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Mother of All Urban Legends Part 4, Aryan Race Mythology, Occult History of the Nazi Swastika

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This is the fourth installment of an extended series of posts. Please read also:

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Blacklisted Citizen Reports: Maitreya, UN, Lucis Trust & the One World Religion of Son of Perdition

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I am noticing that many very good citizen reports on the [ formerly secret, now openly proclaimed ] Luciferian globalist agenda of the UN, are disappearing from the web, as are many video clips pertaining to FEMA Rex 84 USA concentration camps, and video reports like the one below, which connect the dots between the deep roots of new age religion, Lucifer worship, the Lucis Trust, Theosophy, the emergence of Maitreya, and one world religion.

I would advise when you locate a good citizen journalist video to download and burn it to CD.Spend a few hours on my other research blog at http://333crucible.wordpress.com which covers the Maitreya world spiritual fraud in exhaustive detail, and reiterates much of the information below with even more documentation. Below are several noteworthy videos I located today:


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