Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 2011 Alien Grey Footage From Around the World

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Please forgive the foul language in several of these videos. I think the teenager is genuinely afraid, and he cusses like a sailor. I find videos like these frequently and this page will be updated from time to time. I find many more than I post.

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  3. Gra Sim

    If that was an alien you “encountered” after letting your cat out why wouldn’t you approach it ? It obviously meant you no harm or you wouldn’t be here to talk about it, no sorry don’t believe this one. No wonder so many are sceptical regarding the presence of other intelligent life with stuff like this, you can’t blame them.

    • CK Hunter

      This did not happen to me. I posted a video from someone else. I post all kinds of credible looking ufo and alien videos. Posting them does not infer endorsement. We are all trying to understand what this worldwide phenomenon is all about. Nothing of the sort has ever happened to me personally i.e. seeing an alien grey. But I have seen ufos maneuvering in the skies under intelligent control on 3 occasions. I have also been tailed up close and personal by a drone that most definitely was of some sort of high technology that I don’t think came from mother earth. The videos are all up for readers to examine and decide for themselves.


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