Review of Mysterious Near-Sun Objects For March 19th 2012

There is no possible explanation for the continuous recordings of these colossal “near-sun” objects that satisfies my own scientific curiosity. Be sure to look carefully at the size scale chart of our earth and the planets of our solar system as compared to the size of the sun which is shown at the beginning of these videos. Then, keeping that in mind, try to get your mind around the enormous size of these objects, recorded close to the sun, which are ten, twenty or thirty times the size of our own earth. These are clearly not planets, and several of them actually look like machines. What are these objects?

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  1. bobby90247

    Did not Jesus say, “…when you see “wonders” in the sky…” you will know, that you are in the “End Times!”

    Well…these are truly “wonders-in-the-sky! Are they not???

    I believe they are…just as Jesus said they would. Just like the other signs which have come to pass. The most “notable” which could not have occurred until recent times is where he says “…the WORD of the Lord…” would be spoken to every corner of the world! Only in recent times with the advent of satellites and radio has it even been possible to “reach” every corner of the world.

    Sooo…YEAH! I believe we are in the “End Times!”

    Oh yeah! “…by-the-way…” the Mayan Calendar does NOT say it is the “end of the world!” As-a-matter-of-fact…it coincides pretty much with what Jesus says!!!

    Jesus says, when He returns, He will “raise” the dead first…then the living. The living will be lifted up to meet Him and “changed” in the “blink-of-an-eye”…receive new “bodies”…and live forever with Him in Heave!

    The Mayan Calendar says, that on the last day …we will be “raised’ to the next level of “consciousness!”

    So do we really have anything to fear??? Better read your Bible…for “…He will come like a thief in the night…” and you don’t want to be caught “sleeping!”

    God Bless!

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