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Can Sarah Still Win If She Runs in 2012? Is This Still A Real Political Horse Race?

Sarah Palin at a campaign rally in Raleigh, NC.

Sarah Palin ponders her prospects for 2012

Updated January 20th 2011, Copyright 11.28.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.





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Update Jan.20th 2011:

What a difference one month and a lunatic massacre makes.

I have entered the  ongoing melee of American political reporting as a citizen journalist in the way that someone might stroll through the doors of a saloon, just to whet their whistle, maybe to get out of the noonday heat, then look up to realize that they are standing right in the middle of a wild west shoot-out, chairs and bodies flying, gunshots ringing to the ceiling, shattered glass smashing. The bartender is knuckled on hands and knees on the floor behind the counter, praying.

So much for getting a civilized gin and tonic. So much for civilized discourse these days on just about anything. Here I am, standing in the middle of the saloon, innocent, just having walked through the doors to escape the noonday heat, and get a drink. Now I feel I have to either fight for my life, or flee. That’s just about exactly what it feels like trying to blog about anything political in the present atmosphere of America in 2011. Now especially since the Loughner massacre, things are tense, the political discourse routinely untrue and rancid.

Now more than ever good solid citizen journalists with a keen eye for spotting and identifying media bias are needed. Without them, actual reporting and truthful accounting of events as they transpire may soon actually disappear in America. The open warfare between left and right wing media outlets threatens to ruin what’s left of journalism, and threatens to disenfranchise the intelligent reading mainstream such that I might be publishing my own print media newspaper soon out of sheer necessity. One of the top ten signs of emerging fascism is the disappearance of a free press. What else would you call what we are all seeing today in America, but that very thing?

– Chase Kyla Hunter 01.20.2011

About one month ago I wrote an essay [which appears below this update ] which reflected on a December 2010 poll on Sarah Palin’s chances in 2012. The December 28th 2010 WSJ poll showed Sarah Palin beating Barack Obama by a nose in 2012. The Obama White House media, popularly known as “MSNBC” has refuted this poll, claiming instead that Obama led Palin by a whopping 22% in December 2010. Lies, Lies, lies.

Anymore one must read at least a dozen news stories then divide the opinions by 12 to get something that might possibly resemble the truth. I call this “media discernment math.” Then came Loughner in the first week of 2011, right after the dead birds omen. Then came the left wing accusatory media melee which stooped so low as to associate Loughner’s motivations for the shooting with right wing political rhetoric, the kind of talk I have been hearing all my life since the advent of talk radio in the 1980s, the kind of speech that often comes from Fox News, and from Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh, or Michael Savage in today’s TV media: nothing more or less than political talk that we hear every day, and nothing different than the conservative talk radio speeches and opinions voiced daily since the mid 1980s.

Then came the out all public fist fight between the left and the right in America, hair flying, right in the middle of the agony and mourning for what lunatic Jared Loughner had done in Arizona. And finally, then came the bizarre Obama led “Memorial Service” with a completely inappropriate lead-off speech by a rambling Native American, an Arizona local, who talked about himself mostly. His eulogy had the air of being more appropriate as the welcome speech for a summer Pow Wow than any grieving commentary for 6 massacred murder victims. [ Put that egg down. I am Cherokee, I’m a public speaker, and I know a “self involved rant” when I hear one ].

Here are some new polls, articles showing the Sarah Palin Weather Report:

Palin Poll Numbers Get Even Worse [ Huff Post, to be expected ]

Huckabee, Palin Lead Pack for 2012, But Are They Even Running?

Palin Putting Out Feelers for 2012 Presidential Bid

POLL: Majority Says Palin Not Liable for Gifford’s Shooting, But Disliked Her Response

“Post Loughner” Palin Bashing Reaches New High, Unfavorable Rating Follows

Quote Daily Caller: “Palin’s national favorability rating is at an anemic 35 percent, against 58 percent who disapprove of the possible GOP presidential candidate. In a match-up against Barack Obama, she trails the president by 17 points. “That’s the largest deficit we’ve found for her since May of 2009,” notes PPP’s Tom Jensen. “She started last week with an opportunity to make some head way. She ended it perhaps further away from the Presidency than she’s been since the day before John McCain picked her as his running mate.”

RE: Sarah Palins’ popularity: On December 28th of 2010 I wrote:

As the Sarah Palin haters rage on, foaming and ranting their fear and hatred of the woman’s basic fundamental goodness all over the web, the Wall Street Journal produced a Poll, imagining the 2012 presidential election were held today. The current results, which of course can change, and allowing for the usual 3% margin of error, put the proverbial 2012 presidential race between Obama and Palin practically neck and neck, with the Mama Grizzly inching out the Mack Daddy Long Legs by a spine shivering slim margin of about 4.5%. In the current poll tally from about 9,400 voters Palin wins currently by 51.3% to 48.7% over Obama.

