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Alleged Nibiru Video Footage From Around the World 2009-2011

Posted on 01.06.2011 By CK Hunter

I have noted in earlier posts that many video clips of Nibiru Planet X appear to be disappearing from Youtube. I believe there may be censorship going on, but I do not have enough details to substantiate that theory for certain. At least a dozen video clips that I have posted on my blogs since early 2008 have now disappeared. I would suggest site guests download and archive the following clips, as they may have great historic and legal significance in years to come.

Here below is just a small part of what I have located tonight. Please be patient as the page will take a while to load. Note the Youtube user who figured out that Google Earth Sky had blocked out an area in the exact locale where the coordinates for Nibiru had been found by another clever geek, and he had posted those. His video was removed by Youtube, but this other user grabbed the coordinates before the video came down, and went looking for Nibiru. The area where it is located in the night sky had a rather sloppy black square over that region. There is MOST definitely a NASA and FED government cover-up going on regarding the astronomy proof of Planet X Nibiru.