Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Examined: Marshall Masters Elenin Update For Sept 2011 Through Jan 2012

An image of Halley's Comet from 1910.

Photo of Halley's Comet from 1910 - general public fear and panic prevailed just prior to the passing of Halley's Comet. Many of the fears of the public were unfounded. How much of the hype about Comet Elenin is true, and how much is false?

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Updated September 16th 2011

Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Examined by Marshall Masters

This post shot to the number 1 position in views in the several days it’s been up, indicating people are urgently wanting to be updated on what to expect from Comet Elenin. It’s been viewed nearly 90,000 times in 9 days. I’ll be adding more updates to this page as I find them.

Earlier in August I wrote ….

The latest breathless speculation online is the big question as to whether Comet Elenin is disintegrating or not. I DO note that the fiery aerial object videotaped in Australia was recorded splitting into two pieces in the third video from the man who recorded it. See related posts.

Below are two video updates from Marshall Masters on Comet Elenin.

Marshall covers alot of ground in the first 39 minute report, and you should watch it from start to finish. He discusses these important known historical and scientific facts:

  • =>Planned NWO sponsored disinformation campaigns designed to keep the world public from knowing the truthful facts about Comet Elenin
  • =>Comet Elenin as a possible “harbinger” comet, a.k.a. the possibility of the fulfillment of the Hopi Blue Star Kachina prophecy, followed by the fulfillment of the Red Star Kachina prophecy as well

The Hopi predicted the blue star kachina would be traveling with "nephews" - as it turns out, Elenin is traveling with other objects in parallel transit toward earth.

  • =>The history of four other recent comet fly-bys since 1910 and how the world and scientific public has reacted to them
  • =>The July 30th discovery that Comet Elenin contains a considerable amount of hydrogen cyanide, a known poison, which was last used to execute a prisoner on death row in 1999. Hydrogen cyanide is known by it’s peculiar “almond” smell. Comet Elenin presents the possibility that earth might fly through it’s tail, thus exposing the world population to possibly toxic levels of hydrogen cyanide poisoning. In 1910 the fears and concerns surrounding Halley’s Comet were similar, and people reacted in fear, purchasing gas masks and anti-hydrogen cyanide pills from profiteering “snake oil salesmen.” There are some similarities in the levels of public fear and concern surrounding Comet Elenin.
The bible codes for Comet Elenin contain several interesting intersections
  • => Comet Elenin as a giant “cosmic capacitor” due to it’s large hydrogen cyanide content. Comet Elenin’s dielectric conductivity and how it might behave electrically as it passes by the earth
  • =>The sudden disintegration of Comet S4 Linear in 2000 right before it passed over the plane of the ecliptic
  • =>The sudden brightening of 17P Comet Holmes in October of 2007 to a size larger than the diameter of our own sun, with further scientific speculation as to whether Comet Elenin might behave in the same way on [ of all dates, eerily ] 9.11.2011, when it reaches perihelion and comes the closest to our own sun, at which time it will also pass between our earth and the sun across the plane of the ecliptic
  • => In August of this year Comet Elenin began to brighten suddenly, becoming larger in diameter than the planet Jupiter, taking many astronomers by surprise
  • => The “distance” factor – Comet Holmes passed earth in the vicinity of the orbit of Mars. However, Comet Elenin will be passing closer, in the vicinity of the region between earth and Venus
  • => A forecast of the time periods between now and January 16th 2012 when the most probable danger from Comet Elenin’s passage might occur, along with periods noted where the danger level, or “threat level” from Elenin will begin to subside
  • => What the average person can and should do to prepare

I also encourage everyone to get on the internet and do your own research. I could watch Elenin videos 24-7 at this point and not see them all. And a girl does need her beauty sleep from time to time. Here’s Marshall’s latest …. See also and

CK Hunter

See also:

This related video below from the website presents a message of urgent need for worldwide spiritual awakening in relation to the arrival of Nibiru, aka Hercolubus. Their site offers a free book on how to prepare by sending an email request to Here’s that video:

More about and the author of the book, cited from the website:


Alcione Association is a legally constituted organization. As a non-profit organization, all its activities are performed altruistically without any type of financial gain.

The Alcione Association acts as agent-collaborator for Mr Angel Prats, publisher of the book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” of V.M. Rabolu; therefore its only aim is the international dissemination and distribution of that book. For such reason, the main activity of the Alcione Association consists in sending free copies of the book to any place worldwide in an attempt to distribute that work and its universal message to any interested person without distinctions.

We would be very grateful if you would help us by making the book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” known amongst your family and friends.

If you wish to contact our Association or if you are interested in collaborating with the book publisher regarding the dissemination of V.M. Rabolu’s book and message, or if you wish to maintain a stronger communication and cooperation with us, you can write to any of the following addresses:

By electronic mail to:

By ordinary mail to:

Asociación Alcione
Apartado de correos 4
09080 Burgos (Spain)

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  1. Amy S. Turner

    Chase ~

    My name is Amy S. Turner and I created the “Return of the Blue Star Kachina – 2012” artwork that you are using above. I don’t mind you using the artwork on your site (which I like very much, BTW) but I would appreciate it if you could link the picture to my purchase page for this work. High-quality prints can be purchased here:–alignment-2012-amy-s-turner.html

    Thank you!
    ~ Amy

  2. MrNibiru10

    O.k so why are people buying books and shirts, Instead of spreading the finished truth & know that money will have no value and importance in the next level. we all know evil manipulated humanity for to long, and we can ot keep living in a material world, because look how it made people become. we need a change, and that change is not something Obama is refearing, this whole new world order sounds to familiar. I base my own words on what is true and what is wrong in how humanity is living. change will bring about the ending of cruelty , material and anything that is negative. Forget about the media news forget about who is going to be the president in 2012, we are about to change in all levels and it’s going to be amazing. Truth will & can set us free. I’m ready for what is to come. I was born for adventure & change. 🙂 and to help all love all respect all and be as 1. unity.~

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