Audible Signs, Sounds & Wonders: What Is the Source of Mysterious Booms & Sounds Heard Globally?

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Updated on 3.11.2012:

In a radio interview on The Power Hour recorded just a few weeks ago, it was revealed by guest AC Griffith that the hundreds of strange booms and other odd sounds being heard and recorded in towns and cities all over America is the result of clashes in scalar weaponry between US and Russian forces, in other words, a covert high-tech “cold war” is now taking place between the US black ops organizations and Russian covert scalar energy weapons. I’m still investigating the claims made in the radio interview. In the meantime here is the link where you can listen to the dialogue:

Earlier  I wrote ….

I found this news link on Twitter on 01.18.2012, watched the video, and was amazed by the similarity between mysterious “booming trumpet” sounds which are being heard in Europe and the classical trumpet blasts of Israel. I knew readers would enjoy seeing this too.

I’m not stating any conclusion either way, but the similarity is eerie and perhaps, prophetic too. Under related videos below, the reader can see that people are recording strange whirring, booming and bizarre humming sounds all over the world. This phenomenon escalated beginning in the summer of 2011. I’m still collecting videos of the sounds. Many of the sounds seem mechanical or man-made in nature. My best guess is that underground base activity and new clandestine underground drilling may be the culprit. But in this first video, the sounds coming from  the Ukraine are remarkably similar the classical blasts of the traditional Israeli trumpets.

By the way, I found dozens and dozens of YT videos where people had recorded these sounds. There’s also a map showing the locations where people are hearing these sounds the most frequently – and the USA is one of those locations.

I am only posting a few. Follow related videos on YT to watch more. This is a HUGE global phenomenon – and I have not seen a MSM newscast on it anywhere [yet].

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  1. urbandumpsterdiver

    DARPA has been rumored to have been playing Frankenstein with time portals. Is it possible that prehistoric creatures and humans are stuck in a portal and cannot get out or are here and we’re not told that? Some of the groans I’ve heard on some of these videos sound like the dinosaurs from the Jurassic park movie.

  2. Heddy B

    Of all the videos I’ve seen on the mystery sounds, this one could be a smoking gun.
    My educated guess, it’s a man-made craft. Look at how sounds change as it makes calculated turns from one location, as if testing the directionals of the sounds being generated. As to why craft have not been seen/noticed in other places where these sounds have been emanating, I would suggest cloaking, which was perfected years ago, as was sonic weaponry (dolphins, whales, crowd control). It’s a clean and easy way to kill (if you tweak the frequency a tad) and its human victims would think they’d been struck by the hand of God, vis a vis the trumpeting and Revelations. Combine Hollywood SFX with black ops and what have you got? A real live man-made apocalypse running in tandem with the real catastrophe coming from space as we cross the galactic plane. Just a thought.

  3. Ingrid

    I also think these sound eerie. Yes, I know, there are many saying that some are hoaxed, overdubbing the same sound, ‘as in the movies’, and that may be in some cases, but not all, and just because some are said to have the same sound as in some movies doesn’t mean this is not a real and unknown phenomenon.

    While it may be due to earth’s or other planets’ (what is the second sun, anyway?) and could it be from this? (An Asteroid or planet on its collision course towards earth). It cannot be from the ground, can it, because dogs look straight up at the sky and growl. This alone makes me think it may be supernatural, involving entities, or spirits. Otherwise, they would just act like they act before or during an earthquake, right? Could there be sound waves sent up to the atmosphere, or sounds emitted from earth’s plates colliding, tectonic plates, towards the sky, or from fracking? That is the only reason a dog might look up, towards the sky, but – why would it growl?

    To wit, the sounds when heard by some go away (or move to another room) when the hearer goes to get someone else to come and listen/witness it; that shows that it is an intelligence at work, not from solar wind, or flares causing wind, or magnetically charged particles from solar flares, or earth’s magnetism being disrupted. Some people have stated without a doubt they ‘know’ it is spiritual; while I haven’t heard this, I would pay attention to those who think this, and ask them about that. At least, we cannot discount that element. It is disturbing, not just physically. It scares people. Some people hear it, and their neighbors do not; others, the whole neighborhood block is out and wondering what this sound/hum/rumble/groaning is. And they are all different. Some sound like voices, a cacophany of bad ‘voices’ as in ‘Strange sound in quiet neighborhood’ for instance. Different from the rumble or hum.

  4. Ingrid

    So, Heddy, do you think as someone tried to ‘tell’ me, it was Aurora, the ‘super secret’ replacement for the blackbird? Supersonically?

    I don’t think so because why do the sounds just stop when a person goes to get another witness, that just doesn’t fit, does it. I believe them too, these commenters, (I was banned from GLP for speaking too frankly about things today)

    I agree with you that it may be from HAARP.

    The interesting and worrisome thing is, to do what kind of harm to us?

    That is scary, very. I am more worried about that than any supernatural entities from the heavens, actually. Those we can deal with supernaturally, but if it is our own government doing this against us, what do we do then.

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