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Tea Party Ending, Movement Unravels Over 3.21.10 Weekend

3.25.2010 Update

By Chase K. Hunter

Rage run loose is never a good thing, and right now the Tea Party movement is shooting an enormous hole in it’s own foot by outright bad public behavior. I am keeping a very wide distance between myself, and anything “tea party” since Sunday’s embarrassing shout-outs of “nigger” and “faggot” from people in the D. C. tea party crowds toward the objects of their ire.

I’m beginning to think that maybe I have been wrong all along. Maybe America has become such a routinely “redneck nation” that most people from any political party are now just quite incapable of proper decorum in public, in private, on live video [ “a f—king big deal!”, quote VP Biden to Obama, RE: healthcare passage] or anywhere else.

At any rate, the Tea Party meltdown aka nervous breakdown continues, and here is text and a repost link from a related story about the ongoing public tea party boil over. I do really wonder why I bothered. What good is a gay American, even a brilliant one, in a movement that can so easily deteriorate into sheer stupidity, and a frightening amount of bigotry, under pressure?

What will they do next? Begin dragging the queers, niggers and jews out of their homes to lynch them? How far will right wing madness go?

I’ve been had. All this time I actually thought the Tea Party was a noble spiritual movement of independent free thinking spiritual people from all walks of life. What I have discovered is that the Tea Party could just as well become the neo-nazi party if they don’t calm down, grow up, and collect their scattered marbles, which have been lost in plain view of a watching and very judgmental American nation.

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[Oh, by the way: MSM outlets are having a “field day” covering the embarrassing public meltdown of prominent tea party folks. Get a grip people.]

More Right Wing Backlash

As Joe noted earlier, reports of ugly incidents in the wake of the health-care vote keep trickling in. As the Kansas City Star reports (h/t Ben Smith), Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita were vandalized over the weekend; assailants allegedly hurled a brick inscribed with anti-Obama rhetoric through a plate-glass window. A former militia leader took responsibility for the attack, which mirrored another, on a Democratic committee headquarters in Rochester. Democratic Reps. Louise Slaughter  (an obvious target because of the controvery over the so-called Slaughter Solution) and Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona also had their offices vandalized.

Yesterday I spoke with Mark Williams, the Sacramento-based chair of the Tea Party Express, and Eric Odom, chairman of Liberty First PAC, a “committee of tea party organizers, activists and liberty minded bloggers.” Unsurprisingly, both told me their peers been galvanized by the health-care vote. Williams’ group is launching another bus tour with a March 27 stop in Searchlight, Nev., home of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, while Odom told me he planned to redirect his focus to “electoral activism” by targeting 45 different House and Senate races.

Williams and Odom both dismissed the argument that incidents of racism, homophobia and vandalism threaten to tarnish the movement. Williams said charges that Tea Party protesters hurled epithets at Democrats like John Lewis and Barney Frank were unproven, then suggested it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility that lefty infiltrator seeking to sully the Tea Partyers had been the real culprit. “There’s a fringe element in every movement and every group in history,” Odom says. This is true, and I agree that it’s unfair to lump in the passionate and civil members of the movement with the increasingly voluble fringe. But as reports of repugnant behavior keep accruing, marginalizing them by attributing them to outliers will become a harder sell.  Over the past few days, Bart Stupak has faced death threats, while Tea Partyers in Virginia’s Fifth District – a group I recently wrote about – mistakenly posted the home address of Democrat Tom Perriello’s brother in an attempt to help angry constituents who wished to confront the freshman Congressman. (UPDATE: Politico reports the FBI is investigating a severed gas line at Perriello’s brother’s home. ) It’s hard to imagine independent voters won’t cringe at this sort of intimidation. For a while now, pundits have argued that the Tea Party could emerge as a threat to the GOP if it cannibalizes the conservative vote by backing third-party candidates. But if this sort of behavior continues, it could be that the real threat Republicans face from the Tea Partyers is if voters disgusted with the vitriol begin to conflate the two.

Also: Thanks, Adam, for the generous welcome. I’m looking forward to pitching in around here.
Read more: http://swampland.blogs.time.com/2010/03/24/more-right-wing-backlash/?xid=rss-topstories#ixzz0jAGpH9nQ

Earlier on 3.22.10 I wrote:

As you now know, Sunday’s vote did not go the way of what 67% majority of Americans had hoped for. Opposition to Obamacare was strident, vocal, very active, but was tragicly also peppered with hard line right wing extremists, who displayed racial slurs and gay hatred in their vocalizations, horrifying other tea party members who do not feel that way at all.

