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To see North Korea through the eyes of a Korean-American who speaks the language and has traveled there, browse this fascinating photo blog and travel diary: http://aqualityinthings.com

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Latest Chinese Fashion Craze: Fantasy Animals Painted Dogs – Tigers, Pandas, Camels, Clowns

Whaaaat? Several dozen photos have been circulating the internet showing what the latest fashion craze in China’s upper classes is. Women are having their dogs groomed and painted to look like pandas, camels, buffalo, clowns, tigers – you name it. Here are some photos:

The Plutonium Report: Radioactive Water, Core Damage Being Minimized by Tokyo Electric

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This is a MUST SEE video report from Fairewinds.com on what’s really happening in Japan:

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China Develops A Radiation Detecting Robot

Alert: Tokyo, Japan Is Now Evacuating, Radiation Threat, Citizen Journalist Breaks Down While Reporting

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This heart wrenching report by citizen journalist Johah70757 will cut your soul in pieces to watch, but I had to post it. Japan is evacuating, and as Jonah tries to report on what is happening he comes unglued. The situation at Fukushima nuclear plant is apparently now irretrievable and people are being advised to NOT drink any water in Tokyo and Jonah states that everyone is now leaving, or trying to leave.

Please pray that everyone who is able can get out of Japan as soon as humanly and divinely possible. Pray for Japan!!


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