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Spring’s Coming: Time to Buy Pepper Spray if You Walk or Run Outdoors

Pepper spray

Do You Carry Pepper Spray? You Should!

Keep One in Purse, One in Your Car and One at Home.

Chelsea King may possibly have had a chance to fight for her life and flee to safety if she would have been carrying pepper spray. If you are planning to hike or jog, always carry pepper spray. The links below go straight to the ordering pages for some excellent pepper sprays – most are less than $15.00. Buy several – a small vial of pepper spray could save your life in an attack.

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America’s Most Wanted Host Meets With Obama Over the Chelsea King Rape Murder Case


My soul was sickened when I learned yesterday that Chelsea King’s body had been recovered.

Had Chelsea not felt safe in her own neighborhood, she would not have gone jogging alone. American lawmakers and American society have failed Chelsea and her family, because lawmakers have failed to act before now in passing strident enough laws that would put fear and dread into the hearts of men who are lifelong sexual predators.

What happened to Chelsea King is a national tragedy and never should have taken place.

If registered sex offenders are going to be paroled into American society, they need to be physically castrated first. I have thought for 20 years that this is the only right final solution that can keep neighborhoods and communities protected: either lock them up for the rest of their natural lives, or castrate them first before parole.

It would send a message loud and clear that American society no longer has the least bit of tolerance for the sex offenders that live in their midst.

I have to endure living with a registered sex offender in my neighborhood and I resent it each and every day. Thankfully the man is 86 years old now, but if he was younger and could do harm, he would. It’s still in his eyes. I have seen him walk into a room and clear the room with the aura of his presence.

We should castrate all repeat offender sex offenders after the second offense. Every state needs to pass laws that carry out this task to keep America’s men, women and children safe. These people – with certain rare exceptions – cannot be rehabilitated. Psychiatrists and psychologists well know this, and so do prosecuting attorneys in criminal law.

The sorrow of this case now only deepens as two other outstanding missing person and possible murder cases are being re-examined as the perpetrator may have also been responsible for their deaths as well.

Lawmakers need to do what must be done to finally put a stop to these heinous acts.

It makes me angry that I now need to carry pepper spray with me at all times, that I think twice before taking a walk or a hike, and that I now keep pepper spray in my car as well. I don’t feel safe in my own neighborhood. I’ve placed some links to pepper spray and safety related products for women and teen girls. I hate to say this, but every woman, teen girl and teen boy should own and carry pepper spray.

The laws in this country are too lenient and the men who perpetrate these crimes fear no retribution. They act with impunity and bravado in broad daylight. It must be stopped. Every state needs to pass laws mandating castration of repeat sex offenders.

Too many precious innocent lives have been lost. Even one lost life is too many.

Chase K. Hunter

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Chelsea King’s Body Found: An Outraged Community Mourns

Was Chelsea King’s Death Preventable?

John Walsh Said President Obama Vowed to Fund Federal Sex Offender Law


March 4, 2010

He was in court for just minutes, but the mere sight of the convicted sex offender charged with raping and murdering 17-year-old Chelsea King set off a fresh round of outrage that reached as far as the White House.

John Walsh says the laws for monitoring sex offenders don’t work.

More Photos

John Albert Gardner III, 30, pleaded not guilty Wednesday, but the community obviously had a very different opinion.

In the hours before his court appearance in San Diego Wednesday, someone spray painted his mother’s garage with the words, “Chelsea’s blood is on you — move out.” And neighbors screamed at two men who tried to paint over it.

“You’re protecting somebody who has killed an innocent girl,” one yelled. “Get out of here.”

John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted,” said he met with President Obama Wednesday to discuss child protection laws and funding for the Adam Walsh Act, signed three years ago by President Bush.

The law promised to create a national registry of sex offenders and keep closer track of the most violent of them, but it did not come with the funds needed to carry it out.

“President Obama said yesterday, ‘As the father of two girls, John, I will get the Adam Walsh law funded,'” Walsh told “Good Morning America” today.

Walsh, whose 6-year-old son for whom the law is named and who was kidnapped and murdered in 1981, knows firsthand the grief King’s parents are experiencing.

“They’re in the worst place a parent could be,” he said. “They look in that courtroom and see a guy who should have never been out on the streets.”

King, a well-liked honors student, vanished after heading out for a jog in a semi-rural San Diego County park. Her body was found less than a week later, buried in a shallow grave near the shore of Lake Hodges, about a half-mile from her car.

But the outrage grew with the arrest of Gardner, a known violent sex offender who has since been charged with the December assault and attempted rape of 22-year-old Candice Moncayo in the same park where King’s body was found.

“I think everyone asks the same question,” Walsh said. “Why was this animal out on the streets?”

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