Issues of race and sexual preference HAVE NOTHING TO DO with not wanting socialized medicine in America, and not consenting to eventual uses of RFID technology which violate human rights, human privacy and the sanctity of the human body itself.

I am deeply disgusted with the present state of affairs in my nation, and with certain of my tea party peers who conducted themselves more like animals than civilized human beings during the protests over the weekend. Unfortunately, the instant that some in the tea party movement began using words like “nigger” and “faggot” to aim their ire at lawmakers on the hill, the movement collapsed in my opinion. The disintegration into expressing  illogical hatred of minority groups during this weekend’s protests will now only continue, and I will have no part of it. It represents a malignant cancer on the tea party movement, which will result  in the death of the movement, if not removed from it.

Because of what was shouted at some lawmakers by tea party protestors this past weekend, I have decided to disengage from reporting on tea party movement activities altogether. As a gay American citizen, I feel it’s the only reasonable thing left to do. I no  longer wish to be affiliated with anything that the official tea party movement is doing, planning organizing, and I wont use any more precious space on this high traffic blog in the future to promote their events. I will leave this page up as a record and archive of the last page I posted which helped the tea party to get their message out.

What a sad and tragic ending to a movement that began so nobly. America still has not learned the fundamental grade school lessons about not choosing to hate those who are different. What befalls the Tea Party movement now is in God’s hands, and if any part of that includes a continued slide into real right wing extremism, then the roots of the tea part movement’s self destruction and eventual demise are in that slide.

You can follow the activities of the tea party movement at http://teapartyexpress.org

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“Corrupted Politician” Roundup: Tea Party Express ‘Vote Them Out Tour’ Hits the Road.

3.29.2010 Update By Chase K. Hunter

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The “info wars” continue to rage regarding the Tea Party movement, and I have now read dozens of news stories, both supporting the Tea Party, and ruthlessly villianizing it. I have also watched dozens of videos that are now being made everywhere, that are specifically intended to make Tea Party members and supporters look like complete idiots. Some of those videos are actually successfully doing that very thing, as many of the tea party people who protested last weekend in D.C. were woefully unprepared to face “tell all” citizen journalism cameras, and people being interviewed could not cite a single specific clause in Obamacare, the actual bill itself, that they objected to. Neither could they offer a single reasonable idea to replace the legislation.

But one thing that every single person who was “suddenly” interviewed, out of the blue, DID say, and they all agreed on, was that they had been “whipped into a frenzy” by watching Fox News. This is disturbing and I believe it drives home my point, which I have written about over and over for two years now, which is that people need to TURN OFF their TVs and stop watching New World Order media propaganda outlets, which exist almost solely to mold, bend, twist, and manipulate public sentiments, this way, that way, and any way that will suit the means and motives of the hidden global governing elites.

People who have watched Glenn Beck’s “weeping TV preacher and clown for hire antics” on air are buying the bait and falling right into the trap which is being laid to ensnare American patriots. The New World Order elites want Americans to rage, rise up, take to the streets, and wreak havoc everywhere. That’s exactly, precisely what they want. Why?

They want to have an excellent reason to slap martial law onto this country, and leave it in place indefinitely, so that they will have all the reasons they need to surveil, arrest without due cause, imprison, censor, and clamp down on what’s left of American freedoms.

My American compatriots, you are being led like lemmings to march into the sea. Stop following the lead of propaganda hucksters like Glen Beck, step back, take a deep breath, and realize what is at stake here. Once martial law is in place, it may not be rescinded for years to come. Get a grip on your passions, and proceed with your plans peacefully, intelligently, be well informed, and for God’s sake do not show up at rallies and public events literally dressed like circus clowns, and carnival characters.

Your behaviors and everything that falls out of your mouth is being judged and used against you by a raucous and livid left wing media that answers directly to the White House. You are being manipulated by Fox News to get out in the streets and make uninformed asses of yourself in public. Get a clue as to what is happening here.

We do NOT want or desire a violent revolution in this country. Work for change and progress toward restoring consitutional laws using lawful and legal means. Otherwise you are paving the way for the very thing that you fear the most, and that is losing what’s left of your civil rights under indefinite martial law.

Chase Kyla Hunter

America Says “NO” to 118 New Federal Agencies Created Under Obamacare

America Says “NO” to Another Trillion Dollars in National Debt

List of Tea Party Express Tour Stops

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Gaga’s “Telephone”: Are You Over the Moon, or Over the Toilet? Majority in Huff Post Poll Say: “Waste of 9 Minutes”

3.14.2010 By CK Hunter

[ See The Huff Post Video Review & Poll here.]

