20 minutes into a movie you just suddenly decide you don’t CARE how it all turns out for these two miserably self conscious and inverted souls?

There. I finally said it out loud. God I feel better.

is this thing on?

I’ve had a couple of suggestions, in response to my scathing review of the “Twilight Saga”, that I read and critique “50 Shades of Grey”. Given that the same request has been made by a handful of people in my social circle, I’m actually starting to wonder if maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I’m also starting to wonder if this blog of mine isn’t going to consist primarily of long-winded assaults on the literary world’s best examples of horrible fiction.

So should I give it a shot, leave it alone, or is there another book out there more deserving of a vitriolic critique?



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