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Nibiru Flight Path Printed on Swiss Bank Note: Yes, The governments of the World Know About Nibiru

Copyright 2011-3011 Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved. Re-posted with Permission on Photonic Portal, June 2011.

Copyright 2011-3011 Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved.

{ Earlier I had posted this imagery was printed on a postage stamp. Not. Worse. It is printed on a Swiss Bank note. Sorry for the error. But… wtf? }

This, frankly, just blew my mind. I would just love to hear someone, anyone, explain to me why they bothered to put this intricate astronomy data detailing the flight path of Nibiru aka Planet X onto a Swiss bank note. Try telling me that the governments of this world don’t know exactly what is coming. They KNOW.


Copyright 2011-3011 Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved.

More Survival Food Plants Links And Resources

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To learn all about survival food plants, what they are, how to grow them, what kind of nutrients they can offer, visit http://survivalfoodplants.com/dap/a/?a=46

Learning About Survival Food Plants, Nutritional Super Foods From Your Backyard Garden

Copyright 2011-3011 Photonic Portal, All Rights Reserved. Survival Plants information and photos re-posted courtesy of Survivalfoodplants.com

Everyone is more concerned now than ever about the global food supply, both in the U.S. and globally. Which plants when grown can provide the optimal nutrition and what are those plants? Can they be grown in backyard gardens? What are the easiest survival plants to grow which provide the most nutrition in times of need?

What is a survival plant?

It’s a little difficult to define “survival plant.” In a survival situation, any plant that can be eaten would be considered a survival plant. That would include any vegetable or fruit you have in the garden right through to local weeds or plants that are edible (well at least a non-poisonous form of nutrients!).

I think a survival plant is one that you put in the garden once and it grows continuously with a minimum of care. A plant you can turn to in times of need

A survival plant should meet the following criteria (in order of importance):-

It should be edible (of course), tasty and nutrient rich

It should perennial – or at least readily self-seeding

It should need a minimum of care

It should have a long or repeated harvest

There’s not too many conventionally grown vegetables that will meet all of this criteria. Most require regular preparation of the soil, regular & seasonal planting, regular watering, regular fertilizing and once the plant has yielded it’s crop, you have to pull it up & start all over again. Growing conventional crops is very rewarding, but let’s face it – it’s a bit of work.

Survival plants on the other hand, take a little bit of work up front to get them settled in and then you can leave them to do their own thing. Some will die back in winter and resprout in spring, others will go all year round – the common thing with survival plants is that they are perennial and don’t require replanting every year. If allowed to, most survival plants will never need replanting. Many don’t need watering if you get a decent amount of rainfall, and fertilizer requirements are optional – just fertilize & mulch when you get around to it. The most work you’ll do is harvesting.

photo of a survival garden with a large variety of plantsThe more plants you try, the more you’ll have success with.

From my experience growing both conventional vegetables and survival plants, I can say that survival plants have far less problems with bugs, diseases, and bad weather – if they do, they will usually recover without any assistance on your part. Even better, if you interplant them with your conventional vegetables, they’ll get less bugs too!

To get most value out of survival plants, it is best to learn how to use them. Why wait for disaster to hit when you could be getting value out of them all year – every year? Many of them have far more nutrition than many conventional vegetables and they all taste great. The best way is to use them is in combination with the vegetables you eat now, but try using them on their own too.

photo of a large variety of vegetablesGreens from a flourishing survival garden

Once you’ve learned how to grow & use these plants regularly, you won’t need to be concerned with food or nutrition if there was any interruption to the food supply. Your backyard garden could keep you going for months or even years. You’ll also save money in the meantime – and more in future as food prices continually move upward.

5 great survival plants

Here are 5 examples of some great survival plants which should be fairly easy to obtain. Click on the photo or link for more information about growing and eating the plant.

Although these 5 plants are probably best suited to tropical/ subtropical climates, our members area includes 28 different survival plants for temperate zone planting.

