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Royal Family Media Blitz Another Red Flag for Truth Researchers: Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton

Copyright 11/16/2010 by CK Hunter

Update: 11/16:  NBC Evening News again made the Prince William / Kate Middleton wedding engagement their lead story. Every night this week NBC evening news has led off with news from the British Royal family. William and Kate sat for an extended interview in the story, with more mention again of Prince Charles, and reiterating that he is, indeed still next  in line to ascend to the throne as King. The amount of American mainstream media time being given to the UK Royals suggests to me that the elites behind the media want to again distract American viewers with anything other than Washington D.C. and the flatlined Obama presidency. It’s been agreed that Obama’s overseas trip wasn’t exactly wildly successful. This week NBC will air special shows on Prince Charles, Prince William and the Royal engagement all week.  I find it a bit of overkill frankly.

Seasoned New World Order beast-media watchers always know when the illuminati are trotting out another one of their “mass media psy-ops” and this week’s NBC “royal family media orgy”  might be a red flag moment for certain Christian truth researchers who follow the UK Royal family.

NBC Universal has declared this week “Green Week” on their network, no doubt pointing to the upcoming Dateline TV special “HARMONY” which will feature Prince Charles. Illuminati owned and financed corporations are piling on, running special “green” advertisements all week. Prince Charles employs hologram technology frequently in public appearances, appearing not “live” in person, but via HIS IMAGE projected to the audience via 3D hologram. Very biblical, very creepy, very ominous.

Next, right on the heels of that announcement, comes the sad and sorry announcement that Prince William will, in fact, wed the UK nightclub party animal,  yacht club trash and royal gold digger Kate Middleton, whom most upright Brits do not like or approve of. 

British satire reveals the prevailing attitude of most Brits toward the young party-girl “commoner” with her embarrassing family antics:

 Prince William has practically become bald during their courtship. He did have a glorious full head of hair when they began dating. My prediction for this ill fated royal engagement is tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis of trouble, just my humble opinion. [A peek at Prince William’s royal diary.]

So what is all the media thunderstorm about? That’s a good darn question. What’s most apparent is that quite suddenly American are being fed a long hard media dose of “meet the Royals.” Why now?  When I observe media gushers like this I always wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Something is up here, but I have not a clue yet what it might be. I did note that there is another ooky Kenya connection in William and Kate’s engagement, in that he actually planned in advance to pop the question to Kate while in Kenya. Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya, and Maitreya, [so called UN sponsored future “World Teacher” and possible global “Son of Perdition“] was last photographed in Kenya in 1988. Creepy, just very creepy.

 Watch in the 2011 for public appearances that put Obama, Prince Charles and Prince William all on the same public stage, [either line, in via hologram – both are just as creepy in what they mahy imply]. When or if that should take place, I would consider it another illuminati RED FLAG moment. 

Many American Christians have some very deep biblical suspicions about Prince William, as can be seen in some of the collected video clips below. We won’t really know who and what Prince William is for a very long time, but we should all be very aware and watching him like a hawk.

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