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Videos From the Edge: Chronicle of New American Strangeness

[ In 2008 I started collecting videos which I thought were indicative of disturbing “trends” in 21st century America. Below are the first few I posted and commented on.  – Chase Kyla Hunter ]

Oprah’s  religious Agenda, Reptilian Activities, Exposing NWO Truth, Looking at D.U.M.B. Deep Underground Military Bunkers for the Global Elite (hell on earth for the rest of us), RFID Chips, Maitreya, Barack Obama, 2012 Pole Shift Science, 4th Dimensional Explorations, Surfing The Photon Belt,  9-11 False Flag Event Known of By Bush Crime Family, Predictions, Prophecy, Sublime, Sordid & Everything in Between: Alligator Farm’s First Video Collection

Wondering what Oprah has been up to lately? She has founded a church, “The Church of the New Earth” which now boasts more than 5 million members. Just get a load of what they are selling. You just can’t make this stuff up folks. – CKH

This video below came out about a year ago, right around the time that I figured out beyond all shadow of a doubt that Obama had something to do with the rise of the Antichrist. The Holy Spirit was moving then, and it is moving now. I don’t usually like rap, but this is just damn eloquent.

Here is another one similar to it.

Just in case you did not know, CIA and NSA black ops in the US have now siphoned off more than 50 trillion dollars from usa taxpayers and CIA drug cartel operations since 1970 and have used the wicked black cash to build an elaborate underground tunnel and city system for the use of the Washington DC elites and military families when the 2012 pole shift hits the fan. The pentagon knows all about it. Oh by the way Russia is also building entire underground cities for their elites, as is Norway. Norway is also storing seeds. Hmmm. Gosh. Seems like our governments forgot to tell us something. Hmm. Gosh. Wonder why all the major governments of the world now have telescopes pointed at the same spot in space. Wow. Even the Vatican has an observatory with it’s scopes pointed at the same spot. Gee. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you better read this web page and all it’s links from top to bottom. Then start praying like your life depended on it. Cause it does. – CKH


Here’s video footage of Norway’s underground tunnel system, which they are building in secret. A few hardy souls with intestinal fortitude have posted news and videos about this on the web, I laud their courage. Pray for the people of this world.

Here is another real alligator for you to gawk at: Now we all know by now that 9-11 was a false flag event carried out by New World Order operatives with the full knowledge and consent of the Bush crime family. But did you know that George W. Bush was such a loose cannon in front of Tv cameras when he was speaking “unscripted” that he actually mentioned the bombs in the twin towers, where they had been placed, and accidentally admitted the whole thing in front of cameras, then just kept right on talking, too stupid to even realize what he had done? Well see it here first folks in the main pond of my new Alligator Farm. Listen to George speak below, then tell me what you think he just said.

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Popular Search Terms in Science & Technology News

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Search Terms in Science & Technology News

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Media News Blackout: Planet X Nibiru Debris Field Is Already Arriving

Illustration of the relative sizes, albedos, a...
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Debris from the imminent close approach of Brown Dwarf Planet X Nibiru to our planet, accompanied by it’s moons,  is already entering the earth’s atmosphere, falling as huge meteors / asteroids on 4 different continents. Vidoes of these enormous streaking meteors which have lit up the sky as bright as daylight have been taken by stunned amateurs around the world, who have grappled with the implications.

This urgent breaking news and these amateur videos are being suppressed in the USA mainstream, as they presume that TV viewers seeing these events will  panic. It is my belief that suppressing these kinds of astronomy related warning signs deprives the world citizenry of the information they need to intelligently prepare for what is coming. Watch these videos, then decide. Would you rather know about this ahead of time, or be surprised by it all, and crushed to death with no prior warning?

Chase Hunter 02.08.2010