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500000 Polyguard Coffins

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In 2009 I published a considerable amount of information regarding the CIA‘s swine flu hoax. This page was renamed and relocated, but here is the long list of posts, articles and essays I have written to date regarding swine flu:


Updated, Gulf Oil Spill Workers Now Dying: Kindra Arnesen Outs the Truth About the Aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill & Disastrous Effects on Human Health

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter / Video Repost Courtesy Youtube.com

Kindra Arnesen: “What’s been done in the gulf is eventually going to affect every American citizen. I am begging the American people to please wake up!”

Truther Kindra Arnesen reports that people are getting sick all up and down the Gulf Coast, post oil spill. She describes devastating health effects, skin lesions, respiratory illness, contaminated water still lying stale in pools everywhere. She is begging other Americans to wake up and get involved in helping to clean up the spill. More videos from Kindra are coming soon. Please share this video with everyone you know and love.

Update: 6 Weeks later, her latest video:

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Glenn Beck Video Segment on Civil Unrest 2010, 2011

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Glenn Beck’s prophetic words from 2009 are reiterated by him in this short clip where he chides those in his audience who did not believe him last year. What Glenn does not tell you is that hundreds of other truth researchers were warning America about what was and is coming for years before he rose to prominence and got his own segment on FOX news. I note credit to my own research and blogging and to that of hundreds of others in the US and thousands of others around the world who were on it YEARS before Glenn Beck woke up. I have been researching, writing and trying to warn those who would listen since 1991. Hmm. I wonder where Glenn Beck was in 1991?

Chase Kyla Hunter

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