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“2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year For Silver Prices” – Greg McCoach

2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year for Silver Prices:” – Greg McCoach

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Bob Chapman has predicted silver could run up as high as $100 per ounce in 2010? In L.A. people are now paying for groceries in silver bullion. Did you know?

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Commodities Forecasters Expect Large Spike in Silver Prices in 2010: Is $100 Per Oz. Silver A Possibility?

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Those experienced in the study of movements in metals during times of national crisis are speaking and speaking loudly about the forecast for the price of silver in 2010.

Investors who are seeking safe harbor for an increasingly flaky dollar are listening. I noted earlier today in another post that people are already using classic silver collectible coinsand silver bullionto buy groceries in the Los Angeles basin, where some grocery stores have accommodated the new demand to accept .999 pure silver coins for grocery purchases, as it is more profitable for them to accept silver coins than dollars.

It’s just common sense. This news about grocers in southern California is an omen of things to come, sooner, rather than later in other parts of California and in other states as well. I’ll be writing about the silver coin trends and rising silver price forecasts extensively on this blog and my others.

Americans need this information to protect their finances and they need it quickly. Time is running out to find safe ways to protect one’s assets and wealth.

I wrote about the prospects during the spring of 2010 for a sudden big uptick in the price of silver earlier today, and I would like to reiterate my deep gut feeling on it:

These types of sudden upward moves in silver prices usually happen after a gradual correction downward, and they tend to take the inexperienced metal investing public by surprise. Silver recently corrected back down to about $15 per ounce, from a high of around $18.50, but any new twist in the global economic meltdown i.e. for example, the recent collapse of Greece’s economy, could set off one of those hard to predict “upward price escalating chain reactions in silver bullion” that could very suddenly elevate the price of silver bullion almost overnight.

Silver prices do not always follow gold in tandem. Folk wisdom says to buy and accumulate silver while the price is still depressed at under $20 per ounce. The $20 per ounce price range represents a “psychological threshold” and once silver passes that mark, all bets are off as to how high it could go.

Buy silver bullion and hold it. That’s the recommendation.

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