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What Was the Real Motive for the “Ancient Aliens” TV Series?

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I’ve been watching the DVD series “Ancient Aliens” which was produced by the History Channel in 2010. I’ve had a very poor opinion of the History Channel ever since they aired the program which proudly “outed” the secret [ no more ] generational Illuminati worship of Lucifer to mainstream American TV viewers last year, who I am sure were both shocked and angered by what they were seeing aired on Prime time TV.

The “Ancient Aliens” series has been wildly popular, and the theory that ancient Annunaki aliens who were not terrestrial or indigenous to earth literally “bred humanity into existence ages ago” is now all the rage on every website and video channel I visit. This theory omits real true Diety from the picture entirely, and that bothers me more than just a little bit.

Knowing what I know about HAARP Project Blue Beam it seems awfully convenient that leaving God out of the picture as to the roots of humankind opens up possibilities that are quite horrific in their implications. If we are nothing more than the lab rats of an advanced civilization who left us here, who may soon return and may exercise their technological and genetic superiority over humanity, doesn’t that open the doors for even more global fraud on the part of their colluding hybrid offspring, the despised Illuminati? These inbred families, generational Luciferians like the morbidly wealthy Rothschilds, that have siphoned off the wealth of this world and hoarded it for literally thousands of years, could well be planning some macabre worldwide holographic Coup De’tat in the next few years, which may include specific collusion with their Annunaki and /or Reptilian Overlords who desire to perpetrate a fraudulent “alien invasion.” Doesn’t the KJV Bible flatly state that “Satan fooled the entire world?”

Before you get disgusted with this anonymous author and click off the page, humor me here for a minute. Untold billions have already been spent on HAARP technology and the American public has never really been told what this technology is for. We own it. Our tax dollars paid for it. Holograms of well known public figures like Prince Charles have been beamed into the view of audiences in Dubai from thousands of miles away. That was done several years ago. OK, you say, “and your point is?”

If the Illuminati infested and controlled US military can use HAARP technology to beam images of people here and there from the far corners of the earth, couldn’t they use the same technology to beam an apparent fleet of approaching spaceships into our local skies, igniting fear and apprehension into everyone who sees the apparitions? How would we ever know what was real and what was not?

And if the UN has Ordained itself [ how convenient! ]  since the late 1940s as the chosen “ET contact representatives for the world” as the ANCIENT ALIENS series states, designated to meet and greet these returning “genetic parents of humankind” [ or at least to meet and greet their holograms in a well planned faked global alien invasion ] , wouldn’t that provide the perfect pretext for issuing global martial law into place and clamping down on a stunned and overwhelmed humanity, in readiness for implementing their long planned one world government?

I did not like the way I felt watching “Ancient Aliens”.  The inferred social engineering was palpable in the series. It was all very beautiful, very slick, too beautiful and too slick. There was very little substantiation and very much glamor. Someone somewhere who financed Ancient Aliens and approved it’s production wants humanity to think that we were lab engineered into existence by alien Annunaki ancestors, and that there really is no Deity for humanity any higher than that.

Are TV Shows Like History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” Series the Beginning of 21st Century Illuminati Owned “Antichrist TV”?

Perhaps the more descriptive phrase would be “21st century counterfeit Christ TV.” There was a specific implication in the “Ancient Aliens” series that the God[s] of Genesis was and is NOT not the Heavenly Father that Christians love, worship and adore, but the Annunaki Alien Gods of high technology and DNA instead.

I’m not comfortable with the inference and I didn’t appreciate it being blasted at me throughout the series. Let’s be frank, in a word blunt: If there is a counterfeit Christ waiting somewhere in the wings for humanity’s concept of God to become so debased and befouled that we no longer believe Deity had anything to do with the process of our being here, then it would seem to me that television shows like “Ancient Aliens” conveniently play right into those kinds of debased and decaying anti-spiritual themes.

I could not shake the feeling as I watched this series that someone somewhere had gone to great lengths to refine these ideas and to package them in such a way as to make the whole package very “palatable” to an American Christian TV viewing audience.

I am very aware of biblical, Urantia Book and other accounts of human creation. We are species with some sort of deep and catastrophic amnesia, of that I have no doubt. But when a species has amnesia, aren’t they then even more susceptible to a contrived and calculatedly false story about their deep history and beginnings, for how would they know the difference without the help of their own mortal collective memory? How would they know the difference without the help of real and actual records from the deep past that have not been altered by human religious institutions, like the Vatican, in order to deliberately keep mankind in the dark?

Is the REAL reason that the Urantia Book was given to humankind? Or is the Urantia Book just one more piece of the collective mortal “replacement memory program”, a brilliantly executed artificial spiritual past written by brilliant but fallen Luciferic beings in order to convince humanity that we are indeed their personal creation, their Annunaki laboratory rats from 500,000 years ago?

I dare not proceed further without the most urgent prayer and diligent soul searching on this subject. But I am getting closer and closer to completing my personal 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle about the magnitude of the Luciferian conspiracy to imitate and implement a global counterfeit Christ on this world. I have been putting together those 5,000 pieces for lifetimes. I am coming to the end of my journey. I am about to comprehend how large this lie really is.