Lady Gaga & Beyonce’ Finally Cross the Last Boundary Between Art, Narcissistic Personal Exhibitionism, and Fundamental Good Taste As A Music & Visual Artist

RE: Telephone: I watched it. I really didn’t enjoy it.

I actually clicked it off after the cafe mass murder aka group poisoning party, and went on with my day. So I don’t know how it ended and don’t really care.

I don’t think mock art video about poisoning a cafe full of people is remotely cute, chiche’, vogue, ‘fascinating’ or even mildly entertaining.

There are too many vulnerable boy and girl tweens in America who love and follow Gaga & Beyonce’ as well, who will just run right downstairs after watching this video, and try to act this stuff out their moms because they got grounded. Or whomever.

Then people wonder why their kids are acting like serial killers by the age of 11, 12, 13. Well why not? They have watched music videos like this one for 8 or 9 years as kids, and they literally can’t tell the difference anymore between good and evil. It’s all mixed up in their heads, just like this video, just like Gaga. Do visual artists like Gaga EVEN REALIZE that there are 20 or 30 million children in America, who watch music videos? Duh. WTF.

There is a line.

Not sure how one defines that “line” in society – but there is a place, a psychological and visual “zone of demarcation”,  where fascinating surreal themed visual art and muscial entertainment fades into explicit images of glorifying death, morbidity, horror, and crosses over from being entertaining into the realm of appalling. The disturbing visual imagery that gets blasted into your face watching this video is just not needed in the world. We see enough of that kind of imagery in real life everyday.

I found myself thinking that while watching the video…”Does the world really need this kind of imagery? Is this contributing anything truly GOOD to the world?” I decided:  Not. She goes. Good bye to Gaga, on this blog and my others.

I had earlier been just a teeny bit fascinated with Gaga artistically. Now I’m just routinely appalled by her, again and again. Maybe it’s just me, [and frankly, I don’t care if it IS just me], but incorporating mass murder into one’s “music “video art piece” really doesn’t interest me.

I am still on a visual quest, still looking for those other rare and precious artists who are actually CREATING BEAUTY AND UPLIFTING THE HUMAN SPIRIT. Gaga is not one of them. Most definitely not. In fact, there is something more than a little bit psychotic abut the art she creates, and psychotic is NOT sexy. Not to me anyway.

Her artisitc personal exhibitionism has finally passed over from “desperate to be seen and famous” into just “desperately sickening and utterly disgusting’.

Bye,  Gaga.

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America’s Most Wanted Host Meets With Obama Over the Chelsea King Rape Murder Case


My soul was sickened when I learned yesterday that Chelsea King’s body had been recovered.

Had Chelsea not felt safe in her own neighborhood, she would not have gone jogging alone. American lawmakers and American society have failed Chelsea and her family, because lawmakers have failed to act before now in passing strident enough laws that would put fear and dread into the hearts of men who are lifelong sexual predators.

What happened to Chelsea King is a national tragedy and never should have taken place.

If registered sex offenders are going to be paroled into American society, they need to be physically castrated first. I have thought for 20 years that this is the only right final solution that can keep neighborhoods and communities protected: either lock them up for the rest of their natural lives, or castrate them first before parole.

It would send a message loud and clear that American society no longer has the least bit of tolerance for the sex offenders that live in their midst.

I have to endure living with a registered sex offender in my neighborhood and I resent it each and every day. Thankfully the man is 86 years old now, but if he was younger and could do harm, he would. It’s still in his eyes. I have seen him walk into a room and clear the room with the aura of his presence.

We should castrate all repeat offender sex offenders after the second offense. Every state needs to pass laws that carry out this task to keep America’s men, women and children safe. These people – with certain rare exceptions – cannot be rehabilitated. Psychiatrists and psychologists well know this, and so do prosecuting attorneys in criminal law.

The sorrow of this case now only deepens as two other outstanding missing person and possible murder cases are being re-examined as the perpetrator may have also been responsible for their deaths as well.

Lawmakers need to do what must be done to finally put a stop to these heinous acts.

It makes me angry that I now need to carry pepper spray with me at all times, that I think twice before taking a walk or a hike, and that I now keep pepper spray in my car as well. I don’t feel safe in my own neighborhood. I’ve placed some links to pepper spray and safety related products for women and teen girls. I hate to say this, but every woman, teen girl and teen boy should own and carry pepper spray.