The Survival Plant eBook and membership site currently has over 40 plants described like you’ll read here. It’s a worthwhile investment that can help you learn more about the most nutritious and easy to grow survival plants. The ones below are just a preview. Order the helpful E-book and get your Survival Plants Site Membership here.

Malabar spinach (Basella alba) a hardy perennial survival plant grown for it's tasty and nutritious leaves & shoots
Malabar spinach
Malabar spinach… for it’s hardiness and abundance of nutritious greens.
Kang kong (Ipomoea aquatica) also known as water spinach is grown for it's tasty and nutritious leaves and stems.
Kang kong
Kang Kong… for it’s hardiness & abundant supply of leaves, stems and shoots.
Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) one of top 5 survival plants.
Garlic chives
Garlic chives… for it’s hardiness, flavour, and nutrition.
Growing and eating information for Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) - one of my top 5 survival plants for it's growing shoots & large tubers.
Sweet potato
Sweet potato … for it’s nutrition, and supply of greens & tubers.
Growing and eating information for Taro (Colocasia esculenta) - one of my top 5 survival plants for it's edible leaves, stems & tubers.
Taro … for it’s hardiness & supply of leaves stems and tubers.

Top Secret Alien-Human Hybridization Program Underway In America: Illegal Alien Colonization of Earth The Goal

Copyright 2011-3011 Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved. Re-posted on Photonic Portal with Permission, 6.5.2011.

Listen to this 6 part radio show at the end of this post very closely. Does it sound to you like there is some sort of “sell job” going on here? Does Barbara Lamb’s presentation give you the sense that you are somehow supposed to “feel ok” about alien-human hybrids being created against people’s will? I am well aware of how bizarre this post sounds.

I have a little story I would like to tell. One summer in 2009 I worked part time at a nationally known school photography lab as a photo editor. Each day I examined between 5,000 and 10,000 photographs of American school children aged six through sixteen. My task was to crop the photo and center it in the frame, then onto the next one. The work was fast and easy for someone with high level visual skills, and it left me about 20-30 seconds to get a real good look at the image of the child as it flew by.

On nearly a dozen different occasions I was confronted with a photograph of a child, usually at age six to ten, whose skull was oddly enlarged, broader at the top and with facial features unusually tiny and diminutive, especially the nose and mouth. The facial features were also oddly set much lower in the skull, overall the facial area was much smaller than is considered “anthropologically normal” for American school children. The eyes were much much larger than is considered “normal.” These over-sized eyes were excessively wide-set, and slanted in the skull, exactly the way a “cross” between a normal human child and an alien grey child would look. This “slant” was NOT the slight tilt of the eyes of the Asian races. This slant was exaggerated much more than that. Also, the auras of these children did not look or vibrate right. A photograph will record the details of the human aura just as it records the physical details of the person and scenery. The auras of these children seemed emotionless and rather robotic. They emanated the air of “belonging” to something. I did not get the feeling they actually “belonged” to their human parents.

The first time I saw one of these odd looking “big head, tiny face” children I was stopped dead in my tracks. I actually glanced around to see if anyone else noticed my reaction to the photo. I shook it off. The next image of another child with these exact same skull differences and facial feature differences came about 2,000 images later in the same batch. The images were from California. The only thing I had time to do was to take note and begin counting. On that one day I counted five of these “different” children appearing in batches of 5,000 images. The images had come in from California and from the Midwest.

These children look exactly like a 50 / 50 hybrid of the alien grey and a normal human child. I was very deeply upset by what I saw, but could do nothing other than take note of it and keep working. My reaction to these photos could be likened to the reaction one would have, from the depths of mortality and normalcy, if one was presented with photographs of a human being which had been bred to a dog, or a horse, or a pig. My reaction was one of primal, spiritual, species level, fundamental moral and ethical outrage.

