Sunrise From New Location? Citizen Reports

Same region of Milky Way: in visible light - M...

Spectacular view of the Milky Way galaxy

Re-posted with permission from Alternative News Report on 8.4.2011

Milky way starscape taken from Paranal.

Another photo of the Milky Way galaxy at night

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My readers are all used to my “newsy citizen journalist self” which reports, posts and comments on the flavor of the week in our national idiocracy. Mostly you all are not too familiar with my shamanic side, which I have mostly kept to myself for obvious reasons. Shamanism is defined in a hundred subjective ways and just the word itself make many uncomfortable. My own definition for shamanism is simple: “experiential spirituality.”  That term opens a Pandora’s box of inexplicable experiences, and I can’t get into a lengthy post on “what is shamanism” just right now. Something else is more urgent to be shared and discussed.

For months I have been staring at the sun at all hours, especially early mornings and late evenings, trying to understand what felt and looked so oddly”wrong.” [ Don’t worry I own every type and variety of heavy dark lens sunglasses known to man. ]

Something is very wrong. Or might I just say something is VERY different about the sun. Not only does the sun look nearly 15 to 25% larger, whiter and brighter in the early mornings and late evenings, but damn it, the sun is not setting in the right place for June, July and August on the west coast of North America. It’s setting too far north. I have debated my own possible madness as I have studied where the sun is, as opposed to where it ought to be for this time of year.

[Stop! Do not send me irate comments about the science of the seasonal tilt of the sun annually, as the earth‘s rotational north / south axis wobbles. I know all about that!! This is something different.]

Nights at 3 am you will find me standing outside my house in the dead still of night, craning my neck, intently studying the position of the Milky Way galaxy as it sprays across the night sky. Problem is, once again, it’s not spraying out in the “appropriate” direction for summer in the northern latitudes. I have been staring at the night sky from some sort of wilderness location all my life. Why is the Milky Way now in the wrong position for summer?

While I have quietly debated my own sanity over the past few months, I have also experienced another re-occurring phenomenon that defies all explanation other than “shamanic” and / or energetic oneness aka some sense of a literal vibrational attunement with the planet. [God how I hate to use such language, which makes me sound like some new age nut from Sedona, which I am not! I’m a business woman, pragmatic to a fault, analytical, cautious and I eschew all “woowoo-wahwah” sounding semantics, as I have had to listen to so much of it in my life. Big heavy sigh of hilarity. Here goes.]

At night right as I am falling asleep, there is a re-occurring phenomenon that began happening to me in mid-March of this year. The first time it happened I sat straight up in bed, convinced I had experienced a mild earthquake. When I went to the internet the next morning, there had been a 4.9 earthquake all right, but it had been nearly 675 miles to the south of me, down in southern California, in Baja. It should have been physically impossible for me to feel that quake. Oddly, not only did I feel the quake, but I had precognited that it had come from the south. I knew it was far from me, but I assumed the San Francisco basin or close-by.

OK. I felt a small quake when that should not have been possible from 675 miles away. But it gets odder. After that quake experience, I began to have another experience right on it’s heels. It began that same night, just a few minutes later.

This feels really odd even trying to explain what this felt like. Ummm. Whew, Embarrassing. OK. The only way I know how to say this was that after “feeling” the 4.9 Baja earthquake, I suddenly had a new ability, and it’s not one I had asked for, although I am very deeply grateful for it now. I was lying on my stomach wide awake and thinking over what it felt like to literally feel the earth shivering and shuddering all the way through the floor. Suddenly I realized that the earth was still moving, and that I could still feel it. This movement felt like a surging powerful river of “something” that was grinding and gurgling deep underneath the surface of the earth. This could also be likened to a boiling, roiling feeling, similar to an angry storm surf. Whatever this roiling and boiling was, or is, it is slowly altering the earth’s surface in infinitesimal degrees. I cannot tell you HOW this is happening, but I know it is happening.

As bizarre as all this sounds, there is a relationship between the deep “roiling and boiling” river of “something” which is roaring beneath the earth’s crust and the oddly askew positions of the sun and stars in the northern latitudes. I can’t tell you how I know that either, but my soul has done the math on it. And knows.

For months now, each night as I fall asleep, a part of me “falls into the earth” where I experience this deep inner “roiling, churning and boiling” that is going on beneath the earth’s surface. This is as physical and literal to me as standing on the beach feeling the wind and watching the surf roll churn and boil.

I’m NOT trying to wax “green” or give an environmental speech here. But I can say this with certainty. Our earth has a consciousness and that consciousness is deeply off center and is terribly pressured and distressed. This I know. This “roiling and boiling” is some sort of monumental effort to right itself and come back into proper rotational stasis. This I also know. Can’t for the life of me tell you how.