The laws in this country are too lenient and the men who perpetrate these crimes fear no retribution. They act with impunity and bravado in broad daylight. It must be stopped. Every state needs to pass laws mandating castration of repeat sex offenders.

Too many precious innocent lives have been lost. Even one lost life is too many.

Chase K. Hunter

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Chelsea King’s Body Found: An Outraged Community Mourns

Was Chelsea King’s Death Preventable?

John Walsh Said President Obama Vowed to Fund Federal Sex Offender Law


March 4, 2010

He was in court for just minutes, but the mere sight of the convicted sex offender charged with raping and murdering 17-year-old Chelsea King set off a fresh round of outrage that reached as far as the White House.

John Walsh says the laws for monitoring sex offenders don’t work.

More Photos

John Albert Gardner III, 30, pleaded not guilty Wednesday, but the community obviously had a very different opinion.

In the hours before his court appearance in San Diego Wednesday, someone spray painted his mother’s garage with the words, “Chelsea’s blood is on you — move out.” And neighbors screamed at two men who tried to paint over it.

“You’re protecting somebody who has killed an innocent girl,” one yelled. “Get out of here.”

John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted,” said he met with President Obama Wednesday to discuss child protection laws and funding for the Adam Walsh Act, signed three years ago by President Bush.

The law promised to create a national registry of sex offenders and keep closer track of the most violent of them, but it did not come with the funds needed to carry it out.

“President Obama said yesterday, ‘As the father of two girls, John, I will get the Adam Walsh law funded,'” Walsh told “Good Morning America” today.

Walsh, whose 6-year-old son for whom the law is named and who was kidnapped and murdered in 1981, knows firsthand the grief King’s parents are experiencing.

“They’re in the worst place a parent could be,” he said. “They look in that courtroom and see a guy who should have never been out on the streets.”

King, a well-liked honors student, vanished after heading out for a jog in a semi-rural San Diego County park. Her body was found less than a week later, buried in a shallow grave near the shore of Lake Hodges, about a half-mile from her car.

But the outrage grew with the arrest of Gardner, a known violent sex offender who has since been charged with the December assault and attempted rape of 22-year-old Candice Moncayo in the same park where King’s body was found.

“I think everyone asks the same question,” Walsh said. “Why was this animal out on the streets?”

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Genetics, DNA, Human Sexuality: Human Sexual Orientation Has Deep Biological Roots

The Rainbow Flag, GLBT Pride
Image by dbking via Flickr


For nearly 25 years I have tried to explain to “gay hating bible thumpers” [I am a gay progressive Christian mystic, clairvoyant, and Cherokee Shaman] that my being gay was a matter of biology, not choice. My uncle was gay, my father was secretly gay, but married and had four children, my brother is gay, my two sisters lean heavily bisexual. I have several cousins who are gay, and so forth, on my father’s side of the family tree.

It did not take a rocket scientist to study the genetics of my family tree and to ascertain that some members of my family had a pre-disposed genetic penchant, for art, literature, the spoken and written word, music, theology and were biologically gay.

However, in the southern Baptist culture in which I was raised in the 60s and 70s, gay people have been called everything in the book, including “demon possessed” by uneducated sub-literate southern Baptist, pentecostal, and fundamentalist ministers, who often had not much more than a 7th or 8th grade education themselves.

Many of these ministers refuse to even read any other book other than a bible, and they represent the worst fears and nightmares of a progressive,  educated religious American mainstream who are still struggling to understand why approximately 9 to 19% of the USA population at any given is biologically gay, how to address it, and what to “do” about it.

I personally always wondered why other Americans felt they needed to “do something” about their gay children, neighbor’s kids’ friends and office workers. Whose business is it when someone is born gay? Excuse me, but it is primarily God‘s business and no one elses’. That is the utter truth of the matter.

When a soul is born homosexual, it is strictly between that soul and their maker as to the reasons why and the implications. It’s not the problem or concern of society, or ministers, or the Vatican, or politicians, or theologians. The religious community has now stepped knee deep in this issue, against God’s Will, and they will have to answer for it. Their meddling in the private lives of millions of innocent gay people who just want the same spousal rights as any other Americans has cost many same sex families untold humiliation, persecution, suffering, financial hardship and even death, as in the case of Matthew Shepard. When the minister in the pulpit gives his congregation permission to hate, he is utterly and absolutely accountable and he will answer to God for it.