That fact should have the Palin haters gnashing their teeth and hurling their ipads and smartphones to the floor in rage. Poor far left techno-babies. That’s just enough of a worrisome win to be utterly undone by the possibility of sheer political human evil, should the vote fraud factor kick in, and we all find that the new Orwellian electronic voting machines get tinkered with again, mail in ballots don’t get counted, and all the other potential crookedness and crime that might possibly take place, in fact does take place in 2012. This upcoming election in 2012 would be the horse race to end all races, politically speaking, if Sarah does choose to run.

I would not put anything past the DNC in 2012 to keep the White House, what with it’s very public political bruised ego on display for all to see right now. It’s enough to make a Palin supporter really wonder which way the wind will begin to blow politically for both Obama and Palin between now and next summer, when the election campaign machines  begin gearing up for  November 2012. Here’s the link:

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The Tea Party Movement Gains Traction in the UK

11.29.2010 Re-post by CK Hunter



The Tea Party Movement Gains Traction in the U.K.

by Greg Palkot | November 26, 2010

Faces of the Tea Party Movement 12

We the people: by theqspeaks via Flickr

LONDON — The Tea Party movement’s recent electoral gains have gotten international attention, including in the mother country whose taxes inspired the first Tea Party — the United Kingdom.

A new rebellion against big government and high taxes is resonating in Ye Olde England.

“Ideas around limited government, absolutely, there’s lots of people in Britain who share those as well.” says Matthew Sinclair of the Taxpayers’ Alliance. The group — formed in 2004, naturally calling for lower taxes — is one of the largest in Britain with a Tea Party slant. It boasts some 60,000 supporters.

The group organized workshops this past fall with FreedomWorks and other American Tea Party support groups. “We’re always trying to learn how to campaign better. We’re always trying to learn if there are policy initiatives in the states which have succeeded,” Sinclair explains.

Like the Tea Party in the U.S., there are many groups here vying for the label. From one strictly aimed at domestic politics, to another upset about tax money going to the European Union, and yet another nationalistic group upset about immigration

Daniel Finkelstein is the Executive Editor for the Times of London. “I think you may see in Britain what you’ve seen in the United States, which is a bit of a rebellion against the central party establishment that’s fueled, to an extent, by issues.”

With no real primary system, it’s harder for U.K. Tea Partiers to storm the political barricades, but that hasn’t held back Tory Member of Parliament Robert Halfon who has views of past Tea Party heroes around his home, like pictures of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a Ronald Reagan watch on his wrist. A current favorite on his website is American Tea Party heroine Sarah Palin.

Halfon does admit the deficit-reducing cuts of the current Conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron has stolen some of the British Tea Party’s thunder, but knows the movement has legs.

“There’s always more we can do, and we need to keep up the pressure,” he says.

Tea Party advocates here admit some of the more “colorful” aspects of the American movement might not translate too well in staid England. Still, even without any “mama grizzlies,” they say they can still leave their mark.

ANF Annouces 2010 Video of the Year: “America Rising”

Daguerrotype of the south front of the White House

Image via Wikipedia

Copyright 11.23.2010 By Chas Kyla Hunter, Re-posts permitted leaving content and links intact.

In the summer of 2009 when conservative bloggers, tea party bloggers and independent bloggers were enduring a firestorm of slander, hate commentary, ridicule, and mockery from left wing mainstream media, few could have predicted  the pure vindication that the “heads-in-the-sand” clueless big media talking heads would finally receive one year and a few months later.

We marched on Washington. Not just once, but several times. We not only blogged our outrage, our patriotism, our truth-telling about the Obama White House and their socialist agenda, but we talked to our friends, families, neighbors, our kids, our kid’s teachers, our congregations, and everyone we could find who still gave a half a damn about the future of the nation and the condition it might be in when America’s children inherit it 20 years from now. For these efforts we were scoffed, mocked, derided, ridiculed, called out, labeled as racists and worse.

And then we tried talking to the MSM press at Town Hall meetings everywhere. Everyone knows how that went.

So, we took a step back, and we told the Obama White House:

“We will remember in November.”

And we did. Not in 60 years have American voters opened their mouths politically in such numbers and roared like a lion at the polls the way we did on November 2nd 2010. My friends, let us NEVER forget who owns this country: We do.