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Updated: Teotihuacan Mysteries & Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Research

"Le Sphynx apres les déblaiements et les ...

The Great Sphinx and The Egyptian Pyramids

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One of the last remaining “wonders of the ancient world” the Egyptian pyramids have numerous mathematical, astronomical, geometric and construction details which cannot be duplicated with modern construction technology.

Where did the ancient bronze age pyramid builders acquire such advanced skills? Egyptian hieroglyphs which have been scrutinized for decades by modern archeologists show intimate details of every aspect of daily life in ancient Egypt: cooking, bathing, domestic life, agriculture, animal husbandry, embalming, worshiping, working, hunting, love, romance, the lives of the Egyptian Royals, travel, wars and territorial conquests: everything but one thing: HOW PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT. Why?

Were the ancient Egyptian pyramids built with the help of advanced Annunaki aliens? Are there clues on the surface of Mars as to who built the pyramids on earth, and why?

Many truth researchers ascribe the influence of ancient Annunaki alien hybrid culture to these monumental creations. In ages past when the pyramids were covered with polished limestone slabs, they could be seen by travelers at a distance of over 100 miles with the naked eye. This would have made the region where they were built a highly sophisticated and culturally advanced “Mecca” for pilgrims and travelers, who could see their destination from one hundred miles away. We have very few modern man-made structures which can make this same claim to fame. The base of the Pyramid of Cheops can contain 10 football fields. Their placement, aligns to true planetary north to within one quarter of an inch. Modern builders admit they cannot achieve such accuracy in aligning buildings to true polar north.

A truth researcher publishing under the Youtube user name:


alleges that secret hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid of Cheops contain formulas and mathematical equations which will help to activate the Great Pyramid as a both a ‘super laser’ and a literal planetary force field, protecting the earth from the effects of a pole shift and /or the continued tearing of the earth’s magnetosphere, which is weakening at both the north and south poles due to accelerating and more violent solar winds. The increase of more frequent and violent solar winds may be due to the nearing approach of Nibiru and it’s affect on the heavenly bodies in our solar system. Scientists confirm that our sun is waking up from a deep slumber and violent solar storms will be on the increase exponentially between now and 2012, with solar maximum arriving that year. It’s just one more peculiar coincidence leading to speculation about events to come in the year 2012.

This weakening of the earth’s magnetosphere is causing dramatic climate change across the globe, and is accelerating the melting of polar ice seasonally. If even any part of this might be true, then it would be urgent to complete archeological digs and research in Egypt in time to locate these heiroglyphs, decode and translate them, and try to apply the hidden science they might contain. It might all sound to the casual reader like the newest plot line in an  Indiana Jones movie, but the fact is, modern scientists have absolutely NO IDEA how the pyramids of Egypt were built, or WHY they were built.

What if the pyramids of Egypt were built not only to warn the world of a possible pole shift re-occurring in 2012-2019 great tribulation time window [ the classical “seven years of world tribulation” foretold in the Book of Revelations ] but were also built to actually be “activated” and protect the earth from this event and save humankind? I can afford to speculate because speculation is what leads to imagination, and imagination leads to discovery. One must be able to conceive of such things in order to discover them. For more information on these theories visit: Project Cheops

The staggering facts about the Great Pyramids of Egypt continue to defy comprehension by modern science and archeology. The word “Cairo” is an Arabic word, which ironically, translates: “Mars.” Is there a clue in the name Cairo which has been hiding in plain sight for centuries?

Below are some research videos collected by Photonic Portal which delve into this subject. This page will be updated periodically.

See also:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0krey0sBzRY

BREAKING 01.26.11: Archeologists, Scientists, Geologists, Historians Abuzz About Newest Huge Pyramid Discovery in El Mirador Guatemala


Massive Network of Ancient European Pyramids Discovered in Bosnia

Visočica, alleged Bosnian pyramid

Image via Wikipedia

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History books may soon need to be re-written. A Bosnian Ph. D. archeologist named Semir Osmanagic, has been dubbed the  Indiana Jones of Bosnia.”

Bosnian American Semir Osmanagic has uncovered what may eventually become the most significant archeological discovery in the past 1000 years. Not only are there huge pyramids in Bosnia, but there are more than one, the largest being 2,300 feet high, much bigger than Egypt‘s Giza. This largest pyramid in Bosnia has been named the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun.

Egyptian antiquities experts who visited the Bosnian site had two words: “Keep digging.” It is apparent to all experts that what is being unearthed in Bosnia is manmade in origin.

Networks of paved roadways, elaborate intersecting underground tunnels, curious ancient artifacts and detailed stonework are just part of what is now being excavated in Bosnia by astounded archeologists. Carbon dating places the age of these structures at a mind boggling 15,000 to 45,000 years old. Also unearthed are enormous ancient stone orbs, stone balls, and there are enough of them exposed at present that a Bosnia theme park has been designed around the mysterious orbs.

The videos below provide a current snapshot of the ongoing excavations. As for the long term historical implications of this amazing discovery, they are so enormous I really cannot comment at this time. I will keep a close eye on follow-ups to this unfolding story.

Chase Kyla Hunter


Bosnian Pyramids Website