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Top 20 Most Popular Posts This Fall on Photonic Portal

"The Blue Marble" is a famous photog...

The Earth As Seen From Space

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Here’s what readers read the most this past month. Out of 1071 posts and pages, these reports were on the top of the stack.

Post Title
9.26.11 Update on Comet Elenin: October 18th 2011 Earth Passes Closest to Comet’s Tail
Home page
Comet Elenin Updates Fall 2011 – January 2012: Second Sun Now Visible
9.26.11 Comet Elenin Update, Daytime Second Sun Footage
2011 Year of Spectacular Mass UFO Sightings Worldwide: Video Footage
Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Examined: Marshall Masters Elenin Update For Sept 2011 Through Jan 2012
BREAKING: Stunning Clear Sharp Daytime Video Footage of Nibiru Second Sun from North Wales
Alien-Human Hybrids And The Secret Earth Colonization Program
Confirmed: US Military Secretly At War with Antarctica Based UFO Fleets
Maps of America After Pole Shift, Floods, From Psychics, Visionaries, Prophets, Clairvoyants
Comet Elenin
NWO Pre-Planned Annunaki Disclosure Agenda Becoming Evident
Mass UFO Sightings On the Rise in 2011
Antarctica Webcam Footage Shows Nibiru, Second Sun, Crystal Clear
Comet Elenin Update From Leonid Elenin’s Blog
Did A UFO Crash Into The Atlantic Ocean This Summer?
Nibiru Flight Path Printed on Swiss Bank Note: Yes, The governments of the World Know About Nibiru
Top Secret Alien-Human Hybridization Program Underway In America: Illegal Alien Colonization of Earth The Goal
What Is the Photon Belt Passage?
Citizen Journalists Find Huge HAARP Rings Inside Hurricane Irene