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The Annunaki Vogue in Pop Culture Is Not Accidental, Nor Is It Incidental

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Is Annunaki Global [Faux] Disclosure Taking Place Right Under Our Noses In Popular New British TV Advertisements?

I am always watching what appears on TV and other media for signs of trending imagery and themes that bear an Illuminati influence. In 2011 I have noted several new themes, among them a new alien / Annunaki style of TV media message. There is a specific “double entendre” [ dual meaning ]  inferred in the first TV advert below, with imagery and subliminal suggestions that are quite vivid. Listen and watch very carefully, then tell me – what do you think the REAL message is in this advert?  It actually has nothing whatsoever to do with the internet. It has very much to do with acclimating the human species to “other” kinds of creatures, far advanced extra-terrestrial creatures who intend to assume some kind of  genetic “Lordship,” or more accurately an “over-lordship” of our species in the near future. Humanity must be warned about underlying motives, reasons, purposes, and intents. That is the reason for this essay.

Is the Alien / Annunaki  “Disclosure” plot actually tied to the rise of the final Son of Perdition?

I have secretly wondered about this question for years. What better or more perfect way to intimidate an entire world population into hushed and reverent submission than to present genetically superior alien beings to them, who claim to be their deep far distant actual “true genetic creator fathers” – the original olden parent species, the source from where the ruling hybrids descended?

Modern people in the 21st century refer to these Annunaki /human hybrids which were descended from the prehistoric biblical fallen Nephilim as the “elites.”  But there is nothing heavenly or holy about these elite dynastic families, trust me. They plague modern humankind like a parasite. They plan our enslavement, they plot our financial demise. They own the currencies that are loaned to the nations. They bring nations to ruin. They live for profit and have no real law but their own greed and avarice. They are not of God. They are the chaff which will be soon separated from God’s good wheat by the angels of the harvest at the end of days.

Humanity has been robbed by these elites, down through the ages, of many urgent and vital facts about our real biological and genetic origins. The “Annunaki story” is being aggressively sold and promoted to mortal men these days as the solution to our current racial and species wide identity crisis. We have been left with a heavily edited and redacted Christian Bible which all good bible scholars well know has many books missing.

The Book of Genesis speaks of “the Anakim” – the word “Anakim” and the word “Annunaki” are very similar. That fact has always struck me as odd and significant.

We are presented with a mere three years from the treasured life of Christ and yet we are expected to accept this document, the Christian Holy Bible,  as the definitive and final “Word of God.”  Any Christian who questions anything written in the Bible is still considered a heretic and a sinner. I both read all that I can get my hands on, and I question everything I read, so that must make me an absolute spiritual untouchable. Yet God knows my heart. I want to know the truth. And there are untold millions and millions of others like me, who are tired of living the pretense of a life, with no knowledge why or for what purpose. We were originally designed by God for a much higher destiny than the lives which we find ourselves living in this tragic day and age. This, my soul knows, is true.

In contrast, mystical texts like The Urantia Bookwhich I have pored over for more than twenty years – presents an elaborate, advanced and sophisticated world and universal spiritual cosmology, a story of our world spiritual history worth learning and remembering. The truth about Adam and Eve, the origins of the actual real Annunaki / Nephilim, and the truthful facts about the Lucifer Rebellion are sobering indeed.

But The Urantia Book text is interlaced with inference that we must all eventually become one uniform racially blended olive skinned people, dissolving our separate national boundaries, living under unified global one world governance. I am opposed to such a government, as I feel that men  are not highly spiritually evolved enough to govern in such a way without enslaving human beings in fascism. History will support me here. Witness North Korea, China, the Pol Pot regime, Hitler, Stalin, witness what the United States of America is now become, under Barack Obama.

These bothersome sections of the Urantia Book make it the perfect document to be smoothly intellectually and spiritually usurped and misused by an ambitious Luciferian one world government to justify it’s intentions, even to prop up a global government figurehead who may pretend to be the returned Christ. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility at this point. I neither censor nor edit my own spiritual musings as I watch the days flow by and the plots unfurl.

I watch. The Holy Spirit speaks to me in the dead of night and I watch. I know what I am watching for. God tells me what to watch for. No mortal man or woman knows how much I already know about what to watch for.  I have not written down or recorded in any way ninety percent of what I am watching for. Only when my Lord tells me, then I may record it. Tonight I am recording this essay with God’s guidance. It suffices for now.

I reject the Annunaki lie that is being told to the world population in TV, film, video and modern philosophy which is soon to be usurped and misused to further enslave the human race. I want my mortal heritage and my human history back. I want my SPIRITUAL history back. I want to know the truth. I want to rush into the arms of my real and only King, the Lord of all Creation, the Son of God who will deliver this species from the world deception of the liar and the lie, once and for all.

I dream of a new Heaven. I long for a new Earth.

This world is still seized with barbarism and is not ready by any remote means to govern it’s species from one unified world administration. I see one world government as a recipe for disaster and a formula for the rise of the final Son of Perdition. My soul knows that we are all living in the era which just precedes the rise of this horrendous counterfeit Christ – the man of sin.

I well know how a one world government will end at this fateful intersection in human history. Presenting Annunaki genetic parents to the human race as some sort of ploy as distraction or to aid and abet the coming man of sin is not going to change that fact one iota. Too much biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled. My soul is on edge because I see fraud and false spiritual glamor everywhere being peddled as truth, and masses of unknowing TV consumers buying it, lock stock and barrel.

