Harbinger Events: Fascinating Prophecy Video From YT Reporter “InformedTexasVoter”

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There are many fascinating videos being produced by YouTube reporters regarding Comet Elenin, Nibiru, the global Illuminati coverup of this information, and what to watch for. I make no claims as to the accuracy of any of them, but this video seemed relevant so I am posting it. See InformedTexasVoter for more video reports.




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  9. wily2

    There’s a lot of intentional deceptions and delusions going on today concerning many horrific events thats at our door w/not only nations against nations (ethnic) and certain tools the globals have used and will use, but also whats going on in the Heavens (Satan being god of the air) we can bet that ‘our’ (tax bought) Hubble has been monitoring along w/all the other goodies to detect Nibiru ‘red devil’ fallout (ananaukeX), elennin and a couple of other things such as the Sun along w/dark matter (hands of God) where mens (womens) hearts will fail them. Folk’s, there are a reasons that Scripture tells us why ‘those’ who want to say there lives will loose it, for the under ground city’s will fail (will be mass graves) and that many will be going to mountain top to mountain to escape these sub cities and will cry out for the rocks to fall on them so that they won’t have to see the face of the Lord. The catching away event has nothing to do w/escaping these tragic horrors, Christians will come back w/the Lord Jesus when He Set His foot on the Mt of Olives and tosses the false profit and man of perdition in Hell. The Lord has to tack the Church out because the trib is about the land of Jacob, not the Church! What the mids and post tribbers are doing is robbing the Church of a crown, this is dangerous, Christian have always had tribulations, always, this 7yr period is all about Jacobs trouble, not the Church and age! Please, be watchful, the trumpet call is fast approaching and the Holy Spirit resides in us, the the Church, Jesus tells us that when ‘these’ event start to happen to look up, our redemption is nigh, not 3.5 years or even 7, do not be robbed of this reward of a crown. The elect during that period is not the Church, it’s those who refuse the ‘mark’ who come to the Saviour, these will be the ones that will have to have there lamp oil at all times, Matt 24 is clearly speaking to the Jewish nation and the Gentiles who did not want the free Gift of Salvation during the time of Grace! Woe unto the things coming upon the earth, Redemption is now says the Lord Jesus!

    God bless,
    may He
    guide us for
    times as these!

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  12. CK Hunter

    Steve, everything that you’re sending is coming through fine, but I don’t always put it through. My readers are already overwhelmed with news links from the states. Just focus on adding links to your own blog and building traffic to it by submitting it to search engines. Kindest regards.


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