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Antarctica Webcam Footage Shows Nibiru, Second Sun, Crystal Clear

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Download these videos below to your hard drive and re-distribute them to everyone on your lists. Make this page viral. Nibiru footage won’t stay up on Youtube for long. This is all very recent webcam and raw astronomy observatory video footage.

In the South Pole video, as the sun is going down on the far left of the screen, Nibiru [ aka the second sun ] is rising and crossing from right to left. It’s not a photo trick. It’s unedited raw webcam footage, just like the raw footage from the Hawaii Infrared Optics Telescope which I posted a couple of weeks ago. They [ the governments of the nations ] can’t hide this or deny this anymore. Do what you can do to make preparations. If you live in a home with a finished cemented basement, consider yourself very lucky. Stock it with what you would need if you needed to live in it for several months to a year. Share this page please. Subscribe and report on news from your region under comments. Stay in touch with this blog. We have each other and while we have an internet and electricity we do the best we can.


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