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Russian Scientists To Drill Into 20 Million Year Old Vostok Lake in Antarctica To Sample Prehistoric Lake Water

Lake Vostok

Image by National Science Foundation via Flickr

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Prehistoric Lake Vostok in Antarctica, buried beneath the accumulated ice pack several miles thick, has not seen the light of day for possibly 20 million years.

Soon Russian scientists from the Arctic and
Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg Russia, along with expert Russian ice drillers, will bore through 13,000 feet of ice pack and access the ancient virgin lake water, which is said to be oxygenated nearly 50% more than surface lake water.

“Lake Vostok, which has been sealed off from the world for 14 million years, is about to be penetrated by a Russian drill bit. The lake, which lies four kilometers below the icy surface of Antarctica, is unique in that it’s been completely isolated from the other 150 subglacial lakes on the continent for such a long time. It’s also oligotropic, meaning that it’s supersaturated with oxygen — levels of the element are 50 times higher than those found in most typical freshwater lakes.”

The Vostock station, where the lake research and drilling proceeds,  is located in east central Antarctica, in one of the harshest coldest climates on earth. The coldest temperature on planet earth, in fact, was recorded there  sokme years back a bone shattering -89.4 degrees Celsius.

Scientists will brave vicious cold as they work to drill through millions of years of accumulated ice pack to finally carefully breach the ice and sample water in submerged prehistoric Vostok Lake. The lake was only recently revealed by satellite photography to be utterly colossal in size, nearly half the size of the nation of Wales, and 500 meters deep. It has a long think shape and may have been formed from a rift in the earth’s crust some 30 million years ago.

It’s believed that the massive ice pack over the lake has acted as a heat insulating shield, holding heat and keeping the lake liquid, while buried beneath miles of ice pack for millions of years. It is not unlike exploring the landscape of another world to endeavor to explore the contents of the prehistoric lake water.

DNA signatures have been located in Lake Vostok and prehistoric bacteria may yield vital clues about the climate of the earth millions of years ago.

History Channel Airs Science Program Suggesting Red Dwarf Nibiru is Indeed Real

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“The third angel sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like a torch,
fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water.
The name of the star is Wormwood.”

Revelation 8:10-11

When I first began writing about Nibiru and ancient prophecies which predict a possible pole shift during our lifetime I was met with widespread ridicule online. It was early 2008.Much of the mockery resulted from an earlier moment of “internet rumor mill madness” in 2003.

In 2003 a huge “false alarm” concerning a May 2003 pole shift event had taken place on the internet, which, as it turned out, was more about selling the doomsday books of one mislead author than it was about factual science.Due to that misinformation campaign, many pole shift researchers were widely discredited and writers like me had an uphill battle in early 2008 trying to convince a skeptical world public that the danger was real, imminent and should be taken seriously. I have to say I am grateful that the History Channel is broadcasting material on this subject. The threat is very real, and should be taken seriously. Our civil defense systems in America are badly outdated and in need of urgent repair. Otherwise untold millions on the surface will face death by catastrophe with no protection and no recourse should this event be soon bearing down on our world.

Recently science, paleontology, anthropology, archeology, and geology seem to be converging, just as I had predicted they would three years ago, as their knowledge and research intersects new evidence which is now piling up: that deep in our planet’s past there have indeed been periodic catastrophes which resulted from space objects either flying by earth in close proximity, or their approaching debris fields pummeling the planet and causing massive devastation to surface features and species. The History Channel is contributing much to the world’s public awareness that we should be concerned about the emerging evidence from divergent fields of science and research.

I had written in my “Original Global Call to Awakening” in 2008 that religion, mythology, science, archeology, prophecy and geological evidence would soon converge into a tapestry of facts that could no longer be ignored.

Our own government and the governments of other nations suppressed much of this material themselves for nearly 50 years, but thanks to the recent spiritual awakening of America and the world about the actuality of such events, truth research has now come into it’s own and citizen journalism has replaced official government secrecy. The world is now awakening to the prospects of what might happen if brown dwarf Nibiru once more orbits close to our own world and it’s immense gravity and accompanying debris field let loose a rain of hail, fire and brimstone, just exactly as foretold in the Christian Bible:

According to Matthew 24:29-31, there will be signs in heaven:

“the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven” immediately after the tribulation and before the Day of the Lord. God said, “I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth… The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord” (Joel 2:30-31).