The true and actual literal history of the human race has been stolen from us. I can feel it. We are a mixed and generationally warring species, a  mongrel mixed blood race, living in complete historical specie amnesia. Individual persons who have total amnesia can be told anything about who they are, and they will believe it because they have no frame of reference. Likewise, a species who is living in total historical amnesia might be just as vulnerable to sophisticated lies and half truths, as they have no common frame of reference with which to compare what they are being told. Taboo as it is to say it, I must write the words and make the inner thought external: this then, our racial and species wide amnesia about who we are and where we come from, becomes the allegorical moment in human history when “Lucifer’s opportunity” finally comes, to deceive the masses on a world scale.

This is the way in which the man of Sin will enter onto the world stage. He will ride in “peaceably through flatteries” playing upon our deepest hopes and dreams, calling up the far ancient species-wide inner gnawing to know and understand our ancient genetic origins. He will present a lie so sublime, so seamless, so sophisticated and replete, that even  the Elect will possibly be fooled by it. He will supposedly give us the answers to all our deepest and most heartfelt longings AS A SPECIES. This is the turnkey to his world deception.

It will all revolve around the Annunaki legends of old.

Chase Kyla Hunter 8.27.2011

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Maitreya’s False Signs & Wonders Begin

Benjamin Creme talks about the ‘star’

Maitreya’s False Signs & Wonders Begin: Dec 19 2008 News Story

As contenders for “world apostate prince” go, the man who will soon call himself “Maitreya” on live TV globalcasts is in my top three.
I have been following and researching “Maitreya” since the late 1980s, when he and Benjamin Creme made numerous high profile overtures to take over the global new age community.

Of course, anyone who knows much about the new age movement knows that someone new takes it over about every 3 or 4 years. People who are spiritually starving will eat almost anything, and there has been mucho grande money to be made selling “teachings” to the American and world masses. This has been going on since the late 60s’ through the present.

What a smorgasboard of bizarre faked out spiritual fast food it has been. This new age roller coaster ride of false teachings which have been spewed out since the mid to late 1060s has produced quite the sickening list of celebrity “spiritual teachers”. The movement has not wanted for glamor, I will say that much.

Let’s see: We have had David Spangler, Alice Bailey, Elizabeth Claire Prophet aka “Guru Ma”, The Celestine Prophecies, Mary Ann Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Heaven’s Gate, Gabriel of Sedona, Scientology, The Course in Miracles, Helene Blatavatsky, The Zeta Reticulans, Jim Gore, The Da Vinci Code, Art Bell, Jim Jones, The Farm, Findhorn, Ruth Brown, Ramtha, Seth, (Jane Roberts, “Seth Speaks”) ….the list just hilariously goes on and on: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

And now I present you: “Maitreya” King of the new age chest beaters. His claim is the final trump card for all of it: Global Messiah, One size fits all, everything to every religion, Hindu to India, Buddha to Tibet, Jesus to America, Great Spirit to the native americans, you get the idea. His proclamation is that HE alone is the final World Teacher, Planetary Savior over all. Chilling, huh? I thought so.

The problem is, he is actually dead set on his socialist world wealth redistributution agenda, and if he and Barack Obama ever get together, we may be looking a quite hideous matched pair: Obama, the false prophet, and Maitreya as none other than the Beast himself.

In the first video below, Benjamin Creme actually had the audacity to compare the latest false Christ du jour – Maitreya’s presence in the world  at this time – to the birth of Jesus in this lecture. The “star” he is refering to is an aerial projected illuminati hologram. Creme also uttered some mumbo jumbo about the star being a ufo. It is a projected artificial image, a false sign. See project blue beam research for details on the technology used by the new world order to project artificial images into the atmosphere and make them look real.

Barium crystals released into the air by chemtrails linger in the lower atmosphere, making it possible to actually project realistic images into the sky. For those who think this sounds like lunacy, as I did, before I began researching it, see the links below. A professor who tried to reveal the details of the “holographic false second coming” planned by the global elites died under mysterious circumstances as he was on the lecture circuit trying to make his findings known.

Add him to the list of those true patriots who have died tryng to tell the truth to the incredulous unbelieving American public. That list also includes Phil Schneider, and Professor Karla Turner. The new world order plans to stage a false second coming using their holographic blue beam technology and they have secretly spent a fortune in your tax dollars working on this project. It looks like Maitreya is another candidate for that central position in their new false one world religion. His website reads like an immpeccable replete communist socialist manifesto.

Take note: When a true tyrant is preparing to appear on the world scene, he or she will inevitably “lay out their plan” for world dominion well in advance of their arrival. Hitler did this, if you will recall. Maitreya’s website has been around for ten years or more. Those with razor sharp political science minds might want to give that site a good long read. If you believe in democracy and a free republic you might be quite distressed at what you find there. It’s a world plan for the complete global redistribution of wealth under a unifying one world religion. No nation is spared. Since I do not agree with global communism or global socialism, I won’t publish the web address. You will have to locate it on your own. Be wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove. I will update this report as I learn more. Blessings. – CKH

CK Hunter 8.1.2009

NASA Project Blue Beam Part One

NASA Project Blue Beam Part Two

NASA Project Blue Beam Part Three

These are false signs and wonders, which were spoken of in Revelations. We are living in the age of the Liar and the Lie. Don’t buy another false Christ presentation. You have discernment. Use it. – CKH

Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. (1 John 2:18)

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. (1 John 2:22)

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. (1 John 4:3)

For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. (2 John 1:7)