Even though this post is presently an unfinished work, I am posting it and will add more to it soon. There is more to tell here. I just need to get “spiritual clearance” so to speak, from within, before I spill more beans.

Tonight I found some things that helped me to realize that it’s not just me. Something IS different. Others are seeing and noting this too. Here’s what the Inuit and some others are saying about it.  I want to let readers know that there are most likely hundreds of these videos pouring onto Youtube, so many that it would take pages and pages to post them all. Luckily there are so many that there is NO WAY YT can censor all of these. I found dozens and dozens and dozens of these. I only posted a few. Stop and think that over. It’s another manifestation of global unity consciousness. That I do absolutely know.The wisdom of the average man and woman comes bubbling up, for those who have eyes to see. People are noticing something and so they record and upload it.

Have a look. This is a topic I will return to many times with many more updates. See below.

Chase Kyla Hunter 8.3.2011

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  1. mister streams (@tralaka)

    more and more people are reporting very weird movements of the moon and the sun or the moon disapearing in the nite where it didnt used to. and yet the opositions claim it means nothing,i am a old style spiritualist/mystic and the sun or moon neither feel like they used to/its like they are using a different language or something the sky in the deep nights dont feel right like their keeping a secret or waiting or something

  2. k

    i thought i was the only one. i too have noticed that the sun was whiter, brighter, and seem alot closer or bigger. Im living in the south of France and have noticed the moon is soooo low on the horizon , im actually trying to think back to when i ever saw the moon rising like sunrise , ive only ever noticed it always above my head never that low. Which has me worried. I know and feel something is off with the earth and something is about to be unleashed with biblical propertions. I just dont know what im supposed to be doing spiritually to get my self right, in order to prepare me for what is to come. Am i suppose to think positive, send out love or pray. With so many doom scenarios, im trying to convince myself to accept death come what may but am disheartened to feel my life as selfhish as that seems to say that, may have to be sacrificed in order to rid the earth the selfish corrupt and evil people and their wicked ways and for the way we have intentionally destroyed the earth and its resources. but i feel deep down, i actually want be around to be apart of a new earth where people are nicer and kind to another and have respect for all the creatures that live in it. I just
    feel like a lost soul who wants to do good.

  3. Apollyon Mc'Risen

    However Lemme tell you that the silhouettes of the faces of the people I see…. do appear on the surface of the SUN as reported by NASA SOHO Satellite….. and there are other signs also, which translates into much texts… so I don’t write it here…..

    Further, as I turned older, even I tried to get a feel of the spirituality…. and was soon shocked to learn that….. Most of them can be defined as…..

    GODs = Ghosts of the Dead = Alien (Non-Human Species), and that included both the good & the evil creatures….

    and the world is under their control, since most people invite them into their lives by pretending to be faithful…. However, the power resides in your name….. we do have names, which are similar to the names of the people before us….. and we appear as little creatures of similar shape but different sizes in the astral to others…. when we are remembered….

    And since these things fly out of most of us….. to whom are we praying to at times….. we all do have names very similar to the people, who are worshiped in different faith….. Maybe some strangers are troubling us at all times…. thinking us to be some dead rock, but we are not….

    Another logical look at the heavens….. and there were many other stars great & New in the sky, apart from the fabled nine old decayed (Maybe some are still live) rocks…..

    These creatures fall from the stars, as well as both living & dead people in the astral…. also reported as UFOs….

    This observations forced us to retreat from the realm of the unknown…. It shocked us to see the people praying to living with all kind of vermin & pests living in their temples, homes, offices & lives everywhere….

    So now we knew, who the enemy & friends are…. and our friends from the pest control do hunt them regularly…. However, we do leave a prayer for their salvation, & for re-birth into divine human dimension….

    And the things that had followed us & surprised everyone with the signs on the SOHO Satellite images disappeared with them….. Now there is much peace in the heaven near the sun….. and down below in our own lives….. As above so Below…..

    I would have written more….. But might be offensive to most people….. However just get rid of them…. all those spooks/little creatures, who infest most homes & trouble everyone….. the ones, who defy gravity and crawl out at night on the floors, walls & ceilings…..

    And we were shocked to learn…. that most people do pretend to be faithful….. but in reality had no respect for the Sun or star others…… and why it was, when those space agencies release those fake reports to launch psychic attacks aided by the masses on the SUN….. Those swarms of insects raining on the lights in our lawn…… And it did hurt us greatly in that period….. Maybe It makes some people great, but we don’t care…..

    But you woke us up….. and now the astral defenses are up…..

    You may contact us on facebook, if the need arises….. Just search for “NAVRATNA TATA” there…….

    And don’t forget to check your stars little & great on soho lasco C2 & Lasco C3 images….. shining near the SUN……

    But please don’t send in bad vibes or astral weapons no more……. Thanks for your kindness, understanding & support……

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