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The Current Projected FEDERAL Deficit is 14.3 Trillion Dollars

Do you know what one trillion dollars looks like?

This is an inconceivable sum of money and it can never be paid off. It’s fiscal insanity. It must be stopped. It will leave the next generations of Americans cursing our names when they grow up and discover what was done in  this country while they were just children. Stop the insanity. Stop the Washington D.C. spend-a-thon.

Update 2.27.10

Fannie Posts $72 Billion Loss for ’09

Wall Street Journal – Nick Timiraos – ‎22 hours ago‎
Fannie Mae reported a staggering $72 billion net loss for 2009, underscoring the challenges that still face the nation’s largest mortgage financier and offering more grim news for taxpayers who may ultimately pick up the bill.

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Disturbing Political Correctness Issues from White House Regarding the Fort Hood Massacre


The following text is from the Youtube Channel “DemocratsTreason”

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” said Barack Hussein Obama (A.K.A. Barry Obama, A.K.A. Barry Soetoro, illegal alien) in his autobiography “Dreams Of My Father” (his father also a muslim). SO, WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT? The Pogo quotation “We have met the enemy and he is us” takes on a new and sinister meaning.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Washington DC is dripping communism and corruption! There are no longer “checks and balances” between the branches of government — they ALL are in conspiracy for the overthrow of America. Only the armed men and women of our military, which have sworn to defend America and uphold the U.S. Constitution, can depose the TRAITORS to our Republic before the next civil war.

Only “enemy of the state” Fox News (so branded by Obama’s White House henchmen) REPORTS THE NEWS that all the Liberal co-conspirator, propaganda media refuse to broadcast! Charles Krauthammer and Steve Hayes boldly report the news for all Americans to see the TRAITORS and their TREASON in our midst:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: “[Obama] never uses the word [jihad], [because] ‘war on terror is over’ and all this stuff, but there’s no escaping [it]. And it seems as if he didn’t ‘jump’ to a conclusion but he’s reached a conclusion or two — that if somebody yells ‘allahu akbar’ as he shoots up a room, there ‘might’ be an element of jihadism involved.”

STEVE HAYES: “The reason that people are talking about these so-called ‘benign communications’ is because that’s what the White House and the intelligence community is putting out right now. They’re the ones who are labeling. Nobody has seen what these things actually said. They’re telling us that these are benign communications. … There is no benign communication between somebody like this and an Al Qaeda leader.”

EDUCATE YOURSELF! And ask yourself — what you are prepared to do!

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