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Iron Mountain: Underground Federal Records Storage Facility is Expanding, FED is archiving the Nation’s Vital Records Underground

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Iron Mountain Incorporated is in the business of keeping secrets locked away deep in the heart of the earth, underground, literally. It is a vast and rapidly expanding underground storage facility on the east coast, whose biggest client to date is none other than the US Federal government. Surprise.

The underground facility is enormous,  2 miles wide, and 3 miles long which is 220 feet deep beneath the surface of the earth. KOMO News 4 reporters were recently toured through Iron Mountain, describing it as being like a literal underground city, with it’s own water, sewer and even a fully staffed fire department.

The other most famous client of Iron Mountain is Bill Gates with his famed CORBIS Historical Photo Archive’s original photographs being kept in a temperature and humidity controlled vault which is the size of a football field.

The underground records storage facility has had zero incidents of reported security breaches in it’s history. Odds are the American public may never know just exactly what is stored at Iron Mountain, but reporters were told that the debris from flight 93 which went down in PA is stored there, or whatever it is that they are passing off as debris, in any event.

Iron Mountain is located roughly about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Video footage shot of Iron Mountain by KOMO 4 News of PA reveals what appears to be an all out effort by the company to expand the facility, and to store both vital paper records, and treasures of a practical, historical and artistic nature.

Thinking Out Loud:

If Planet X is a myth, and if there is no expectation that America might experience a nuclear war in the near or distant future, then I wonder: why the necessity to build and expand a literal vast underground vault for the safekeeping of federal records and American historical treasures? I also wonder whether Americans realize that nearly 50 trillion dollars in taxpayer funds have been illegally siphoned off the top by FED black ops in the past 40-50 years to finance their many D.U.M.B projects, like the deep underground military bases?

No one has ever asked the American people if it was ok to just steal enough money out of the treasury to build an entire new America underneath the earth. Does any one really think all these literal “underground” preparations are innocent and benign?Am I one of the few people who sees through the veneer of make believe? And is that why all of my posting on WordPress is now actively surveilled and tinkered with, such as this evening?

Just so the reader knows, I have written the last part of this post three times now. Each time I finish it and upload it, my additions fall out, and it all reverts back to what I wrote 2 hours ago. Here is a screenshot of the message i just got:

The last sentence in the pop-up window reads: “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogue.”

[ There’s your proof. I nailed them. WordPress is under surveillance, and for all I know WordPress is now the property of the federal government. I have no proof otherwise, but I have the proof in my face that my writing is being monitored and tampered with. There is ZERO reason for that sentence to appear in a pop up window in my WordPress composition field while I am typing, if WordPress IS NOT under surveillance. I want the internet community to know about this, so I am sending this post far and wide. Thank God for a fast hard drive and rapid fire screen shots. I grabbed the screen shot before their window fell off the screen. ]

The KOMO 4 News reporter was shown recent excavation which will soon hold records from the Smithsonian Institution. But we have a Smithsonian on the surface. Why do we need another one deep underground buried 220 feet deep.

I’m just asking, that’s all.

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