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Aftermath of Loughner Massacre, Reactions to the Arizona Memorial Reveals An Unraveling American Body Politic

Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold (right)

Harris and Klebold, Denver CO 2000 Shooters

Copyright 01.13.2011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

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During the first week of 2011, I was still reeling from the impact of thousands of dead birds, millions of dead fish, the quivering of the New Madrid fault zone and global flooding in 4 nations when the dismal new year’s sad and sorry news broke: a young schizophrenic recluse in Arizona named Jared Lee Loughner had snapped at a Safeway grocery store political event, and gunned down the politician he had targeted some three years earlier, DNC Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford. He had also gunned down twelve others, thirteen total, and six died. Immediately my thoughts ran to motive and mental state. From the outset this crime sounded like so many other outrageous “young men gone mad” moments we have had to endure as a nation in recent years.

It never occurred to me, even once, during the opening moments of hearing this breaking news, looking for stories on the event, and trying to glean what exactly had happened, that the shooter could have been influenced by any kind of political message, rhetoric, or even by politics at all on any level.it could have been a copy he shot, or a classmate, a teacher, or one of his own parents for that matter.

Madmen of any age don’t need any kind of intelligent reason or any kind of justification for what they do. Like Harris and Klebold in Denver in 2000, they unravel in private over weeks, months, or years, they desperately need psychiatric intervention and help which never arrives, as they are invisible members of our society. They live on the fringes. They go unnoticed by most tragically, they get worse, they make their plans, they identify their targets, and if no one notices the horrific warning signs in time, they eventually act on their homicidal fantasies.

We have all seen this before. No one, not one person, when Harris and Klebold began shooting and killing their own classmates in Columbine High School in April of 2000 would have ever dreamed in a thousand years of accusing an innocent local or national politician or a coach, teacher, pastor, or even another student of “uttering rhetoric” of any sort that would have influenced these two deeply disturbed teen age boys. It was properly assumed that their problems originated within  themselves, and when their internet rants and diaries were located, the assumption proved correct. We still had at least half a brain as a nation. Those days, are apparently gone now.

Even eleven years ago, our nation still maintained a modicum of normalcy and logic to it’s political thinking and public speaking about news, crime and punishment, politics and mental illness, that is now tragically absent from public life altogether. Our national political “dumbing down” has now hit absolute and final rock bottom. We have ceased to be able to discern actuality from personal hyper-politicized social fantasy. We are an unraveling, torn asunder nation, not just split between the political fantasy land of make-believe “left vs. right”, but butchered down the middle in a way that looks like it may be irretrievable. Is this really true?

I have watched in growing horror over the last six days as my country comes completely and totally unraveled at it’s threadbare seams. Everywhere I look in every media portal I am reading ludicrous, unheard of, ridiculous fecal matter presented in the press, on TV, video, internet media which reflects outright nonsense, total fabrication, falsehood after falsehood reported as fact, and every single bit of it is penned to either justify the extreme left’s modus operand-i and view on this shooting, or the extreme right’s modus operand-i and view on it.

Journalism has gone flew out the window and left the scene entirely. Both polarized sides are now becoming so off-base in their thought, commentary and observations as to drain all credibility from American political public life in all shapes and forms. This is something more than some huge “national misunderstanding”.

This is a highly visible, very public national psychological meltdown. This is venomous, it’s illogical from the ‘get-go” on both sides, and it’s so damaging to our national reputation as a country that I wonder how we will ever regain our footing as “One Nation Under God.” Remember that phrase which is printed on every bill in your wallet? A long time ago I can remember the days when we used to be proud to be “One Nation Under God.” Where have those days gone?

I have long been quite vocal in that I AM NOT an Obama supporter. But when Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder all read from the Bible during yesterday’s Arizona Memorial service for the victims of Loughner, the reaction to that from so called Christian talk radio hosts [ like Michael Savage, Lars Larson and others ] appalled me just about as much as the crime itself. Today I grimaced, listening to talk radio on both “left” and “right” sides of the country politically and both sides now are screaming with vitriolic rage at the other, and both sides devoutly believe that the other side is literally trying to destroy the nation from within. This is far beyond rhetoric. These are replete distortions of comprehension that now have gained enough traction from both sides to actually derail all pretense of normalcy and civility in the nation.

This raging media melee is a nation at all out war with itself. Is there not anything I can say or do by way of the spoken word, short of a hard cold slap on the face, that will cause both sides who are pouring forth their distorted and fabricated / imagined “positions” on the shooting to take pause and try to regain some composure about what is happening to the nation at large? What I see taking place is serious enough that I feel it will scar the country for years on end.

My closest friend, someone I see and speak with every day, holds political and personal spiritual beliefs which are very different from my own. We have never, not for once, ever argued over our beliefs, our politics, who we might vote for or how we worship, or even IF we worship. We get along great and are incredibly fond of one another’s company. We are just as different as night and day. If I can do this, why on God’s green earth can’t the rest of the country do the same? Is there any reprieve from the incessant blather, the utterly nonsensical spew which now erupts from every media portal at every moment 24/7?Are we too far gone in America to retrieve our fundamental dignity, our respect for one another as fellow human beings, our core center as people living in one country under the same flag? Where is my America? I miss her so much.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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Confirmed: FED Storing Images Procured With TSA Full Body Scanners?