WE pay the taxes, that fund the federal government. WE pay the taxes that build the roads. WE pay the taxes that line senators and congressman’s pockets, make their mortgage payments,fund their prissy country club memberships, clothe and send their kids to elite east coast Illuminati infested schools, and when WE say we have had enough and FINALLY get mad, then the party in Washington D.C. is OVER.

And if the Obama White House did not realize that before, you better believe they know it now. Believe me also when I tell you that we are not done yet. “We have not yet begun to fight.”

I’d like to present the ANF 2010 Citizen Journalist Video of the Year: to the people in this great country, who awoke like a shot, who stirred their friends and neighbors and who roared at the polls like lions on November 2nd 2010.

God bless and keep you, God bless the United States of America. God save this nation from tyranny within, and the encroaching evil from without.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Alternative News Forum 2010 Video of the Year Registered Sites Statistics Reveal America is STILL Primarily a Christian Nation

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

Image via Wikipedia

Copyright 2010-3010 Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved. Re-posts permitted as intact post only.

Once in a while I run across something online that proves statistically beyond all shadow of a doubt just how wrong Barack Obama really is when he touts in speeches that America is not a Christian majority nation. The internet does not lie, and statistics on the number of religiously themed websites presently listed in the DMOZ.ORG Open Directory Project offer a telling insight into who is publishing online and what their religious affiliation is, here in the United States. The statistics show that not only is America still a primarily Christian nation, but that Christian religious websites, blogs, directories and other web portals outnumber other religious affiliations online by 100s to 1. Here are the raw numbers, which speak for themselves. It is imperative that the reader realize that the Illuminati owned and influenced American mainstream media conglomerate has been operating under a hidden propoganda directive since January 21st 2009 to publish any and everything they can to make it appear as if Christianity is in decline in America. What is clearly revealed in these numbers below, taken from the web portal tonite, November 21st 2010, is that JUST THE OPPOSITE is true in America.

Christian websites outnumber other religious sites online by enormous numbers, thus proving what the deep gut instincts of every American Christian who spends time online already knows – that this White House has attempted an ongoing big media campaign [since early 2009] by the MSM to minimize, denigrate, marginalize, and disregard the religious Christian majority in America,in effect  to actually try to convince Americans that Christians are no longer the majority voting voice.

I do believe that since November 2nd 2010 we have re-established clearly that Barack Obama and the MSM which works for him are WRONG, and that not only is American Christendom alive and well in 2010, but our voice is louder than ever, and our clout at the voting polls is both muscular, purposeful and robust.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Peruse the Open Directory page where these listings were displayed right here.

DC Insiders Try To Usurp Incoming Freshmen Elects Right Away: Heads Up Tea Party People

Jim DeMint speaking at CPAC.

Image via Wikipedia

Copyright 11.13.2010 By CK Hunter

Well doesn’t it just figure? I have no sooner just sat down at my machine after 6 months away from it, and the rottenness in DC, post election, begins right away. I just located this post thanks to another Tea Party member who tweeted it, and it needs to be shared with everyone you know who cares about preserving the outcome of the Nov 2nd election results. Here tis:

Chase Kyla Hunter

Don’t Let Them Steal OUR New Members of Congress: DC Insiders Indoctrinating OUR Freshmen

OP-ED from Jenny Beth Martin for Tea Party Patriots

Dear Fellow Patriots,

A situation has arisen with the Freshmen Orientation being sponsored by Tea Party Patriots this weekend, and we need your help.

DC insiders, the RNC, and lobbyists are already trying to push the Tea Party aside and co-opt the incoming Congressmen.

