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BOMBSHELL Video Evidence of Secret Illuminati Corporation More Wealthy Than the Combined Wealth of All Nations on Earth

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Each day I examine dozens of articles, posts, essays, videos and the like doing what I do. Once or twice a year something, by the sheer grace of God, manages to squeak through and ends up on the internet where John and Jane Doe can see for themselves that things are not at all as they seem, either here in the USA, or overseas in Great Britain.

The extraordinary video you are about to see really needs little explanation if you have eyes to see and ears to actually hear what is being said. The first gentleman giving his report to Parliament is Lord James of Blackheath. This video was recorded on November 1st. [Here’s a link to his voting record.]

The second gentleman, during the course of making an effort to try to present what he knew to Parliament, without divulging who and what “foundation X” was, or is, practically choked on his words in anxiety and fear.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. And grown men cannot “fake” being this afraid and gravely concerned for the future of both the UK and for the United States. We are apparently literally months away from some sort of global financial chain reaction collapse, a worldwide “domino effect” that may make September 2008 look like a dismal dress rehearsal.

The Vatican is mentioned at one point, and it is revealed that their gold bullion holdings exceed all the gold bullion holdings of all the governments of the world. Did you know this? I certainly did not.

For those who insist that the “Illuminati” is a myth, an internet urban legend, or just a whacked out conspiracy theory, I present this video. Only someone who has a pathological need to avoid the truth at all costs would refute the eye witness accounts of these two British Parliamentarians, who obviously knew much more than they felt comfortable in disclosing.

CK Hunter

Another BOMBSHELL video that I located in 2009 provides hard evidence that new world order elites have been building sophisticated underground tunnels for their own survival should a manmade or natural disaster, such as a pole shift, make life on the surface of the earth unbearable:


Ever Wonder Why Gold & Silver Are Skyrocketing? 2011 Projects 10.2 Trillion in Global Borrowing. That’s Why.

Copyright 11/16/2010 By CK Hunter

I am continually surprised by how little most Americans [including those with money] actually know about inflation, what it is, what it means, and how it devalues a currency over time. I shouldn’t be, though, many Americans have now taken to the horrendous habit of actually buying their groceries with credit cards, something just too insane to even imagine. Does it not occur to these folks that they will be paying anywhere from 10.6 to 18% or higher on something that will be consumed in a week, yet they will continue to pay interest on the purchase possibly for years to come, via monthly minimum credit card payments. It’s a world going mad in so many ways.

Just about the only thing right now during the window of the next 2 or 3 years, until they make it illegal to hold silver or gold [it’s coming] is buying and holding gold and silver in bullion form as a way to protect the value of what dollars one has. Not to belabor the point, here’s the gloomy news of just exactly how our dollar will continue to be debased on into 2011 and 2012:

10.2 Trillion in Global Borrowing Needed to Avoid Top Nations Sliding into Bankruptcy

News Blackout of Skyrocketing Gold & Silver Prices Proves Mass Media Censorship

Copyright 10.26.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter

I have been prowling the alphabet soup news [so-called] networks for 8 weeks now, trying to spot at least one report of the most significant financial news of the year 2010 – the skyrocketing price of gold and silver. There has been not one single mention, not one sentence about this phenomenon on NBC, CBS, or ABC – or on any local media outlet in California for that matter in over 12 weeks. Don’t you find that just a little bit odd?

It’s the financial “elephant in the living room” – it also happens to be the most telling news in 2010 about the TRUE state of the economic recovery [not happening] that tells the truth about the REAL value of the US dollar, which has plummeted against other currencies and against gold and silver since August 11th – driving up the price of silver more than 20% in one month – a gain of more than the last year combined.

This is HUGE news! So why is there a virtually complete news media blackout of this phenomenal metals price rise on local news networks and the mainstream TV networks? Anybody? Shall I tell you?

