Is This Jaw Dropping UFO Footage Real? August 2007 Los Roques Island

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Listen carefully to the audio on this clip, which records sonic booms, and people and children screaming in terror, while men keep shouting “Look up! Look up!” It’s the audio that has me wondering. This clip was recorded in August of 2007 on Los Roques Island in Venezuela. If this clip is authentic it may be the most stunning close up of a large mothership sized UFO in human history. I am interested to know and to learn anything I can about who shot this clip. I would like to interview the videographer.

CK Hunter for Photonic Portal 5.31.2011


  1. Frank

    Very compelling CGI or a UFO. Hard to tell. But I find most of these end up being hoaxes or unprovable.

    If its a hoax give the guy a job in the movie industry. If its real run for the hills.

  2. Bob Wise

    Well…someone “obviously” re-touched the original footage you “had” as there is NOTHING darting out of it NOW! Was this created by a “HAARP” facility? I have NEVER heard of; nor seen anything of this nature in my life!!! What is the “official” explanation of it??? Something “stupid” that only a 5th grader would believe…I’ll bet!

  3. Bob Wise

    “My BAD!” The previous post I made was in reference to a different video…how it was “posted” to this one…”I have NO idea???”

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  7. r sullivan

    if a mothership size ufo flew over los angeles, we’d hear about it for a week or two and then it would become another mystery. so at what point can these encounters become a factual introduction between two intelligent species of different planetary systems acknowledging one another? Or rather i should say one species recognizing its possible origins and the other species admitting their part in a constant surveillance and monitoring of the other. Someone please provide a plausible means as to how worldwide acceptance of alien existance could take place.

  8. james

    As a professional pilot I believe this footage is real. There are several things that a fake would have not been able to create with the exception of a real movie special effects person. 1.) As the object passed the sun – the highlights and shadows were complex. The highlights were ever changing shadows and zones of brightness. Absolutely credible.
    2.) From the camera’s position, the relationship of the moving object to the objects in the foreground was accurate. Totally convincing. 3.) In the sound track I could hear, not sure of the words, but the voices sounded like “Humans” responding to something terrifying. 4.) The small bright area underneath that was a moving light dancing light. I just watched on another video filmed at night on this same web page in Sedona ( The shots taken at night revealed only this “hotspot” but it was the same light pattern as the one in this video. Watch both – the Sedona video person could not see the massive ship only the much smaller core of dancing lights on the underside. 5.) The story – if I was going to produce a video to fool people – why this island? – why this position relative to the terrain? – why not a simple stationary ship with a simple flight pattern? why would a fake artist have the ship reverse direction? why would anyone go to the trouble to do such a great video – that could be discredited by film experts? makes no sense… this looks like a real UFO. I have absolutely no interest in convincing anyone that UFO’s exist, however, this one looks like the real thing.

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