Australian, New Zealand Double Fireball Video Footage

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Update 9.21.11 – No one ever came forward with an explanation about this bizarre winged fireball which was photographed in August. But sightings of a second sun coming up just before our own sun are now escalating globally. Astronomy and other outdoor webcams are recording this stunning astronomy event, yet big media outlets in the USA are oddly silent. Read the feature essay on this blog to learn more and see the footage for yourself.

A still photo from the South America video captures the double fiery tail, shows the central fiery disc. This object, whatever it is, fits the ancient classical descriptions and renderings of Nibiru perfectly. Is this the first clear sighting of Nibiru as seen from the southern continents of earth? If so, this still photo may go into the history books. If not, then we have a strange aerial “copycat object” which has been recorded, which is, in and of itself, an odd and ominous fact.

In the third Melbourne video clip, the object can be seen splitting into two separate fireballs right before it goes beneath the horizon. I believe this disqualifies the anomaly as being a comet.

When I saw the first video and paused to get the still image screen shot, my jaw hit the floor, I have to admit. I have been writing and warning about Nibiru for five years. One of the main reasons I write about this astronomy topic is because I believe the bible prophecies about the coming Nibiru and Elenin, which are scattered all throughout the Old and New Testaments.

Here is the photo.

Urgent message to readers:  I would like to repeat that there is NO official confirmation from any astronomy institution or observatory that the striking bright red-orange fiery aerial anomaly videotaped below is either Elenin or Nibiru.

That having been said, it’s ominous, because this object fits the classical and far ancient descriptions of Nibiru to the letter. If this is not a “fiery winged disc” then what is?

As seen from South America:

As seen from Melbourne Australia:

The object splits in two and can be seen as two separate fireballs:

As seen from Auckland New Zealand:

Video of large flaming meteorite for use in comparison:

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  1. saturnx311

    There can be no doubt this is a craft. The wings are igniting in the thick air it’s encountering…so, it is a good bet it’s ET.

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