Project Pegasus Secret CIA Mars Colony: The Strange Tale of Andrew D. Basiago

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Andrew D. Basiago will no doubt go down in history as one of the most despised or lauded men in on the planet. His tale is a story so far-fetched, that if it’s true all of human history will need to be re-written, especially the American military history of the past 50 years.

In short, Basaiago alleges that as an eight year old child he was inducted into the “high technology cult” of DARPA‘s top secret “time-space” program, which was running concurrently with the public PR arm of the space program which we all know as NASA. He claims that during the late 1960s and early 1970s that he traveled in time and space, eventually taking on assignments which sent him, albeit briefly, to the secret CIA Martian colony, where he stood on a platform and looked out over the Martian terrain.

Andrew has stated repeatedly in radio interviews since 2008 that DARPA has been running a top secret time travel program since the late 1950s which includes travel forward, backward in time and crossing over into parallel alternative time lines as well. He has stated that part of this time travel program includes the development of a top secret CIA “colony” on Mars, in which 97,000 Americans have been involved, and wherein tragicly, 90,000 of them have died.

Before you click off the page in astonished disgust, listen to what Andrew has to say. If he is lying, he obviously is delusional, and needs psychiatric help right away. If this can be proven then radio hosts need  to stop giving this man air time to deploy his delusions openly. BUT … If he’s right then the American people have been on the receiving end of the greatest military coverup in modern history, rivaling that of what the Nazis were secretly doing during World War Two, and which their people were completely unaware of until right after the war, when the German concentration camps were opened to public examination and the truth came out.

Pause to consider that World War Two was waged for six years without the majority of the German or world population knowing what their Third Reich was actually doing in secret. Some of what the Third Reich was doing in secret, in fact, may never be fully known. But what historians know now is enough to silence those who would scoff at advanced technology and high level secret military operations that take place practically right under the noses of constituent populations, without those populations ever suspecting that anything out of the ordinary is taking place.

Is Andrew Basiago an American patriot and a high level whistleblower, or is he suffering from a rare mental illness which demands he share his complex and detailed delusions with the masses? I have discovered photographic evidence which would appear to corroborate some of what Andrew had to say about the secret CIA Mars colony. But I am not ready to post that material yet. Time will need to pass and more evidence will need to be gathered. If this story is true, then it must be told with supporting documentation that is above all reproach.

Other appearances by Andrew D. Basiago on Coast to Coast AM and other radio shows:


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  2. jnl

    Check this out

    Click to access TheMarsRecords.pdf

    this seems to go inline with what andrew is saying
    its a long document but the basic gist is that this guy worked for the cia during the 70s and was put into the mars program doing missions there and traveling via “jump gate” technology but the kicker is after 20 years in this program they “age regressed” him and send him back in time so it appeared that he never left….they also do somthing to his memory and he has no knowledge of this until he begins a special type of therapy to recover and work through his memories and during this process of remembering(hypnosis of some sort) skin and his body actually start to show scars from injuries he had endured. he also claims that he is continously harrased by not only alien entities but human military personel via this “jump gate” technology which is basically like “dematerialization” from startrek and also via astral projection…he goes on to say that after years of harrasement he finally gave his life to jesus and prays constantly and while the harrasment of his home hasnt completely stopped it has stopped their physical attacks on his body and mind …another interesting fact that he notes is that there are other planets out there and that there are incomming and outgoing ships daily from the base at the southpole in which he has requested a seat for he and his family to escape the harrasment if anyone who has the ability to make that happend were to read his papers….a few years ago i would have thought this man to be crazy but now i think almost everything “crazy” might be true or have truth in it…and now after reading about this andrew guy…what do you think kyla?

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