A Journey Through the Visual Splendor of Fractal Mandala Art

Tags: Artopia444 art blog, art, mandalas, geometric fractal art, digital art, digital illustration, art math geometry

I sat down one weekend recently and created these geometric fractals based on an obscure freeware application built by a Russian programmer. There were literally millions of possible variations possible to create an almost infinite number of original mandalas. I created about 160 different ones just for fun. Enjoy!


    • CKH888

      Choosing color was not something I had any control over with this particular visual experiment. But it sure looks to me that every color in the rainbow is included there.

      • bobby90247

        yeah, i guess so…I am referring to the absence of the brighter yellows and oranges as the “predominant” colors incorporated in these particular fractals which i have seen in other fractals…that’s all! But then, you explained as you had no control over the colors being used. “Still”…pretty cool!!! Especially if you got to make them yourself!!! 🙂

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