BREAKING: Russian Choppers Filmed Carrying A Large Downed UFO

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I am gathering more and more evidence which suggests that a very serious secret air war between the military of the world’s largest nations, and some sort of alien / reptilian contingency, is now taking place, and most likely has been taking place for some time. These videos just seem to fall into my lap. I certainly don’t go looking for them. But since what I am doing in my truth reports is guided by the Holy Spirit, and since I pray over my work daily, I should not be surprised. It would have been practically impossible to fake this footage. I found it today and here it is. Share this with those you know and love. We are slowly but surely getting to the bottom of the ugliest, most sinister, hidden story on earth: the story of the secret wars between human military and the invading alien parasites on our world.



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  2. Danny Smith

    Why is it that with all the video technology in the world, that not one person can get a great shot of a UFO instead of a dark shadow? Is it real? Who knows, it’s just a dark shadow of a UFO. 🙂

    • CK Hunter

      Oh Danny, you need to spend more time on this blog! I have video footage on here that is razor sharp and jaw dropping. Now that so many people carry smart phones that can take high res photos and video, YT is bulging with amazing ufo footage. What you must understand though, is that it’s our own military [ along with some other nations also ] who are building and flying these things on the low down and they have been for 40 years at least. To catch the gist of what has really taken place go to this site and watch the movie:

      In essence, what he is saying in this film as pretty much exactly what has happened. Other truth researchers have arrived at the same conclusion from different paths of investigation. Stick around this blog and read deeper – you will see more of what I am refering to. Read the 4 part series on what Nazi Germany was doing in Antarctica right after world war 2. Glad you are here. There’s much more to learn. Dig in!


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