Caught On Tape: Most Stunning UFO Footage of 2011

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To the best of my knowledge these video clips are all genuine eye witness UFO sightings and encounters. At least that’s what the naked eye would indicate at first glance. These are just a few of the tens of thousands of UFO sightings which took place all over the world in 2011.

I would be posting UFO video footage to this and my other news blogs ’24 hours a day’ if I were to attempt to compile and present everything which was recorded in 2011. If I have missed something extraordinary, please add it in under comments.

Several of these videos show what looks to me to be sophisticated projected holograms, [fake HAARP aerial projections, not real UFOs] which may be of the HAARP Project Blue Beam variety. To be frank, one really does not know if it’s a real object in the sky or a hologram, at this point in ufology.

This presents UFO researchers with a whole new plethora of problems and issues with trying to understand what exactly they are seeing in the skies. And in 2011, the skies were very very full of bizarre flying, falling and aerial objects which defied all attempts at intelligent explanation.

The Orlando Florida UFO capture is stunning as the object was traveling so fast it was difficult to see with the naked eye. Video analysis of the footage revealed the stunning supersonic fly-by. Had this object struck the landing jetliner both objects would have been instantly obliterated, resulting in mass casualties for the packed jetliner. These objects present a real and present danger to airline pilots and our military as well.

Bizarre aerial “signs and wonders” continue to appear globally, confusing and misleading many millions. Are these objects actual UFOs, or does someone somewhere want us to believe that they are UFOs?  Is the ultimate world hoax now being planned and executed? This blog continues to ask questions and seek answers.

If you have video footage [ real ufo footage, not cgi make-believe animations ] of a UFO sighting, please post your video footage under comments. The best videos will be combined into a new post next month.

Eye Witness Military Man Describes UFO Sighting and Crash from 1955:

Incredible 2010 UFO Footage Recorded on Infra-red Outdoor Wildlife Camera:

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