Emergency preparedness, and “survival preparations” are phrases on the lips of millions.  Millions have now also viewed the contraband video of our military’s secret underground preparations and D.U.M.B. facilities, which you can find posted on the front page of this blog. They are certainly not building such an underground labyrinth as a federal country club. Something is afoot, it is huge, and Russia has also been outed as it builds entire underground cities in preparation for something.

Below are several videos which I think you will find interesting:

21st Century Power Shuffle: China, Russia, Iran All Dropping US Dollar?

Posted to Youtube on 11.25.2010 – I cannot verify all of this information therefore I am posted it under the general header of ” youtube rumor mill”. Have a listen then watch world markets next week. The report about Putin is credible. He did make those comments on his trip to Germany.

CK Hunter

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Moscow Building 5,000 More Nuclear Bunkers by 2012 “As A Precaution”

Civil Defense logo on a Thunderbolt 1003 siren.

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Several years back I was writing about the fact that Russia was constructing entire underground cities. I wondered aloud in posts at that time, whether any shred of a USA civil defense system still existed for the average John and Jane Doe of America.

As a child growing up, we often did “duck and cover” drills in grade school, and we were taught to always look for the black and yellow civil defense signs on certain public buildings, then to enter those buildings and head to the basement if we ever heard the alarms go off.

It’s odd. All those signs are gone now. I have traveled America from coast to coast many times in the past 15 years and I haven’t seen a single black and yellow “civil defense” sign posted on a public building in more than 15 years. Where did they all go, and why are they gone? Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone else wondered whether we actually do still have a public civil defense system in America? And if we do, what condition is it in?

Further, if Switzerland has enough underground bunkers to ensure the survival of their entire population, and if Russia has been building entire underground cities since the early 1990s, and noting that they now want to build 5,000 new underground bunkers in Moscow [just as a precaution, notes the reporter in the video] then shouldn’t the US be paying attention to our own population’s civil defense as well?

Since we need to put millions of people back to work, wouldn’t a public works project on a national scale to upgrade and update our own American civil defense system be a good and timely idea?

Since our leaders apparently order up fresh new billions for wars, for this and that bail out on a whim, why not order up some improvements to our existing American civil defense system?

How about it Mr. Obama? It might be the only thing your lousy socialist lackluster presidency could do for this country that might actually save lives one day. Let’s get busy improving our American civil defense system. Everyone else seems to be improving theirs. This is one of those cases where keeping up with the “Russian Joneses” might just be the smart thing to do. We waste billions annually. Why not put some of that wasted fleecing of American tax dollars to actual good use?

Chase Kyla Hunter


RE-POSTED: THE BOMBSHELL VIDEO FROM 2008 THAT STUNNED THE WORLD: D.U.M.B.S.  – [deep underground military bases]  Secret Underground Military Bases on US soil built with 50 trillion dollars in black ops money by and for the new world order global Elites …. built in secret with your tax dollars …But  where is the updated American civil defense system for the rest of us????

Bankrupt California Going on the Auction Block, One Chunk of Real Estate at a Time

Modern pawnbroker storefront.

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I’m sure many Californians, like me, have watched in horror this past year as more and more special places and once endeared sites, buildings and assets have gone up for sale. It appears that the state of California is now so broke that not much is sacred any more. If it can be liquidated, it’s for sale. I am reminded of the fire sales that Russia allowed to take place some years back, when they allowed the auctioning off of some of their most treasured historic artifacts from the early days of their space program, including suits that famous Russian astronauts donned in the 1960s.

One will get the similar impression strolling through the aisles of large inner pawn shops in California these days. All kinds of heirloom items once cherished are now under the glass cases of “Joe’s Pawn and Loan” down on some street corner. Where does it all end?

If families weep at the thought that they may be forced to liquidate family heirloom treasures to make the mortgage, and car payment and keep the creditors at bay, it is only a grim and brooding comfort to know that the state of California is now doing pretty much the same thing.

In a moment of supreme irony, the Los Angeles Times news media reports today that Oprah Winfrey gave away 2012 Volkswagen Beetle autos to her entire audience. Sheesh. Only in America can the entire studio audience of a billionaire TV star receive gift Volkswagens while the most treasured real estate owned by the state of California goes up for sale in the same week.

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