Several days after we announced our Freshman Orientation another organization, Claremont Institute, announced that they were having one too, on the same day, at the same time. They are promoting theirs in a way that makes it appear as an “Official” Freshman Orientation, and it is causing some confusion with the Freshmen. When we realized the conflict, we reached out to Claremont (Brian Kennedy, President – * Phone: (909) 621-6825), let them know that we had a facility reserved and that we had spent in excess of a hundred thousand dollars flying in local tea party coordinators, and arranging the facility for this meeting. In a gesture of goodwill, we offered to combine events. We were summarily and, we thought rudely, dismissed by Claremont. We thought this was strange, in light of the fact that Claremont is normally a great organization, so we began to dig in and do some research. Here’s what we found:
1. TPP Event
a. Organized by and for local tea party coordinators around the country.
b. Partnered with Constitutional Congress, a new 501(c)(3) organization chaired by retiring Rep. John Shadegg, which intends to teach newly elected members to govern according to the Constitution.
c. Keynote speaker – Attorney General Edwin Meese, who served under President Reagan and will speak to the freshmen about governing according to the Constitution.
d. Supported by true reformers in the Congress, including Sen. Jim DeMint, Sen. Tom Coburn, and Congressman John Shadegg.
2. Claremont Institute Event
a. Coordinated by lobbyists and campaign consultants. They are apparently trying to make sure that instead of sitting with grassroots tea party leaders from around the country, the lobbyists and consultants can sink their claws into the freshmen, and begin to “teach them” the ways of DC. The invitation lists prominent lobbyists and campaign consultants in DC as the “coordinators”, including:
i. Chip Saltsman: Saltsman is a longtime DC insider and political consultant. He is most infamous for withdrawing his candidacy for RNC Chairman one day before the election following a controversy regarding his Christmas gift to almost 200 members of the RNC copies of a CD containing the song “BaracktheMagicNegro”
ii. Tim Powers: Powers is another long time DC insider and the former Deputy Director of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Congressional Affairs and Strategic Planning. He is listed as Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of a lobbying firm in DC, Artemis Strategies. Their website says that “Artemis Strategies is a well respected Washington, D.C. asset. Prior to co-founding Artemis Strategies in the fall of 2002, Mr. Powers operated PowerStrategies, a public affairs and government relations firm he founded.” Powers appears to be the quintessential DC insider and lobbyist.
b. Keynote Speaker – Talk Show Host – Bill Bennett
c. Supported by none of the reformers in Congress. Instead it’s a lobbyist / political consultant event for the Freshmen.
Here is where you come in.

Do you want the first event your incoming Freshman Congressmen attend to be an event hosted by the grassroots Local Coordinators of Tea Party Patriots and the Congressmen and Senators who are willing to support them in their drive to restore the US Constitution? Or would you rather they attend an indoctrination organized by DC insiders and lobbyists, members of The Ruling Class? Do you want your incoming Freshmen Congressmen to attend an event where they will get the support, encouragement, and knowledge they need to begin to restore our Constitution or do you want them to attend an event where DC insiders can begin to corrupt them?
The water in the Potomac is infected with the politics of the past and needs to be boiled to be cleansed and then steeped in fresh tea. You are the fresh tea. Today we need your help.
We need you to call & email these incoming Congressmen & tell them you want them to attend YOUR Tea Party Patriots event.

Explain the differences between the two events. We need to make sure they understand that the Claremont event is not an “official” event but one put on by lobbyists, for which they are being asked to skip the TPP and Constitutional Congress event. They need to know what you, their new constituents, think about their choice, and how you’ll react if they choose to ignore the grassroots and immediately get in bed with DC lobbyists and RNC insiders.
Below is a list of all incoming Freshmen who have been invited to attend. Please call and email them, especially if they are your Representative, and let them know your opinion.
Please do this right away!

It looks like this is our first chance to stand against the DC status quo. Let’s show them that you won’t tolerate politics as usual and show them the power of the Tea Party.

