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Wisconsin Middle Class Union Workers Protest: “Obama Will Not Win in 2012 Without States Like Wisconsin”

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Wisconsin protestor, holding his son, speaks to a reporter:

“I mean, I voted for Obama, but we’re tired of democrats turning their backs on us. Where is Barack Obama now?”

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Update, BREAKING: Wisconsin Governor Threatens to Call in National Guard in Stand-Off With Unions

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2.18.2011 Update, BREAKING:

Wisconsin Union Bill in Limbo as GOP Turns to Police to Drag Back Dems
Wisconsin Senate Republicans call in state troopers to capture fugitive Democrats who have fled the state in protest over a contentious anti-union bill that would end collective bargaining rights for unionized public employees.
POWER PLAY: Labor Unrest Could Go National

Would You Support Bill? | FLASHBACK: Milwaukee Teachers Union Battles to Keep Viagra

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