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Glenn Beck Video Segment on Civil Unrest 2010, 2011

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Glenn Beck’s prophetic words from 2009 are reiterated by him in this short clip where he chides those in his audience who did not believe him last year. What Glenn does not tell you is that hundreds of other truth researchers were warning America about what was and is coming for years before he rose to prominence and got his own segment on FOX news. I note credit to my own research and blogging and to that of hundreds of others in the US and thousands of others around the world who were on it YEARS before Glenn Beck woke up. I have been researching, writing and trying to warn those who would listen since 1991. Hmm. I wonder where Glenn Beck was in 1991?

Chase Kyla Hunter

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“V Is For Vendetta” – Ex-Con Holds School Board at Gunpoint: Raw Video

12.15.2010 Youtube video re-post by CK Hunter

WARNING: The raw video is both  graphic and chilling.

BREAKING: This story is still breaking and there are conflicting reports as to whether gunman Clay Duke took his own life after shooting school board members, or whether school safety officer Mike Jones actually shot him. I am leaning toward the latter. Video footage which is preceded by advertisements I will not ever post to my blog, so what I am posting is the raw footage below, which has been somewhat edited for dignity’s sake.

Noteworthy as I watched this video:  the symbol that ex-convict gunman Clay Duke scrawled on the wall with red spray paint, a large “V” in a circle. It ‘s practically identical to the “V” symbol from the motion picture “V Is For Vendetta” from 2006. I would have to conclude that Clay Duke most likely watched this movie and had possibly taken somevery evil, very bady ideas about acting out “righteous vigilante vendetta crimes” from the film. The logo above is from the film. Now check out what Clay wrote on the wall before he started shooting – the exact same image.

The film “V Is For Vendetta” takes place in the future in the UK when an Orwellian fascist superstate is ruling Great Britain with a bloody iron fist. Natalie Portman plays the young heroine in the movie. More about the film under related.

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Wife of School Board Gunman Had Been Fired

Bay District Chief of Safety Officer Mike Jones Killed Gunman, Saved Lives

School board gunman had Dec. 14 marked on calendar

The Associated Press – ‎42 minutes ago‎
PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — The ex-convict who calmly held a school board at gunpoint and then began randomly firing had circled the date on a calendar found in his mobile home, evidence he had been planning the attack for some time, police said.

Live update…Husfelt: “Mike Jones saved our lives”

The News Herald – ‎4 hours ago‎
Mike Jones’ two shots that hit gunman Clay Duke saved the lives of Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt and other board members, Husfelt said moments ago at a live press conference. “If you’ll watch the video, when Mike Jones (the district’s chief of

Wednesday Breaking: Board gunman had extra clip, box of bullets

The News Herald – ‎4 hours ago‎
There were 14 bullets let loose during a wild exchange of gunfire but only three found their mark, police said this morning: two fired by Mike Jones into gunman Clay Duke and the 14th shot, fired by the Duke into his own head, ending his life.

“V Is For Vendetta” motion picture

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