Contact Info for Newly Elected Congressmen
Dist First Name Last Name Phone Email
AL-02 Martha Roby – (334) 315-1925 –
AL-05 Mo Brooks – (256) 652-3833 –
AR-01 Rick Crawford – (870) 919-0305 –
AR-02 Tim Griffin – (501) 837-5190 –
AR-03 Steve Womack – (479) 936-0234 –
AZ-01 Paul Gosar – (928) 853-6225 –
AZ-03 Benjamin Quayle – (602) 616-6837 –
AZ-05 Dave Schweikert – (602) 619-3330 –
AZ-08 Jesse Kelly – (520) 907-5388 –
CA-11 David Harmer – (925) 998-3458 –
CA-19 Jeff Denham – (831) 595-6785 –
CA-20 Andy Vidak –
CO-03 Scott Tipton – (970) 560-2631 –
CO-04 Cory Gardner – (970) 597-0123 –
FL-02 Steve Southerland – (850) 258-9082 –
FL-05 Richard Nugent – (352) 428-0924 –
FL-08 Daniel Webster – (407) 947-5376 –
FL-12 Dennis Ross – (863) 255-1048 –
FL-22 Allen West – (954) 288-6934 –
FL-24 Sandy Adams – (321) 303-9214 –
FL-25 David Rivera – (786) 258-2222 –
GA-07 Rob Woodall – (770) 366-4245 –
GA-08 Austin Scott – (229) 392-6992 –
GA-09 Tom Graves – (770) 548-2288 –
ID-01 Raul Labrador – (208) 965-1622 –
IL-08 Joe Walsh (847) 849-9508 –
IL-10 Bob Dold (847) 251-3653 –
IL-11 Adam Kinzinger – (309) 287-6938 –
IL-14 Randy Hultgren – (630) 347-1136 –
IL-17 Bobby Schilling – (309) 428-9046 –
IN-03 Marlin Stutzman – (260) 336-0809 –
IN-04 Todd Rokita – (317) 414-5071 –
IN-08 Larry Bucshon – (812) 604-5812 –
IN-09 Todd Young – (812) 320-3736 –
KS-01 Tim Huelskamp (620) 646-5413 –
KS-03 Kevin Yoder – (913) 526-1990 –
KS-04 Michael Pompeo – (316) 393-6830 –
KY-06 Andy Barr – (859) 619-7381 –
LA-03 Jeff Landry – (337) 380-1382 –
MD-01 Andy Harris – (443) 791-0691 –
MI-01 Dan Benishek – (906) 396-5839 –
MI-02 Bill Huizenga – (616) 405-9216 –
MI-03 Justin Amash – (616) 881-3390 –
MI-07 Tim Walberg – (517) 673-0507 –
MN-08 Chip Cravaack – (651) 395-0785 –
MO-04 Vicky Hartzler – (816) 392-1582 –
MO-07 Billy Long – (417) 839-0061 –
MS-01 Alan Nunnelee – (662) 213-3571 –
MS-04 Steven Palazzo – (228) 596-8297 –
NC-02 Renee Ellmers –
ND-AL Rick Berg – (701) 866-9077 –
NH-01 Frank Guinta – (603) 860-0474 –
NH-02 Charlie Bass – (603) 547-0570 –
NJ-03 Jon Runyan – (856) 466-3009 –
NM-02 Steve Pearce – (575) 202-9251 –
NV-03 Joe Heck – (702) 885-2626 –
NY-13 Michael Grimm – (917) 885-6022 –
NY-19 Nan Hayworth – (914) 584-5324 –
NY-20 Chris Gibson – (518) 821-7807 –
NY-24 Richard Hanna – (315) 794-9602 –
NY-25 Ann Marie Buerkle – (315) 415-4233 –
NY-29 Tom Reed – (607) 765-0487 –
OH-01 Steve Chabot – (513) 235-0150 –
OH-06 Bill Johnson – (330) 261-2059 –
OH-15 Steve Stivers – (614) 581-5559 –
OH-16 Jim Renacci – (330) 336-7956 –
OH-18 Bob Gibbs – (330) 763-1224 –
OK-05 James Lankford – (405) 990-9042 –
PA-03 Mike Kelly – (724) 712-6312 –
PA-07 Pat Meehan – (215) 850-6352 –
PA-08 Mike Fitzpatrick – (215) 514-0470 –
PA-10 Tom Marino – (570) 772-3192 –
PA-11 Lou Barletta – (570) 578-0026 –
SC-01 Tim Scott – (843) 343-4990 –
SC-03 Jeff Duncan – (864) 923-3188 –
SC-04 Trey Gowdy – (864) 809-0917 –
SC-05 Mick Mulvaney – (803) 246-1001 –
SD-AL Kristi Noem – (605) 881-2526 –
TN-03 Chuck Fleischmann – (423) 413-3767 –
TN-04 Scott Desjarlais – (423) 280-1122 –
TN-06 Diane Black – (615) 397-9033 –
TN-08 Steve Fincher – (731) 676-3555 –
TX-17 Bill Flores – (281) 352-2476 –
TX-23 Quico Canseco – (210) 216-8169 –
TX-27 R. Blake Farenthold – (361) 533-3393
VA-02 Scott Rigell – (757) 619-8276 –
VA-05 Robert Hurt – (434) 489-7995 –
VA-09 Morgan Griffith – (540) 353-8287 –
VA-11 Keith Fimian – (703) 989-3782 –
WA-02 John Koster – (425) 308-9609 –
WA-03 Jaime Herrera – (360) 609-0435 –
WA-09 Dick Muri – (253) 439-9797 –
WI-07 Sean Duffy – (715) 491-2345 –
WI-08 Reid Ribble – (920) 378-7343 –
WV-01 David McKinley – (304) 639-1188 –
You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us

Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,
Debbie Dooley, Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, Sally Oljar, Diana Reimer, and Dawn Wildman

TPP Support email:
TPP Support phone number: 404-593-0877

Jenny Beth Martin (, on Tiwtter @jenuinejen, on Facebook)
Dawn Wildman (
Mark Meckler (
Debbie Dooley (