May 2011: More Video Footage of A Second Sun Recorded Worldwide

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  1. DSM

    Sorry these all are reflections of the sun on the sensor of the camera or the lens. All artifacts of digital photography. Dont get me wrong I believe there is something out there but not these. Look at the first one where the second sun has all the same shadows from the passing clouds as the original sun. Obviously a reflection. In fact the body has not entered between the sun and earth otherwise the ocean would be on top of us now! And the planetary body is just bigger than Jupiter so being still far away it could not possibly appear the same size of the sun. And if it is a brown dwarf then it likely will not be anywhere as bright as the sun. So these pics cant possibly be planetx. But dont take this as criticism – I admire people out there looking up for a change. Just keep looking – I think it will show up in some way in the months to come.

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  4. John Elliott

    On July 3th a person ( somewhere in the midwest) took 5 photos on his phone camera and posted them on ATS for all to see.The posting was only a few min old when I saw it the first time. It showed a picture of a small planetary body to the right of the sun at about 5 O’Clock on the face of a clock. I forgot about it until I saw it again on July 5th. It was about the same time of the day that the first photos were taken so I went outside in my back yard in California and looked up at the sun with my welding goggles. I thought I could see something very faint in the spot described above but I was not sure so I went inside and retreived my I-Phone and took a picture of our sun and Low & Behold, there is a round large planetary body at
    5 O’Clock just below our sun. I went back to post it on ATS and I looked all day and could not see the prior posting showing the 5 photos with the planetary body at 5 O’Clock so they either have been removed or tucked away in a part of the web site display that is not easy to find. ( this is what they do -PTB when they do not want you to see something alarming) I still have the picture but I do not know how to up load it to this site.
    This is July 6th. If you live in the midwaest or west coast I bet you can go outside right now and take a picture of the sun and see the planetary body.
    I see it as a red glow so uit must be next to or passing our sun . The pictures posted on ATS were of a very white bright planetary body that indicates that this planetary body was on the other side of the sun where it could pick up more light making it much more visible.
    Ok I just went outside and took 3 more picture of our sun. The planetary body is still there a nice round red glowing ball of light . It is at approximatel at 5:30 of the Clock face. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF. This is a good find so if there is any doubt in your mine then go out and take your own pictures.

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  7. 泳鏡

    Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

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