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Bombshell: “The Sting” Citizen Journalists Pose as Muslim Extremists, Offer NPR $5 Million Check, NPR Executive Reveals His True Colors, for Money

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I waited for a day or so before I reported on this astounding breaking story. I wanted to see the actual hidden camera video which the “Sting” operators took at their luncheon with NPR executives at a downdown Washington D.C. cafe. Here it is, procured from the news reporting website The Israeli Insider.

Long story short: Two citizen journalists posed as Muslim extremists willing to hand over a $5 million dollar check to NPR in return for news stories favorable to Muslim radicals who want to establish Sharia Law in the USA. The link is at the end of this post. Watch the entire video, and you can follow the conversation in narrative text to the right.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The good executives from NPR called Americans who are Tea Party patriots every ugly name in the book, from gun toting fundamentalist Christians to all out racists. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that NPR could ever be construed as an actual unbiased and impartial news outlet, based on what their executives said to these two men who they assumed to be radical Muslims.

Under no circumstances should NPR EVER get one more red cent of federal money to finance their pro-Islamic, pro-Sharia Law, anti-American extreme left wing agenda. If you ever had any doubts about what an extreme left wing propaganda organization is, how it speaks, what it promotes, have a look. The video does not lie. What NPR is doing in meeting with these two men to take their money in exchange for slanted reporting that bends the story the Muslim way could not be construed as impartial journalistic news reporting by any stretch.

As you listen to the NPR executive’s opening comments to his lunch guests about the Muslim Brotherhood, keep in mind the Wahabbi Saud family and Nazi SS roots of the Muslim Brotherhood which I wrote about two weeks ago. The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest and largest radical Islamic organization in the world, and is the philosophical fountainhead for advocacy of global Jihad against the West and the advocacy for the destruction of Israel. Either organizations like NPR are literally attempting to rewrite the history of World War II, the Muslim Jihad movement and the Muslim Brotherhood via overt political and propaganda white-washing, or they are the most ill informed and naive, dangerously foolish people in the news business in America today. Either option is intolerable if we care about a free and politically neutral, independent press in the United States.

This video is a live hidden camera streaming record of the luncheon and the conversation that took place. I could not locate a section where it looked edited.