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Iran Prepares It’s People For The Coming Dark Messiah, The Imam Mahdi

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I have written earlier over the past four years of my deep instinct that the prophesied “Imam Mahdi” of Islam would, in fact, be the Christian final “Son of Perdition,” that man who is called the final Antichrist by many millions of western Christians. Although there is certain dispute and controversy concerning this, my gut continues to scream that the two individuals are actually one and the same. This implies that the man whom all of Islam will worship and follow as both military conqueror and political / spiritual “Messiah” will be the same man that western Christianity has referred to as the Antichrist, or the “final Son of Perdition” for nearly 2,000 years.

In preparation for that man’s ascent, Iran has now made a movie for their people informing them of his imminent appearance. I am citing the entire post below and there is a link to the English language version of the film. Every Christian should watch this film and share it with others. It might not be pleasant, but it is necessary as we keep our watch regarding end time events. This is a pivotal and news making event in Christendom, and it needs to be distributed among Christian readers everywhere.

Chase Kyla Hunter 3.28.11

You can watch the entire movie here:

Iranian Rulers, Believing Pre-Messianic Destruction Is Imminent, Make Film To Prepare Muslims

We can’t overstate the importance of the English translation of this film: the Iranian leaders are telling the Muslim world to prepare for the annihilation of Israel and the fall of the West.
March 28, 2011 – by ‘Reza Kahlili’
Article cited:
“Several months ago, I was informed by my contacts in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that the Basij had started work on a film that had the approval of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The purpose of the project: to inform Muslims across the globe of the immediate coming of the last Islamic messiah. As my English translation of the film makes clear (watch it exclusively at PJTV), the Iranian leaders, now more than ever, feel that all the stars are aligned for such event.

Ever since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Islamic rulers of Iran have declared themselves representatives of God on Earth, believing their mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the Shiites’ 12th imam, Mahdi.

Their belief is based on the centuries-old Hadith by Prophet Mohammad and his descendants, who have provided clear guidance as to the timing of The Coming.

According to the Hadith, in the age of The Coming a revolution takes place in Iran. This is a key sign indicating that the reappearance is near, and serves as the initial preparation in the worldwide movement for The Coming of the last messiah. Based on this belief, the leaders of Iran see it as their duty to prepare the ground for The Coming.

One of the most important keys to securing the reappearance of the last messiah — as called for in the Hadith — is the annihilation of Israel, and the conquering of Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem). They state with conviction that Islam will soon conquer the world, and that all infidels will be destroyed.

The pursuit of nuclear bombs by the radicals ruling Iran is directly connected to this belief: war, chaos, and lawlessness must engulf the world to pave the way for Imam Mahdi’s reappearance.

This movie has been produced in Iran by an organization called Conductors of The Coming, in collaboration with the Iranian president’s office and the Basij (Iranian paramilitary force). Also, reports indicate that Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, President Ahmadinejad’s top adviser and chief of staff, was directly involved with this project. The movie was completed a few months ago and was recently screened for the high clerics by the Iranian president’s office, with one of its high-ranking official analyzing it.

Mashaei reflects the Iranian leaders’ belief very clearly:

Therefore let us shout out loud that The Coming is soon and that evil should be fearful. We live with these thoughts every day and our lives are filled with The Coming of the last imam. That human will reappear and fill the world with justice and establish his promised governance on earth. The very world has witnessed too much bloodshed of the innocent for others to build their palaces. The very world is filled with shouts for justice. The innocent and the oppressed are losing their lives to world powers. It is in this very world where the oppressors rule and this world that Allah will command the last imam to appear and forever put an end to injustice. At that time the world will belong to the righteous.

Currently this movie is being distributed throughout the Basij and Revolutionary Guards’ bases. The producers are in the middle of translating it into Arabic, with the purpose of mass distribution throughout the Middle East. Their intention is to incite further uprisings, with the hopes of motivating Arabs to overthrow U.S.-backed governments.

The final goal? The annihilation of Israel and Allah’s governance of the world.

Editor’s note:
We can’t overstate the importance of the English translation of this film. Watch it exclusively at PJTV.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for an ex-CIA spy who requires anonymity for safety reasons. A Time to Betray, his book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, was published by Simon & Schuster on April 6.

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“Remember, Remember the 5th of November” V for Vendetta Imagery, Quotes Appearing in Twitterstreams of Bahrain People’s Uprising

2.22.2011 Feature Essay

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On Youtube dozens of videos made by Islamic users are now citing the imagery and popular scenes from the 2005 motion picture film “V Is For Vendetta,” interspersed with scenes from their riots in Cairo, Bahrain and other locations.