I could no more change my sexual orientation [I tried in the 80s and hated it and stopped trying] than I could change the actual color of my eyes. Once American theological society and the political and religious community finally comprehend the simple biological facts of sexual orientation, get an education, emotionally grow up, and being behaving like adults about this issue, and stop behaving like medieval neanderthals, then finally we can get on with the business of loving our neighbor as ourself,  live and let live, and also get on with the more pressing issues facing our nation, which demand our urgent attention.

Chase K. Hunter



Genetics and Proposition 8

Human sexual orientation has deep biological roots.

By Dean Hamer and Michael Rosbash February 23, 2010
There was an elephant in the San Francisco courtroom where lawyers contested the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the California law that prohibits the marriage of same-sex couples. One key issue should influence every aspect of the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger proceedings yet remained unspoken: What makes people gay? Is it a choice or is it innate?Most geneticists consider sexual orientation a phenotype — namely, an observable set of properties that varies among individuals. Although physical phenotypes like height and weight are easier to quantify, behavioral phenotypes are intensely studied in animals and humans. Research from many directions leads to a strong conclusion: Human sexual orientation has deep biological roots.

Moreover, the empirical evidence for the role of genetics in human sexual orientation has been quietly but steadily mounting over the last 15 years. Studies of twins — the mainstay of quantitative human genetics — have been conducted on large populations in three countries. The results unambiguously demonstrate that heritability plays a major role in sexual orientation and far outweighs shared environmental factors such as education or parenting.

During the early 1990s, there was an unfortunate flurry of less-than-convincing findings on specific genes and sometimes over-hyped media announcements. Indeed, critics of sexual orientation inheritance are fond of pointing out that there is no single identified “gay gene.” However, they fail to mention that the same is true for height, skin color, handedness, frequency of heart disease and many other traits that have a large inherited component but no dominant gene. In other words, sexual orientation is complex, i.e., many genes contribute to the phenotype.

Gay genes appear paradoxical at first blush. From the perspective of natural selection, how could they persist in the population if they lead to fewer offspring? Recent research has uncovered several plausible explanations. For example, one set of studies found that the same inherited factors that favor male homosexuality actually increase the fecundity of female maternal relatives. By balancing the number of offspring, they would contribute to maintaining these genes over the course of evolution. This explanation may not be exclusive but serves to illustrate that the Darwinian problem is not necessarily overwhelming.

There have been other surprises. One is the importance of epigenetics — changes that alter gene expression without a change in the DNA code of an affected gene. This is evidenced by the lopsided number of maternal versus paternal factors in male sexual orientation and by unusual patterns of DNA modification in mothers of gay men. Epigenetic changes may also explain the finding that a male’s probability of being gay is increased by his number of older brothers.

Although these factors are neither genetic in the traditional Mendelian sense nor fully understood, they are still biological and affect phenotype in an involuntary manner. Who chooses his number of older brothers?

All of these findings demand the conclusion that most gay people no more choose their sexual orientation than most heterosexuals. (“Most” is used here to indicate that — like almost everything biological — these are statistical data and do not apply uniformly.) This conclusion is also consonant with our memories: Most of us were stunned as unsuspecting adolescents to discover our sexual orientation — heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.

Biology cannot be avoided in determining whether fundamental rights are protected under the equal protection clause of our Constitution. This is because “immutability” is one of the factors that determine the level of scrutiny applied to possible violations and that determine whether gays are awarded “suspect class” status, which would give them more constitutional protection. Heritability is not necessary for immutability or suspect class status (religion is the usual counter-example), but it should be sufficient; we do not choose our genes, nor can we change them.

The court of public opinion may be the ultimate arbiter, and here there is cause for optimism about what education can achieve. Recent studies in college classrooms show that exposure of students to information on the causes of homosexuality has a direct influence on opinions about gay rights. This fits with polling data showing that people who believe that gays are “born that way” are generally supportive of full equality, whereas those who believe it is “a choice” are opposed.

The importance of education is also underscored by the extent to which a lack of education is problematic. One national survey found that 70% of those who think being gay is a choice favored the re- institution of sodomy laws. This would turn some 15 million Americans into common criminals for simply being who they are. Science education must help people understand that phenotypic variation, including sexual orientation diversity, is an immutable feature of human biology.

Dean Hamer is a molecular biologist who works on human genetics and HIV prevention and is the author of scientific books, including “The Science of Desire.” Michael Rosbash is an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a professor at Brandeis University who studies circadian rhythms.

Re-post courtesy of  The Los Angeles Times

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