Updated 12.28.10 Please readhttp://www.boingboing.net/2010/08/04/surprise-feds-stored.html

Copyright 11/17/2010 By CK Hunter, Re-posted material courtesy of blogspot.com

A truth researcher on blogspot.com has produced documents he alleges prove that the US government, is in fact, storing the images they procure with full body scanners. He cites several instances in Florida which flatly contradict Janet Napolitano‘s statements to the press that the images are not kept or stored.

Let me pose a question to the reader:  If you were an evil secret world government crime cabal, intent on surveilling and identifying, tracking, and marketing your junk non-stop to every world citizen, and you had access to full body scanner technology and the databases compiled from airport security of all passengers who were scanned, then wouldn’t you GREATLY DESIRE to PROCURE and store those scans, just in much the same way that every little transaction we make becomes part and parcel of our so-called “credit report.?”

It’s just one more thing the world beast system can amass and collect on the average citizen: a complete detail of their nude body, replete with any and all identifying marks, moles, scars, tattoos, breast implants, hip replacements, et al.

Of course they DESIRE GREATLY to illegal amass and store these scans. They would be fools not to, if they are intent on being able to identify any human being on the planet, with or without that human’s consent. That’s something they especially want to do with Americans, because we are just about the only population left with the moxie, mojo and spiritual spine to stand up to these people.

Chase Kyla Hunter


Here’s the info posted by the .com blogger:

Government Storing Images of Body Scanners

Government Storing Images of Body Scanners
I saw a presentation on television where Janet Napolitano said that the body scanners did not record and save the images it took of people. Then I remembered hearing that these body scanners can in fact record the images, and are able to do so during testing. According to an article the U.S. Marshals have admitted that these security scanners have recorded images taken at a Florida Courthouse.
From TSA Procurement Specifications (page 11)
“For purposes of testing, evaluation, and training development, the WBI shall (22) provide a Test Mode.
The WBI Test Mode shall (23) be the sole mode of operation permitting the exporting of image data.
“”BI Test Mode shall (24) be accessible as provided in the User Access Levels and Capabilities
When in Test Mode, the WBI:
• shall (25) allow exporting of image data in real-time;
• shall (26) prohibit projection of an image to the IO station;
• shall (27) provide a secure means for high-speed transfer of image data;
• shall (28) allow exporting of image data (raw and reconstructed).”
Article about the Government Storing Images
TSA Procurement Specifications
Court Documents about Body Scanners
TSA reply House
Video about Body Scanners
Video Report about US Marshals storing images
The following information was gleaned on 12.28.10 courtesy of Liquid Matrix Security Digest:

According to the TSA, there are currently 385 full body scanners in 68 different US airports. Check to see if your local airport is using these scanners to sneak a peak at your goodies.

Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
• Boston Logan International
• Bush Houston Interncontinental Airport
• Boise Airport
• Bradley International Airport
• Brownsville
Buffalo Niagara International Airport
• Charlotte Douglas International
• Chicago O’Hare International
• Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International
• Cleveland International Airport
• Corpus Christie Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
• Denver International Airport
• Detroit Metro Airport
• Dulles International Airport
• El Paso International Airport
• Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International
Fort Wayne International Airport
• Fresno Airport
• Gulfport International Airport
• Grand Rapids Airport
• Harrisburg International Airport
• Harlingen/Valley International Airport
• Honolulu International Airport
• Indianapolis International Airport
• Jacksonville International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
• Kansas City International
LaGuardia International Airport
• Lambert/St. Louis International Airport
• Laredo International Airport
• Lihue Airport
• Los Angeles International
• Luis Munoz Marin International Airport
• McAllen Miller Airport
McCarran International Airport
• Memphis International Airport
• Miami International Airport
• General Mitchell Milwaukee International Airport
• Mineta San José International
• Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport
• Nashville International Airport
• Newark Liberty International Airport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
• Oakland International Airport
• Omaha Eppley Field Airport
• Orlando International Airport
• Palm Beach International Airport
• Philadelphia International Airport
• Phoenix International Airport
• Pittsburgh International Airport
• Port Columbus International
• Raleigh-Durham International Airport
• Richmond International Airport
• Rochester International Airport
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Salt Lake City International Airport
• San Antonio International Airport
• San Diego International Airport
• San Francisco International Airport
• Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
• Spokane International Airport
• T.F. Green Airport
• Tampa International Airport
• Tulsa International Airport

Chicago Midway International Airport, Houston William P. Hobby Airport, and Saipan International Airport are supposed to receive their full body scanners soon. Given that many of the airports in the list are major destinations, chances are someone’s going to get a real good look at you the next time you fly (which could very well be this holiday season). Supposedly, TSA’s goal is to up the amount of full body scanners to a 1000 by the end of 2011 too. [TSA via Geekosystem]

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