I’d like to preface this essay with a note making it very clear that I am NOT advocating a violent uprising in this country [America ] or any other one. But it needs to be noted what the effect movies like “V” has had on populations of generationally repressed and oppressed Mideast people who are not living in democratic countries. The effect of films like “V” has been profound and the tiger is now out of the cage. These people have found this film and they identify with it. In America we watch and I try to write about it all as carefully as I can.

DO NOT assume by the appearance of this essay that I am an advocate of violence under any circumstances. But any government that will kill it’s own people for expressing their voice does not deserve to govern. They have breached their trust.


V for Vendetta is a dystopian novel, a blend of 1984 and Batman: a fascist government, Norsefire, has taken over Britain after the fallout of a third world war and a mysterious cloaked figure, known only as V, is single handedly taking them on.

Last year I wrote about the 2005 motion picture film “V Is For Vendetta” when news reports appeared about a disturbed Florida man who came unglued at a school board meeting, pulled a gun, and began randomly firing on school board members. Right before he started firing he took out a can of red spray paint and rendered a perfect facsimile of the “V” logotype from the movie on a white wall. Then he started firing.

Only a fool would continue to maintain in our present “copycat crime” era that motion pictures have no effect on human behavior. I maintain, that just the opposite is true. Motion pictures not only affect human behavior, they inspire and often direct it. For better or worse.

I often come across the “V” hero’s face in popular media, and now and again it appears as an avatar on someone’s Twitter account. Here’s what another WP blogger recently said in a breathless review of the movie:

“V for Vendetta is, without exaggeration, one of the best films I have ever seen. Walking along the streets, I keep hoping that I’ll see a large ‘V’ carved or sprayed onto propaganda in my city, sprayed on billboards and buildings. I want it to be everywhere. I keep hoping to see, along with a myriad of ‘V’ symbols, people in V masks, V cloaks. I want a revolution, dammit!”

Well, my answer to the blogger is below, but before you read it, I do think that your revolution is coming. The problem for Americans and the west is what’s coming on the other side of it, which will be global martial law, and all sorts of other terrible things; you know, the kinds of things that Alex Jones shouts into his megaphone about as the Bilderberg members drive by in their limosines every year at their annual secret meeting.

Take pause and consider: Why do you suppose they made that movie?

Surely the super-wealthy, super-secretive, supersonic powers that be don’t want the people of the world to actually rise up and act out the script of the film, do you? That would mean the people take back London for starters, eliminate the corrupted murderers who were running the super-fascist London of the near future in the film’s script and take back their country and their government.

I’m quite sure that the powers that be are planning for just the opposite to take place. They have no intention of relenting, now that 95% of the world’s wealth is securely in the hands of 5% of it’s people. But making a feel good movie where the people win in the end would placate those people psychologically, if even for just a few more months, until the next thing, and then the next thing, and then the next thing finally culminated with the people of the world actually taking to the streets, just like in the movie, beginning in, of all places, little Tunisia.

Imagine:  A Hollywood film made by the sponsoring bank houses of the New World Order, which portrays the satanic fascist dream and vision of the New World Order, promoted and sold to the masses by the New World Order, designed to make people furious enough to finally rise up against the puppet governments of the hidden cowards of the New World Order. That, my friends, is the definition of “pre-orchestrated reality.” That’s how it works. They tell the masses how they want them to behave, and they do this cunningly, using propaganda machines disguised as “movies.” Then the people are impacted by those movies and the imagery of those movies in all the right ways, and they eventually begin acting out what they see in these movies.

I’m not sure what to make of moments when I come across web pages that look like this:

Or this….

Or, then again, like this:

You say you want a revolution? Are you ready for life on the other side of it? Every American who cares about what the future may bring should be watching events in the Mideast with scrutiiny. What will happen on the other side of these events? At what point will a united Islamic Union turn it’s attention again to the radical islamic dream of destroying the west?

Today they want to overthrow their own corrupted and repressive governments and I can understand that rage. But tomorrow will come. Will they be planning anew how to blow up everything we hold dear in America once they have overturned the regimes that are holding them down in the Mideast? I have the feeling each evening as I search the pages of my Bible that millions of other American Christians are also doing the same thing. Joel Richardson has had some interesting things to say about Islam just recently. I think he has some important clues.

Chase Kyla Hunter