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Citizen Journalists Find Huge HAARP Rings Inside Hurricane Irene

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Numerous astute weather watchers and citizen journalists have identified very large HAARP rings inside of or adjacent to Hurricane Irene. I took this still shot from a video in the list below. It seems to originate from a radar facility in Raleigh NC and is large enough to cover the entire eastern region of North Carolina. What are these bizarre colossal HAARP radar flashes and what are they intended to do? Weather watchers want to know.

The fact that the American people no longer trust their government has long been established by citizen journalists in the past few years, specifically since the Obama era began. But pending natural disasters bring out those moments of questioning even more so.  I located some videos this morning that I wanted to share. My posting of these is neither a negation, nor an agreement with the musings therein. But I always take note of individuals who do not run with the herd, and who insist on thinking for themselves about what they observe taking place in our country.

What many of these astute weather watchers are observing this weekend are VERY apparent HAARP RINGS and HAARP BEAMS being aimed into hurricane Irene. There can be only two answers:

Either our Illuminati-gone-wild federal government is trying to break up and dissipate the hurricane to avoid multiple natural disasters, or just the opposite – they are actually trying to exacerbate and amplify the storm. You decide.

Many are now wondering whether a mandatory evacuation was really necessary in this weather event, but we cannot answer that until the weekend is over. If lives have been saved, then yes, a mandatory evacuation was the proper thing to do.

At the last possible minute, Obama returned from vacation and has put on a very big show of “taking command” with hurricane Irene now at landfall. 2012 Photo Ops. Everything he does now is geared toward “looking presidential” enough to win again in 2012. That vacation was really ill timed and there are entirely too many vacations going on while the business of the nation falters and flails about.

Here are the videos:

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Historic New “Portrait of the Universe” Made By the Largest Digital Camera on Earth

Artist's conception of the Milky Way galaxy.

Artist's Rendition of Our Milky Way Galaxy

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

I’ve been fascinated with the starry night sky and the fundamental nature of the universe for as long as I can remember. As an eight year girl, I laid on my back at night in the warm North Carolina summers, t-shirt wet with evening dew, staring up into the sparkling  spray of the center of the Milky Way galaxy in hushed awe for hours. Something about that view always made me inexplicably homesick, as if this place called “earth” where I was living, trapped in a little girl’s body, only with the mind of an eight year old to tell me what was true or false, was just a bus station for me, a waiting room,  a depot somewhere in time and space, and I was just passing through.

How I could have felt this way as I child I will never understand. I suppose I was one of the first “indigo children” born into the earlier generation of baby boomers, that predated the term and the concept by a good head start of about thirty years. But as a kid, I could not stop staring at the night sky. How I ended up NOT becoming an astronomer is odd, frankly.

We now have a history making opportunity, through the gift of advanced technology, to learn more about the vast universe in which we live than at any time in human history. Will humankind cease arguing, fighting, wrestling over trivialities long enough to stare up into the night sky as a species and realize the miraculous nature of our very existence? It seems to me that the mere sight of this new cosmic photograph, this portrait of time and space, revealing mind stretching immensity of our present universe, should teach us that we are each one some precious parcel, uniquely designed and stamped with fingerprints and footprints that make every one of us an absolute original work of art, no two alike, genetics for each and everyone utterly differentiated and sublime in their own way.

It has taken ages for human civilization to come to this point. When you look at the new cosmic portrait of our universe, you are looking at thousands of years of human history now culminated in the manufacture of these dazzling digital cameras which can take a composite photograph comparable to a grain of sand on a beach here on earth taking a picture of the regions far beyond the known boundaries of our Milky Way galaxy. We are living in precious, history making days here on this world. My prayer for humankind is that we can all stop shouting long enough to hear the heartbeat of the universe calling, beckoning us to step out of species babyhood and into cosmic adulthood in time to avert our own self inflicted demise.

I often get the feeling, gazing up into the never-ending stream of stars and planets, that not every species “makes it” in the end. Just because we are here now, does not infer that we will be here 10,000 years from now. We know that countless species of plant and animal life which has evolved here on earth in the last 500 million years is no longer with us. Thousands of species are gone forever. Doesn’t that fact, in and of itself, teach us that unless we attend to our progress as a species with much more love and critical care, we too might not be here one day in the far distant future? Species survival may be predicated on more farseeing intelligence than the human species has displayed to date.

At the rate at which we are killing one another in religious wars [ a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron, note the word has “moron” in the back end of it ] the rate at which we are becoming more alienated than ever from our fellow man in the popular “us versus them” “red versus blue” and “left verses right” media wars, it would appear that global unity consciousness is still far far away from us, like those sparkling threads of stars and planets which whirl above our heads, thousands of light years away.

I do wonder: Will humankind learn the primary lesson of Jesus of Nazareth‘s message in time to save ourselves: “Love one another.”

Chase Kyla Hunter



See http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/01/12/see-your-universe-behold-the-high-def-trillion-pixel-image-of-the-cosmos/

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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Massive Spectroscopic Surveys of the Distant Universe, Our Milky Way Galaxy, and Extrasolar Planetary Systems

A description from the SDSS website reads:

“Building on the legacy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and SDSS-II, the SDSS-III Collaboration is carrying out a program of four surveys to map the structure and dynamics of the Milky Way, to find and characterize extrasolar planetary systems, and to understand dark energy and the nature of the universe.”

Operation Over Watch: Military Equipment Being Off Loaded in Southeastern NC

Operation Over Watch – Military Equipment Being Off Loaded in Southeastern NC