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Will the REAL Nibiru Planet X Please Stand Up?

The gas giants against the Sun's limb, at 1 px...

Comparative sizes of known gas giant planets to our sun

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Amateur astr0nomers and news junkies are buzzing over the newest announcements by astronomers and scientists that a possible colossal new undiscovered planet may exist hidden in the Oort Cloud which rings our solar system. There are now so many new and confusing news reports on comets, dark stars, brown dwarfsred dwarfsgas giants and other astronomical bodies that it tests credulity. Below are just a few of hundreds of citizen journalist reports floating around Youtube on what is being discovered, announced, suppressed, edited, altered, deleted, et al. There’s no doubt something is out there, and someone somewhere does not want humanity to know very much about what it is.

Photonic Portal 2.28.2011

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