It’s what a call an “invisible directive” – someone somewhere is making sure that it is NOT reported as news that the price of silver went up more than 20% between september 1st and October 15th.

Don’t you think that struggling Americans should know they can now buy silver bullion coins at about $23.50 each and STILL EXPECT to get gains of $5, up to $12 to 15.00 per coin, between now and next summer? This could help many who are sitting and looking at practically zero savings account and CD or money market gains.

Keeping people “out of the know” with useless fake news has never been so apparent as when the major TV networks all happen to omit in unison the most significant dollar related news in the past 3 years. Metals are set to soar in one of those once in a lifetime bull markets like we had in the 1970s, and not a single mass media outlet [nbc, cbs, abc] is reporting on it.

This is just one of dozens of examples of how the most pertinent Real News is ignored while Americans are fed trifling non news instead.

To  see the stellar rise of gold and silver int he past 8 weeks visit


Buy silver bullion to protect your dollars, and take delivery, take it home and sit on it for at least 3 years. it will surpass $40 per ounce by 2012 at least.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Relaxing in my so called “down time”….Guess what I do?

3.10.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter

I have a little secret talent that I did not know I had until career boredom and web design exhaustion drove me to despair enough that I began trolling the web, looking for FUN new things to do that had NOTHING to do with writing code or talking to rich, rude, over dressed, poorly spoken, obstinate web design clients with chronic bad breath.

The operative word here being “FUN”.

That’s how I discovered my knack for picking stocks. It must be a shamanic, thing but I have always been irresistibly drawn to everything that comes from the earth herself:  gems, minerals, semi-precious and precious stones, everything produced in nature, by nature, and the more mystically it was produced by mother earth, the more I utterly loved it. Crystals as well,  just utterly fascinate me. I’ve been known to drive for 4 hours to have a chance just to dig crystals out of the ground. It’s the ultimate “easter egg” hunt in nature.

So it makes sense that from playing with penny stocks that I would eventually also fall  in love with everything metallic:  gold silver, platinum, palladium, copper, bronze, if it twinkled, had intrinsic value, and came up out of deep in the ground, I was MOST DEFINITELY into it. I had discovered a whole new universe to play in. I fell in.

Now it’s 5 years later, I made some money along the way, that’s always thrilling, especially when you find a little known stock that no one is paying any attention to, and whoosh, “thar she blows” about 4-8 weeks later. Have this happen to you, even once, and you’re hooked.

Hey. I can think of worse ways to spend my down time.

So I have finally decided to share a little bit of what I learned plying my “metals mining relaxation habit” with the world, so I am building a new blog. It’s tailored to unlikely people in unlikely circumstances who choose to do unlikely things at unlikely moments.

Sound like you? Stop on by!

If you are inclined to get your feet wet with metals mining stocks, penny stock investing, and all things shiny, blingy, twinkly, and potentially VERY valuable you can visit me in my “off” hours over at:

Gold Silver Stock Picks, Bullion, Coins, Gifts, Jewelry, Boots, Hats, Books, Art, Gems, Minerals, CDs, DVDs, Music, Blingy Bling Things.

Here are a few sample posts to whet your appetite for all things gold, silver, metals, and mining companies:

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“2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year For Silver Prices” – Greg McCoach

2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year for Silver Prices:” – Greg McCoach

Obscure Mining Stock Picked by Clairvoyant Penny Stock Trader Jumped Over 50% in Last Friday => New MUST READ investing blog
Bob Chapman has predicted silver could run up as high as $100 per ounce in 2010? In L.A. people are now paying for groceries in silver bullion. Did you know?

See http://asilvertalent.blogspot.com for more news of gold and silver, plus dozens of hot stock picks for silver and gold investors. Gifted clairvoyant uses her special ability to select small cap mining stocks that often jump up to 50% in one day. You MUST read this blog if you are an investor seeking solid profits in 2010. Learn to invest in affordable rising gold, silver, & mining stocks: Read http://asilvertalent.blogspot.com

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