Breaking, Three Years Late: Solar Orb UFOs Close To the Sun Finally Reported Via Chinese TV Newscast

Amateur astronomer sightings of solar orbs and solar UFOs have increased dramatically in the past three years... why? What are these inexplicable objects?

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It only took world media TV outlets 3 to 4 years to realize there was a breaking story they were missing entirely:  solar “orbs” or solar UFOs. Better late than never, Chinese TV has taken the plunge and started reporting on this phenomenon that most scientists won’t utter a word about.

There’s a whole new genre of unexplained aerial phenomenon which has gripped the imagination and grassroots reporting interests of Americans and others globally in the past several years: observing the sun on SOHO and other NASA related satellite feeds. What people allege that they are finding while scrutinizing these feeds would be jaw dropping beyond belief, if it could be proved true.

From colossal UFO mother-ships which shoot lasers, to fleets, entire armadas of colossal UFOs, to all kinds of orbs, spheres, inexplicably huge objects which are shaped such that it would indicate that they are machines, not natural celestial objects. You name it – and it’s been seen very close to the sun and behaving oddly, if these reports are to be believed. I make no statements about the veracity or credibility of the collected videos below. But it does beg the question: What the hell is going on in deep space that close to our sun, and why? Here are the home grown reports I have located just recently:

In regard to strange solar anomalies, the most recent stunner is that after years of dozens of tenacious citizen journalists screaming at the top of their lungs to the world that there are enormous “orb” UFOs blinking in and out in extremely close proximity to the sun, UFOs that are LARGER THAN EARTH, [ WTF?] finally a Chinese newscast has reported on this inexplicable phenomena. That’s real news! It’s only been three or four years that this phenomenon has been taking place and, as usual, it has been completely ignored by MSM media outlets in the United States. Here is the history making Chinese newscast:

And here’s the diligent citizen journalist who has been reporting dutifully on this phenomenon for at least a year or more:


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  2. Incal

    Its not really new..they are here since january 2010…i had posted this many times in different blogs…the people didnt belive me till now….i have more than 500 pictures of this objects around and at the sun..they also build a station on top of the sun where they fly to…the mothership of the crossshaped earthsized spaceships is behind the sun and its size is unbeliveble it is maybe 7 suns long and a little bit bigger than our sun….proof since january 2010 you cannot see anymore stars around the sun of the STEREO 195 pics due to this mothership…check older STEREO pics and you can see stars around the sun….there is also a prophethy about this event made by the wingmakers you can read it under the following link:
    they are due to this prophethy a syntetic race and called anymus…but read yourself.
    also a shaman called don pablo amaringo painted them, look at the left upper corner of this 2 painting:
    also in the bible is written about them…if you can see crosses in heaven than the end is near… old times the sun was the symbol for crosses… think what you want for me this is a real deal.
    The Incal

    • CK Hunter

      You misunderstood the headline. I, too, have been reporting on solar orbs for years now. I first saw reports of them on YT in 2008. It’s the big media outlets that are reporting three years late. Citizen journalists like you have been posting on this topic for several years now, yes.


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  4. Incal

    Sorry than i really misunderstood your headline, because i find your site somedays ago..a very good site by the way…but did you know about the other sources also before which you find in my post. aboce?
    for me it is fascinating that this nagual painted the objects also…also in the wingmakerfiles the prophethy about an alien invasion between 2010-2012 is very interessting for my opinion…there is another coincidence due to the casseopeia material in which this channeld beeings warn about a alien race which harmes our sun and chnage something in the magneticfield of the sun…this was made in the late 90s….here is the link to the text about it:
    so we have now 5 different sources (the wingmakers, don pablo, the bible, the casseopeians and the STEREO Pics) for this real event….here is another direct link to a good wingmakers site and the et-story:

    somethingelse: did you know about the very old ET-Satellit which is in the orbit of our earth…called black knight…today i found accidently a link to a picture and a vid of this satellit, here is the link:

    and a vid:

    also interessting, hope it is not a hoax but also the storys about this object are very strange:
    with best regards
    The Incal

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