I felt helpless to do anything about what I was seeing and I knew better than to talk to my shift supervisor about the way I felt about it. We were not allowed to eve copy or remove school kids’ photos from the premises, so I could not gather evidence. But I knew as surely as I am sitting here typing this narrative, that something somewhere was deeply and terribly, horribly, hideously WRONG that these children could even exist, somehow being passed off as normal, and being inserted into society at the rate of apparently one per each 5 to 10,000 “normal” American children. This is not something that is EVER supposed to happen. I was seeing what is supposed to be non-existent, impossible.

On that particular day I counted 6 of these outlandishly freakish “large head, tiny face, slant brown eyed children.” Their eyes were always so dark brown they looked black. This is NOT a fictional narrative. I began to wonder if God had landed me this job, just so that I could see and try to comprehend what was and is happening with the next generation of American children in this country. I never spoke to anyone about what I saw in those photo files, and I worked on in the photo lab for another several months before the season ended. All in all, I would estimate that I counted 6 to 10 of these “large head/slant eyed” children for every 5 to 10,000 images I processed. Their configurations of facial features and head shape were all identical, whether they had brown hair, blonde, were pale or dark skinned. You could easily conclude, if you were a highly skilled and trained anthropologist, that all these children had been cross-bred with the same “other” thing or being.

At no point did I entertain a happy, or positive, or benevolent, or accepting emotion as I studied these photos. I felt instead a visceral, racial dread, a kind of horror in the soul, that should only be reserved for reading a Stephen King novel. My eye witness account is true and I have not in any way embellished what I discovered while working at the photo lab, which processed images of school children from across America. The lab is one of the oldest and most respectable school photography companies in the country. They were simply doing what they always do, and these children’s photos were processed along with everyone else’s.

I have questions. They are numerous, urgent and they are not pretty questions. There is still a huge part of me that wants to believe the whole alien grey thing is a mass figment of disturbed human imagination. But there are too many people I keep meeting who claim that they have been abducted, including a relative of mine, who was never the same after a summer spent in New York state in 1979. He hs claimed all his life that he was lifted up in a blue beam and taken aboard a craft, where he was endlessly examined, scrutinized, medically tinkered with and repeatedly traumatized by a team of grey alien “medical technicians.” His legs show “scooped out” places in the backs of his calves where tissue samples were taken. He tells me he was blowing his nose in 1994, 18 years after the incident, and a small spiral of metal dislodged. What am I to make of such a story?

I want to know what is actually happening, and whether our government is secretly complicit with it. I want to know how many others are asking the same questions about these bizarre abductions.

Whatever is taking place, it ‘s taking place against people’s wills and without their consent. This is an ungodly activity which is strictly prohibited in scripture. We are not supposed to be mixing our own DNA with that of an alien race. Where is the outcry? I can understand that without proof and evidence, there can be no outcry. If this is happening, and if it is real, it is the most sinister and satanic activity ever to befall our unsuspecting human species. It will have to be confronted head-on to be stopped before any further corruption and pillaging of our own DNA takes place. There is now a species level “ethnic cleansing” needed to rid our world of the alien grey presence, along with their supervising reptoid overlords. What is needed is an absolute and final cleansing of this world of these parasitic alien invaders, who are now literally raping our world of it’s most cherished and prized possession, our own God given human DNA.

I welcome reader feedback and links that can add further insights.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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This is the Barbara Lamb Coast to Coast Radio interview, a  six part video series that inspired this essay. After hearing part one, follow the links on Youtube to hear the entire talk. Or you can access the entire interview’s playlist on this link:


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Is This Jaw Dropping UFO Footage Real? August 2007 Los Roques Island

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Listen carefully to the audio on this clip, which records sonic booms, and people and children screaming in terror, while men keep shouting “Look up! Look up!” It’s the audio that has me wondering. This clip was recorded in August of 2007 on Los Roques Island in Venezuela. If this clip is authentic it may be the most stunning close up of a large mothership sized UFO in human history. I am interested to know and to learn anything I can about who shot this clip. I would like to interview the videographer.

CK Hunter for Photonic Portal 5.31.2011