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Citizen Journalist Research Forces NASA To Censor Their Sun Imagery, Colossal Objects Hovering Near Sun Removed

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I’ve been following this man’s investigations for months now. He’s onto something, and his video revelations have forced NASA to censor their own satellite imagery of the sun on numerous occasions. The objects he is finding are colossal in size, several times larger than the earth. Dozens of other amateur astronomers are also finding similar objects and they have been making a video record of their findings for over a year at least. See one of my other blogs for more posts similar to this one with more unexplained aerial objects which are hovering too close to the sun to comprehend. What are these objects and why are they there? I found these two videos quite interesting:

Ooops! NASA Lunar Airbrush Team Misses A Spot

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois).

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HAARP Project Blue Beam and It’s Devastating Effects on Human Life and the Earth’s Ionosphere

The HAARP HF Ionosonde Antenna

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