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Photonic Portal 2037 Growing By Leaps And Bounds


The demand for unreported stories and news coverage has resulted in hundreds of alternative news blogs appearing on line. Readership of alternative news is growing quickly.

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I started Photonic Portal 2037 in January of this year, 2011, out of a necessity to separate breaking news in alternative astronomy, space and ufology from my other news reporting on Alternative News Report. I needed a private archive to stash some of my own personal interests in the way of research and on a lark I whipped up this blog one evening. I didn’t really give it a whole lot of thought at the time, although every  topic covered here is a private and personal interest of mine. I just wanted a place to collect and record all the data I was finding on these topics. Voila. This baby was born.

The baby is taking off like a shot this year, with traffic quadrupling each month sequentially. I really had not expected that to happen but I’m thrilled. Now the big baby is outgrowing it’s origins as a “dot-wordpress” locale and I’d like to host it proper. In order to do that I need a little subscriber support.

This is a one time request for reader / subscriber donations which will be used to host this blog and it’s twin sister, All Nibiru 24-7, on a privately hosted domain where the spooky attempted surveillance moments will come to an end.

Sadly, WordPress staff have not responded to a single support request email I have ever sent them pertaining to attempts to censor what I write and post. My faith in the group that runs these servers is up in the air right now, as I don’t know quite what to think about it all. I’m not really even sure exactly who really actually owns WP at this point.

At any rate, if every Photonic Portal subscriber could do a one time donation of $5, I could begin the task of making this a surveillance proof and much more secure news platform.

I promise I will only ask this once. I pour most of my days and nights into this publishing work when I am not traveling, and it has to support itself. My meager retirement income won’t support me and the blogs too, sad to say. Below is a donation link and if readers could oblige me then I can make this a secure no-spy-zone. You’ll note the prepared digital check on the donation page will say “Alternative News Report” which is the parent company for Photonic Portal. Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it!

Chase Kyla Hunter on 8.6.2011

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